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    IB Philosophy Tutors

    1. If you want to understand who you are, what makes you who you are, and what makes people human, you might be a philosopher waiting to get out.
    2. The Philosophy IB is available at both Standard and Higher levels. Students who choose the Higher Level will have to do more work and answer more questions.
    3. At IB Elite Tutor, teachers will help students prepare to answer questions in a structured, focused, and organized way.
    4. We ensure that the students know a lot about both the central part of IB Philosophy and their chosen optional part, especially regarding key terms and words.
    5. Our IB Philosophy Tutors will focus on what the student finds most exciting or where they think they have the most potential, and we will help the student give the best answer they can on the test.
    6. All students are taught by IB Examiners, IB Teachers, or top-performing IB Graduates who are among the best in the world.
    7. This differs from other tutoring platforms where students are just in touch with tutors.
    8. Whether you select online or face-to-face tutoring, sessions are tailored to meet the requirements of each student; some students need topic-specific explanations.
    9. While others develop their foundational understanding of IB Philosophy with a tutor beginning from the syllabus’s foundations.
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    Why should you choose our IB Philosophy Tuition?

    • It is ideal for SL and HL students, no matter how well they do in IB Philosophy.
    • Targeted help with internal tests and the extended essay
    • Use of the latest technology, like share screening and interactive whiteboards, to make sure lessons are effective
    • Much time is spent learning how to pass exams.
    • Designed to help students feel better about IB Philosophy
    • Based on past papers, assignment question papers are broken down by chapter.
    • Exam-focused, quick review of the whole syllabus
    • Notes for Each Chapter
    • Preparation for the Exam
    • Based on past papers, assignment question papers are broken down by chapter.
    • Exam-focused, quick review of the whole syllabus

    Outline of the Philosophy HL & SL Course

    • IB Philosophy coursewill help you get into a college course in Philosophy, another area of the humanities, or one related to Philosophy.
    • The IB in Philosophy involves studying a core theme called “Being Human,” as well as one or two of seven optional themes: aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, philosophy, contemporary society, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, and political philosophy.
    • The main idea- All students have to study the core theme, “Being human.”
    • Possible ideas- SL students have to learn about one of the following themes.

    Students in HL must study two topics from the list below

    1. Aesthetics
    2. Epistemology
    3. Philosophy and contemporary society
    4. Ethics
    5. Philosophy of religion
    6. Political Philosophy
    7. Philosophy of science
    • Prescribed text- Students must read one text from the “IB list of prescribed philosophical texts,” which includes works by Plato, Lao Tzu, and Martha Nussbaum, among others.
    • HL extension: Doing something philosophical- Philosophy HL students are expected to dig deeper into philosophy’s nature, purpose, meaning, and methods.

    IB Philosophy HL- SL Examination Pattern

    • To get a 7 in IB Philosophy, students must submit two papers and an internal evaluation. The first paper will assess a student’s comprehension of what it means to be a person via a stimulus-based inquiry.
    • The second section of the first paper requires students to consider essay questions based on the elective topics covered during the remainder of the semester.
    • The second paper evaluates the student’s understanding of the assigned philosophical material. Students at the Advanced Level will compose another paper based on an unknown text.
    • It will evaluate their capacity to compare and contrast their philosophical experiences on the spot. These essay topics will need a clear and concise style, the use of technical language, and a reflection on the numerous perspectives and readings covered during the course.
    • Students do an IA during the semester based on a philosophical examination of a non-philosophical stimulus.
    • We have a team of expert IB IA Tutors to guide you for your IB Philosophy internal assessment
    • IB Elite Tutor and the student will work on the philosophical text together. The teacher will break the text down into its main ideas to make it easier for the student to understand, and the student will learn how to give a correct answer on the exam.
    What do our IB Philosophy Tutors help

    We help our students in understanding these key ideas and perform well in IB Philosophy.

    • What do you learn in IB philosophy?

    Aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, philosophy and current society, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, and political philosophy are among the seven possible themes that IB Philosophy program offers, with the study of “Being Human” serving as the primary theme.

    • Why is it essential to study IB Philosophy?

    Studying philosophy makes a person better at solving problems. It helps us figure out how to think about ideas, terms, arguments, and problems. It helps us organize ideas and problems, deal with questions of value, and pick out the most important parts of large amounts of information.

    • What is a teacher of philosophy?

    Philosophy teachers teach courses in philosophy at the university level. Their jobs include making lesson plans, starting class discussions, helping students with homework, and grading tests.

    • Why do you need help with the IB Philosophy Tutors?

    The best tutor will explain everything to you in a way that is easy to understand and will answer all your questions. Without an IB Philosophy tutor, a student can often feel stressed. Without a tutor, IB students may feel alone and not get any help.


    In IB Elite Tutor academy, we keep an eye on each student’s progress and give regular updates to their parents or guardians. As an expert in IB Philosophy teaches each session, individual lessons are designed to strike a balance between studying syllabus material and mastering test techniques to increase the probability of earning a 7.

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