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“HL Physics is one of the hardest subjects in IB, and it is only with the good guidance of IB Physics Tutors, a hard work ethic, and smart studying that one gets a level 7.”

As an experienced IB Physics Tutors, I am sharing a few tips that can help you to get a 7 in IB Physics HL<img src=

Key Tips by IB Physics Tutors

Below are the subsections by which you can study, prepare, and nail your final exams. The following textbooks are required to get 7 in IB Physics HL.

(i) Cambridge Physics For IB Diploma by K.A Tsokos Latest Edition


(ii) Cambridge Physics For IB Diploma( Options) by K.A Tsokos Latest Edition


(ii) Oxford Physics For IB Diploma by Homer Latest Edition

Don’t buy the oxford full guide; buy both Cambridge books and buy the study guide for the Oxford.
Here is a list that can help you to better know your IB Physics HL

IB Physics Paper details

Paper 1 and 2 are the most difficult. Paper 3 has 2 sections:

Section A (practical data response) This is all about graph interpretations (It requires a lot of practice)
Section B- which is the astrophysics option. If you do past papers from 2015 or BEFORE, you will definitely find a question based on a practical data response (This is generally the first question) in your paper 2…. But the syllabus has changed after 2015 and This practical data response is now moved to SECTION A of Paper 3.

After this overview, it’s time to start the real thing

How to Utilise Time with your IB Physics Tutors

Many students write notes in their tutoring sessions with great interest. Some of them spend a lot of time in making their notes more attractive and eye-catching. But I think It’s absolutely useless. One should utilize the time in understanding the concepts and then they can write their own notes. First of all, you just need to PAY ATTENTION to what IB Physics Tutors say, qualitatively and quantitatively. When you UNDERSTAND a topic, you can use a pencil to mark and note down a few key points in your textbook on the related page. Better to note the key points you are afraid you can forget There is no point in writing down everything.

The more you become participative in the tutoring sessions, the more you will learn. Your main motto is to understand your IB Physics Tutors and to ask more and more productive questions.
You can fulfill this if you aren’t busy making notes

How to Study after your  IB Physics Tutors Leave

If you do all your tutoring sessions attentively and understand your IB Physics Tutors, you can easily land on a level-5. But it isn’t your goal. Is it..??
You are probably here because you want to reach that ultimate level of 7. This requires a lot of effort not only in IB Tutoring sessions but also at home.

You must invest 60-90 minutes on the following things

1) If you remember you have written a few key points in your textbook. Read them 2-3 times, read concepts from your Oxford book, try to correlate things and once you are confident that you have understood it properly
2) Go to the Cambridge book, find out numerical problems and do practice them. If you find anything difficult, ask that shit from your IB Physics Tutors in the next session

How can you take help from your IB Physics Tutors for your school test

If you have grated yourself with all the above steps, you should be knowing a lot of physics by now and you can write a school topic test at least. You should start it’s preparation at least 7 days before
First DAY: Check the Oxford Study Guide Book and short pencil notes you took.
Second DAY: Go through the chapter(s) on Cambridge Tsokos book.
Third DAY: Try the exam styled questions from the Cambridge Tsokos book
DAY 5, 6, 7: Explore the QUESTION BANK !!
Take help from your IB Physics Tutors in case of any doubt.

How to Prepare for Full Syllabus Mock Exam to get 7 in IB Physics HL

Feeling Tired!
It’s quite natural as you have done a lot of hard work so far. By now you are almost done with all question bank problems and now it’s time to do past year papers that are after 2015. But before that…

1) Take a look at the syllabus – and see which points you Don’t KNOW.
2) Highlight those points, and Read and UNDERSTAND them from the Cambridge TSOKOS BOOK.
3) Do Question Bank on those topics.

Now, you are ready for full PAST PAPERS!!!! Do them all one by one but leave some for the final diploma exam. Take help from your IB Physics Tutors in case of any doubt.

How to Prepare for the Final IB Diploma Exam to get 7 in IB Physics HL

Do more and more past year papers.
Do them in reverse order like 2018, 2017, 2016…..so that you don’t miss any recent thing.
For the first 2-3 papers you can avoid the time frame but after that try to finish them in the specified paper time. Every time you finish a paper you should write down all your mistakes and check if you are repeating them or not.
Make a condensed, cheat sheet from your mistakes
I normally advise to save the LATEST paper + Specimen paper for the week OF THE EXAM and review all your mistakes Make sure you can explain your mistakes you do on paper 1 MCQ – if you don’t understand ASK your IB Tutors.

What I do on Test Day to get 7 in IB Physics HL

1) Run in the morning
2) Take a long shower
3) Listen to music, remember God

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