How to Avoid Common Mistakes in IB Economics

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How to avoid some common mistakes while writing IB Economics Examination

We have noticed a lot of students who work reall hard to perform well in their examinations. But they can’t handle preassure and do some common mistakes in IB Economics exam. It can spoil their grades and their hardwork will all be in vain. So, our IB Economics Tutors suggest a few tricke to avoid mistakes in IB Economics examination

  1. IB Economics is a challenging subject that provides students with a broader picture in all aspects.
  2. As we know, economics studies the production, distribution, and consumption of resources, individually and collectively.
  3. Economics is considered the most challenging subject that most students fear opting for. Micro and Macro level makes it more complicated.
  4. Keeping all these factors in mind, IB Economics offers tailored content to make it easier for the students.
  5. IB Economics HL and SL provide a comprehensive range of resources. Moreover, IB economics HL and SL cover all topics and update the latest economics curriculum for Higher and Standard level topics.
  6. As cited above, IB economics extends baggy collections of various topics and resources for students. But at the same time, it is also a nightmare for many learners.
  7. Hence, IB economics is divided into Higher and standard levels, where students are supposed to delve deeper into microeconomics.
  8. On the other hand, SL students deal with economic calculations at the macro level. Though IB economics Hl and SL deliver effortless and accessible platforms, students tend to make minute mistakes while writing HL and SL exams. 
  9. Here, Our IB Home Tutors will discuss some common mistakes students make one by one and also some valuable measures to avoid them:

Not Following the ” DEED” Method is a very common mistake in IB Economics Exams

  • This is one of the common mistakes a student commits in every paper. “DEED” basically stands for Definitions Explanations Example Diagram.
  • In IB Economics HL and SL exams, it is essential to follow this method. Sadly, many students fail to forget it during the exam, resulting in low grades. 
  • Here, students must know the relevance of DEED. This method would make it much easier for students to write the answers even under coercion.
  • To attain this, students should practice this method during revision. Chiefly, they should structure each solution according to the mark schemes.
  • This will help them to write a proper answer during the exam, consequently saving a lot of time.

Disappointing Diagrams

  • Few could gainsay that everyone is not a Picasso or a van Gogh. But this doesn’t mean we can’t draw a neat diagram.
  • Diagrams and graphs play an important role in scoring good marks during exams, and it is also one of the effortless ways to achieve.
  • Unfortunately, many students make blunder mistakes due to a lack of practice and ignorant behaviour.
  • First, students have to study each graph and diagram in detail in this situation.
  • Secondly, they must focus on practising the diagrams 5 or 6 times before the exam, and thirdly, never forget to carry a scale, pencil, and eraser.
  • These tools make it easier to draw a neat diagram. This way, students can easily score full marks on charts and graphs.

Taking Much Time in Data Response Questions

  • Data response questions are essential in the IB economics HL and SL exams. But many students spend lots of time on such questions, thus skipping other easy questions.
  • This leads to a short time for further questions and paves the way for incorrect answers. It would be better to structure the answers before the exam to avoid such circumstances.
  • Furthermore, students must practice such questions from the very first day.
  • In this way, students will get used to data response questions and will be able to solve the questions quickly. Moreover, they can also use question reading time to understand the DRQs. 
  • As cited above, Graphs plays a crucial role in economics exams. Forgetting to label the graph is a frequent mistake most learners commit, mainly due to their carelessness.
  • You need to clearly label each part of the graph to explain the relations.
  • At such a moment, the learner must remember the labels for each graph, and students can only achieve this through daily practice.
  • Try to explain the graph more precise and must use the correct terminology. Examine the charts before the final settlement so students can fill the necessary gaps. 

Lack of Concentration: 

Concentration or focus during the exam is one of the most demandable skills a student must possess. And many students tend to miss that skill during the exam, which leads to unwanted situations and confusion. Due to this, students don’t read questions properly, thus resulting in incorrect answers. Some hidden or triggering words or sentences are always there in the questions. Students have to focus on questions and answer accordingly. But many students fail to do so. To come out of this issue, students must utilize the time to read question papers. By doing so, they will be able to allocate questions accordingly. Moreover, it would be much more appropriate if they relaxed before the exam. Students can do meditation.

Absence of Time Management
  • Running out of time while writing an exam is frustrating and a nightmare for many students.
  • And many IB students seem to struggle a lot in this matter, which consequently affects their performance.
  • Time management is critical in everyone’s life, especially during the exam. Managing time helps to save time and that last-minute rush.
  • To avoid this, students should divide the time according to questions. This could be done while revising the old question paper.
  • One of the most important ways is to familiarize yourself with exam patterns. It will give a clear picture to students to manage their time.
  • Proofreading is essential while writing exams, but many of us don’t do so. Proofreading helps us to edit obvious glaring mistakes.
  • While writing, we tend to make silly mistakes. This sometimes happens due to a lack of revision. One of the best ways to overcome this situation is to bring that into practice. 

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