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    IB ITGS Online Tutors by IB Elite Tutor

    ITGS which stands for the International Technological Global Society is one of the qualified and specialized IB programs. IB Elite Tutor is not less than any other academy in terms of all the resources they provide to their students. International Baccalaureate is a non-profit educational organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

    IB sets its sight on imparting quality education all around the world without putting students’ life on stake. IB strictly believes in the importance of education as well as how quality learning could uplift the future generation in order to improve their social and economic life.  This is why IB has introduced a new curriculum or program called ITGS for students,  that was officially started in August 2010 and updated in 2016. This innovative program is practiced within three groups, focusing on the field of individuals and society.  Basically International Baccalaureate follows a triangular approach to teach this new term (ITGS).  probably in India, it may be a new term but internationally it is acclaimed part of the school curriculum.

    Three Strands of Global Society

    International Technological Global Society comprises of three strands, which are interrelated to one another.  Firstly, Social and ethical significance is related to IT development and its social and ethical correlations. Secondly, Application to specified scenarios that deal with themes and IT developments. Thirdly, IT systems that are all about terminology, concepts, and tools of IT developments.

    As the ITGS embodies global and international recognition, it also holds a special place in the world of learning. thus to study this accredited curriculum may not be as easy as it seems.  Regardless, many students find difficulty in ITGS because it includes lots of IT expression that creates bewilderment in students. So to curb this problem IB ITGS ONLINE TUITIONS have evolved, focusing on helping the needy students in their subjects.  IB ITGS ONLINE TUITIONS are one of the excellent and result oriented Online tutoring services that your child. Throughout the session, IB ITGS online tuitions continue to coordinate with students according to their needs and convenience.

    Why do you need IB ITGS Online Tutors

    If we talk about tuitions most of us think about that traditional tutoring method, but nowadays imagining traditional home tuitions is not less than a nightmare because of the ongoing prevailing situations around the globe. Online tuitions make the student technical savvy which is a need in today’s generation.  keeping this in mind IB ITGS ONLINE TUITIONS are providing assistance to many students around the world. ITGS is a very vast concept and hence needs deep study. IB ITGS Online Tutors guide the students in every step. Through online tuition, IB manifests quality classes with new innovative and creative ideas.  IB ITGS Online Tutors help the students to make judgments and decisions about the use of IT within the social contexts. Consequently, it develops critical analysis skills in students.

    Greater flexibility bu our tutors

    Travel to tutorials is mostly tiresome and time-consuming and this results in drainage of energy hence could result in low performance. With online IB ITGS, ONLINE TUITIONS students can avail of the privilege of flexibility. As IB online classes function according to the convenience of students. Students can reschedule their classes or timings according to their comfort but the only condition is to inform a day or hours prior to that.  This helps students to concentrate on their work without any burden thus making them present-minded.

    Live one to one online classes

    IB ITGS ONLINE TUITIONS are not less than face to face tutorials. students can easily interact with their tutors without any buffering, most importantly students can also save the teaching videos for the future. Through the live interaction students become a more confident and social being .  moreover Live interaction classes pave the way to clear all the doubts of the students, it gives the opportunity to come close towards the new technology.  Interestingly it creates enthusiasm and curiosity in students.

    Efficient resources

    When it comes to online classes many doubts arise in the mind of the student as well as the parents. doubts regarding classes flexibility, connectivity, and most important notes. many students and parents are very much concerned about the textbook resources for practice, in fact, many of them join tutorials for the study materials only. Considering this need  IB ITGS ONLINE TUITIONS  shares efficient online resources to students on defined topics of an international technological global society. IB ITGS ONLINE TUITIONS share the resources through cloud storage which contains written notes, case study materials, previous question papers, sample papers, etc.  As a result, it helps the students to keep all the resources in an organized manner, Thus developing organizing skills in students.

    On-Time Syllabus Completion and detailed revision

    Obviously it is not a new thing when we claim about covering the entire syllabus indeed it’s the responsibility of the tutor. But IB ITGS ONLINE TUITIONS is not something who just claims to complete the task. IB Elite Tutor stands on their word, they show in their actions. now if we talk about covering the syllabus IB ITGS ONLINE TUITIONS have their own unique strategies that make them stand apart. As we know ITGS curriculum is composed of three strands. Acknowledging this fact, IB Elite Tutor covers the syllabus in three consecutive intervals in which duration may vary according to the student’s requirement. IB ITGS ONLINE TUITIONS never imposes anything on students, they give all the freedom and build a friendly environment for students. thus improves the performance of the students.

    Assessments by IB Elite Tutor

    This is one of the eye-catching features. As IB Elite Tutor conducts online assessments every week to access the students’ knowledge. Ultimately this prepares them for their exams.

    Salient Features of Our service at a glance

    Here are a few main features of our services at a glance

    • Live one to one Online Classes by experienced tutors
    • Regularity and punctuality in academic delivery
    • All subjects available at one place
    • On-time completion of syllabus
    • Quick & comprehensive revision of the whole syllabus
    • Unit tests, half and full syllabus tests, Chapter end tests
    • Timely feedback and parent engagement
    • Mock tests and past year paper solving

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