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    IB Individuals and Societies Tutors

    • International Baccalaureate, or IB, is an elite academic program proposed by almost more than 1,100 institutes in over 135 provinces.
    • And it attracts some of the best scholars from across the globe. It is a demanding and stabilized program of pedagogy that facilitates learners to expand their brain and emotional abilities.
    • And also pertain them with the assistance of others. The program’s strict curriculum readies learners to study at the nation’s top institutes. Apart from this, the present learners acquire a truly global education.
    IB Individuals and societies

    The IB’s program is proffered for three age groups: 

    1. Primary Years Programme (PYP) is for learners of the 3 to 12 age group. It is for elementary school students. 
    2. Middle Years Programme (MYP) is for learners of the 11 to 16 age group. It is for students in middle school.
    3. The Diploma Programme (DP) is for 16-19 years old. It is for high-school senior students.

     IB enables a worldwide viewpoint by motivating interaction schemes in different regions. So, learners are encouraged to be conscious of international problems and communicate with individuals from varied civilizations. And also readies them for tenancy in the international community.

    The prominence of IB Individuals and Societies

    • IB Individuals and Societies inspire their learners to understand the world around them. 
    • It helps them to comprehend and honor the culture of their predecessors. 
    • It qualifies them with the essential abilities to enquire into the ancient and modern world. 
    • IB Individuals and Societies Tutors teaches the learners about the fundamentals of geography, politics, society, economy, ecclesiastical, technical, and cultural civilizations aspects that retain an influence on people, communities, surroundings, etc.
    • It is a blend of many social sciences.  

    What do you get to learn in IB Individual and Societies Tuition Classes

    • The IB MYP (Middle Years Programme) Individuals and Societies are designed especially for students of ages ranging from 11 to 16 years old. It covers Upper primary and High School students.
    • Furthermore, the individuals and society’s part is based on providing the students with the techniques of understanding that accentuate the academic challenge.
    • Moreover, it encourages relations between the analyses in the real world and studies on traditional topics.
    • The MYP is known for the emphasis on discovering through the logical advancement of reaches to comprehending skills for more affable communication, collaboration, self-management, the study of literature, media literature, imaginative and integral reasoning, and transfer of learning.
    • And also prioritizes intellectual; understanding and global engagement- Important qualities for young youth today.

    The main emphasis of Our IB I&S Tutors 

    • Our IB Individuals and Societies tutors focus most importantly on accountable sectors encompassing a solid emphasis on Investigation and examination. 
    • Pupils get the chance to learn how to collect whatever information they want, describe and analyze data, test hypotheses, and learn how to infer sophisticated data comprising actual quotation components. 
    • The priority of our IB MYP Tutors entirely remains on associating studies with real-world instances. 
    • They teach you how survey and inquiry are crucial elements of the subject? Moreover, pertinent to people’s lives and is prompted to correlate to different predicaments. 
    • Our experienced IB Individuals and Societies tutors’ tutoring empowers you with pro tips and tricks that makes topics easier to understand, enabling you to attain higher grades.

    Our IB individuals and Societies Online Tutors help our students on-

    1. How to regard human and environmental resemblances and variation?

    2. How do we comprehend the relation and interdependencies of people, communities, and the surroundings?

    3. Conception/elaboration of how environmental and human systems function and generate.

    4. Observing and formulating interest in the welfare of human populations and the natural environment.

    5. How do we become responsible citizens, considering the environment, societies, and individuals?

    Our IB Individuals and Societies Tutors also help you develop investigation aptitudes that lead towards abstract awareness of the connections between individual selves, communities/societies, and the surroundings in which they inhabit.

    Main Topics in Individuals and Societies 

    As you know, individuals and societies are a mixture of many disciplines. Therefore the topics taught under it are also accumulated from those disciplines. Like,

    • From History

    Civilization, Culture, Innovation, Revolution, Conflicts, Governance, etc.

    • From Economics

    Consumption, Growth, Equity, Sustainability, Resources, Poverty, Trade, etc.

    • From Geography

    Globalization, Pattern and Trends, Power, Scale, Processes, Management and Intervention, etc.

    • From Business Management

    Ethics, Competition, Cooperation, Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, etc.

    • From Psychology

    Behaviour, Bond, Cognition, Mental Health, Consciousness and Unconsciousness, Mind, Groups, etc.

    • From Philosophy

    Alterity, Being and Becoming, Human Nature, Mind/Body, Beliefs, Liberty, Personality, Knowledge, Identity, etc.

    • From Sociology/ Anthropology 

    Agency, Community, Institutions, Meanings, Socialization, Social Status, Social interactions, etc.

    • From Civics/ Political Science/ Governance

    Authority, Citizenship, Ideologies, Rights, Interdependence, Cooperativeness, Leadership, etc.

    • From World Religions

    Morality, Religious perspectives, sentiments, Deity, Destiny, Tradition, Rituals, Symbolism, Worship, etc.

    IB Individual and Societies Assessment Criteria           

     IB Individual and Societies assessment is based practically on four criteria. So, it would help if you achieved all those qualities to attain higher grades in the subject. Below mentioned are the requirements you need to stand on.

    • They are, first, Knowing and Understanding. Here students develop abstract and detailed awareness about Individual and Societies.
    • Secondly, Investigation. Here students develop standardized analysis skills and procedures correlated with domains in the humanities stream and social sciences. Also, learners expand thriving methods for analyzing unassisted and affiliated with others.
    • It is thirdly, Communicating. Learners evolve abilities to govern, report and disseminate their understanding by manipulating various tools and demonstration arrangements.
    • And they are lastly, Thinking critically. Learners use logical reasoning skills to improve and pertain their conception of people/individuals and communities/ societies and the procedure of exploration.

    Now for the assessments 

    1. In task 1 of Investigation, students will be asked to demonstrate and illustrate their perspectives based on their understanding of the subject. It will consist of 26 marks.

    2. In task 2 of Communicating, students will be asked to illustrate a given topic creatively. They will have to present their ideas and concepts suitable for the audience to discern. It will consist of 18 marks.

    3. In task 3 of Critical Thinking, students’ capability of discussing issues, arguments, etc., based on hierarchy questions, is examined. It will consist of 36 marks.

    To be noted: Students will have to give an On-screen examination. This is a regular external exam mainly for geography, history, and integrated humanities. 

    Specialties of our IB Individuals and Societies Tuition classes

    • Personalized Tuition Classes
    • Experienced IB Expert Faculties
    • Handy study resources by our Mentors
    • Individualized Guidance/ Assistance
    • 24/7 assistance by our experts
    • Regularized revision sessions
    • Weekly doubt clarifying sessions
    • Online and offline classes availability
    • Extra classes to furnish your weak spots
    • On-time syllabus, homework, assignments, etc. fulfillment
    • Assured promising results
    • Entertainment packed classes
    • Free demo classes and many more
    To surmise

     As you show, IB individuals and societies have a vast syllabus to cover. And our tuition classes prevail to keep you ahead of others. We furnish you with updated curriculums and assist you in attaining the best grades.  For more information, do kindly contact our help desk forum!!

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