IGCSE Tutors in Pune

IGCSE Tutors in Pune. IB Elite Tutor is a famous name in the field of education. Get high-class IGCSE Online Tuition classes with effective teaching methodologies. We have expert tutors available for almot all IGCSE subjects. 

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    IGCSE Tutors in Pune

    • Coverage of all subjects students faces great difficulty arranging tutors for all subjects. They usually join 2 or 3 coaching classes to cover their syllabus.
    • It takes a lot of time and energy. Students do not get time to practice at home or revise the syllabus.
    • So IGCSE tutors in Pune are providing all subject classes in a very comfortable environment at home.
    • Our courses are highly manageable and easily accessible at full stop.
    • There is no problem with going anywhere and wasting time unnecessarily. We are covering all the important subjects through our online classes.
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    The main subjects with which we deal are-

    1. English 
    2. Maths
    3. Physics 
    4. Chemistry 
    5. Biology 
    6. Arabic 
    7. History 
    8. Geography 
    9. Hindi
    10. Political Science 

    IGCSE Tutors in Pune schedule according to your needs

    1. Students also face problems because coaching centers have their own time for classes, and they do not schedule the lessons according to the need of students.
    2. Most of the time, students come from school and join their courses immediately. They attend class when they are completely tired.
    3. This is the reason that they face difficulty in understanding. IGCSE tutors in Pune provide lessons that are scheduled according to your needs.
    4. Our IGCSE Tutors in Pune first ask you about the timing of your choice. They organize your class according to your convenience. If a teacher is unavailable, you should not worry about it.
    5. We have a big team of qualified tutors. We will provide you with another tutor for your child.

    Regular and systematic schedule for revision tests 

    • Students are often worried about their exam preparation. They study in school and in tuition classes. But they do not check their understanding.
    • So they do not have any idea about their knowledge and their weaknesses. IGCSE tutors in Pune are very concerned about it. Problems should be identified so that we can rectify them.
    • For this, our qualified tutors take regular tests and check their student’s understanding. After completing each topic, our tutors have a proper schedule to take the revision test.
    • They never start a new case before checking students’ understanding. They also explain the topic again if they feel that a student is somewhere lacking and not understanding the issue.
    • It is also very helpful for our students because they get an idea about their preparation. The only revise at the end of the year. It brings tremendous changes in their performance.

    Creating interest and confidence to get a grade on Exam

    1. Continuous efforts and support of tutors create interest in learners. If the teachers are very supportive and encourage their students to perform better, students feel confident enough.
    2. These motivating efforts of the tutors are very helpful for the learners. They start to serve better and bring a grade in their exams.
    3. Parents are also very satisfied with the performance of their children. They do not have enough time to stay connected with their children all the time because they are also busy in their professional life.
    4. Such parents can easily trust IGCSE tutors in Pune because our tutors are very supportive and caring.

     No pressure from peer group 

    1. Some children are always disturbed and do not think about other children in their class group. They are very active in their classes. Due to their extrovert nature, some students face great difficulty.
    2. They cannot ask questions and share their ideas with their teacher. They hesitate. IGCSE tutors in Pune are highly sensitive about it.
    3. They think that children should not have any pressure in their classrooms. We provide face-to-face classes in a free environment so students can share their problems and doubts.
    4. Students become free with their tutors and share their concerns. Confidence plays a very important role in the overall performance of a child.
    5. This confidence also brings a change in their overall performance and personality. Most of our students who were not so good in their subjects are performing outstandingly with our tutors.
    6. Their positive reviews are the best reward for us

    Constant efforts to get a good result 

    • You can achieve targets and change things positively if constant efforts are made.
    • Our IGCSE Tutors in Pune are always busy changing their students’ overall results and personalities.
    • We are always engaged in teaching, taking tests, making worksheet assignments, and checking our teaching tools.
    • We teach with heart and soul so that students can get a good results. Students also support us and surprise us with their hard work.
    • They are ready to do the given task because they feel confident. Our tutors build their confidence and motivate them to perform wonderfully.
    Our teaching methodologies 

    Our tutors use the methodology according to the demand of the subject. There are different teachers for different subjects. They all believe in teaching with the example of real life. Real-life examples are the best teaching aid for students. Students understand the topic, ask questions to their teachers, and clear all their doubts. After that, they have a healthy discussion about each topic with their tutors. Then our tutors take revision tests and check students learning. All these efforts are very constant.

    Free Demo classes 

    Our trial classes are free of cost. You do not need to pay any fee for the first trial class. You only need to send us a message through WhatsApp or make a call. We will contact you and provide you with the best experience of education.

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