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IB Mathematics Tutor hk to get an excellent result. IB Elite Tutor is a premium academy that has been offering IB Maths Tuition in Hong Kong with highly experienced online teachers. Book a free demo with a top IB examiner NOW!!

    IB Mathematics Tutor HK for Maths HL & SL

    1. IBO is not known for giving marks to the students quickly, and Maths has always been a challenge for many of us. We have a highly qualified IB Mathematics Tutor HK team to make this task easy for you. We help our students with a lot of innovative ideas and make them solve past year exam questions.
    2. We provide our students with a safe and comfortable environment so they can ask their doubts without hesitation. Our IB Maths Tutors in Hong Kong are always available to solve students’ doubts via email or WhatsApp & this gives our students a lot of confidence and comfort.
    3. Our teachers provide short notes for Maths AA and AI to understand the subjects better and grasp the concepts quickly.
    4. We help you keep up your hard work and help you when you are stuck with difficult questions. This hard work ultimately gives you a seven in IB Maths HL & SL.
    5. IB Elite Tutor is the most prominent place to get a highly qualified IB Mathematics Tutor HK and start your journey towards excellence in Mathematics.

    Expand your learning with our Online IB Mathematics Tuition HK

    • If you aspire for a 7 in IB Mathematics, you can’t rely merely on books. You need some expert help from IB Mathematics Tutor HK. We can help you practice more exam-styled questions and prepare you for your final examination. Our tutoring gives you a different perspective towards the subject and gives you a 7 in IB Maths AA & AI. 
    • Our tutors help you to prepare short notes that allow you to revise quickly during examination times. Also, these notes make your concepts crystal clear.
    • We teach students about the origin of mathematical concepts like Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry, probability, etc. It creates their interest in the subject, and they devote time to it. 
    • Our IB Maths Tutors HK focus on developing time management skills in their students. They need to learn how much time must be given to a question. Which question should be tried first and which to avoid. 

    Online IB Maths Tutoring in Hong KongHelp You to Adjust with Latest Curriculum Change

    IBO is changing the examination pattern for most IB Diploma Program students in the coming session. And it will take a lot of work for the students to prepare according to the new examination pattern. Here are some suggestions from our IB Mathematics Tutors HK to excel in IB Maths HL & SL. 

    1. Nowadays, students use their graphic display calculators too much. They use it even for simple math calculations. It’s a mistake. Students are not allowed to use a calculator in some IB Maths Papers. And this is going to take a lot of work for the students who are dependent on GDC. So, they need to create a balance while using their calculators. 
    2. Our IB Maths Tutors HL provide a lot of extra questions to their students. The more they practice, the more efficient they become. Also, we share many free online resources where students can sign up, practise and learn new techniques. Besides our academic material, you can join places like Revision Village, and we shall help you understand and solve the content you get there.
    3. We make you practice past papers as much as possible. The syllabus and examination pattern are changing, but past year exam questions are still valuable. These questions give you a real exam-like feeling and help you to get a 7 in IB Maths.

    IB Online Mathematics Tutoring in Hong Kong Improves Academic Performance

    • We offer help to improve a child’s performance in school tests. Our IB Mathematics Tutor HL evaluates the kid’s understanding level and learning pattern in the few initial classes. 
    • Some students learn through visuals; some are instructional learners, and some learn things by doing themselves. 
    • We offer one-on-one online IB Maths Tuition Classes, so it’s easy for us to focus on just one student and devise a study plan according to the student’s learning pattern. 
    • Our focused approach helps students solve questions themselves, and they become interested in the subject. In a few months, even the weakest students start showing improvements, and their school grades improve.
    • In this entire process, we keep the parents in the loop. They are always aware of what is going on in the one-on-one online tutoring classes. IB Elite Tutor advises all the parents at the time of admission to keep in constant touch with their ward’s tutors.

    IB Maths IA Tutors in Hong Kong

     Internal assessment is an integral part of all significant IB Diploma Program subjects. Maths is no exception. All IB DP Maths students must prepare an internal assessment (IA) on a topic of their choice. It carries 20 % of the final grades. IB Elite Tutor is a prominent place to the most reliable IB Mathematics IA Tutor in Hong Kong. We work with top IB IA Examiners to give our students the best support. 

    We offer the following help for Maths: Internal Assessment-:

    1. Help to choose the right RQ for IA
    2. We guide you on how to collect data for IA
    3. We can train you to use the proper mathematical tools to analyse the data.
    4. We can help you with the Mathematical part of your IA
    5. You can get your Mock IA reviewed by our examiners to enhance your understanding of Maths Internal Assessment

    As an IB student, you must avoid the following mistakes while writing your IB Maths IA

    Insufficient research & Exaggerated writing
    • Write A clear introduction explaining your RQ and the purpose of IA
    • Do proper research
    • Collect enough data
    • Use appropriate Mathematical tools
    • Be transparent with all the calculations 
    • Conclude wisely

    Once you have finalised your RQ, you should start your research for IA. Your analysis must be extensive to collect the most appropriate data. Then, you can desire a perfect score in your IA. If your research is incomplete and the data you ordered is incorrect, you will not be able to conclude correctly. It would help if you did as many trials as possible to collect the correct data.
    Our IB Mathematics Tutor HK always guides the student in that you can only get marks for quality work and not for excessive writing.
    IB has already fixed the 12-20 page limit for Maths IA. Therefore, you need to be precise with your writing,


    IB Elite Tutors has a team of highly qualified IB school teachers from reputed IB schools in Hong Kong. We offer the most cost effective services to our students and produce great results. Book a free demo class now and see the difference.

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