How to Score Well in IGCSE Examination

IGCSE Examination Tips. IB Elite Tutor has a team of expert teachers from top international schools who can provide you IGCSE Online Tuition & guide you on how to Score well in IGCSE Examination. Here is a bunch of tips by our team to help and support IGCSE students.

How to Score well in the IGCSE examination ?

  1. Exam time is the most crucial time for all the students in the world. Students make various strategies and plan to deal with exam timing intelligently to score the highest in their exams.
  2. IGCSE has a continuous evaluation process for its students. The final exam is an essential part of an academic session.
  3. The weightage for the final exam is the highest, and it decides the percentage and grading of a student. Students make a lot of strategies they practice and then revise to get an A grade in their exam.
  4. Students need sound guidance and a reasonable plan timetable for preparing for IGCSE examination.
  5. Although all the subjects are equally important but maths, Physics Chemistry are subjects where students need more attention and more time to practice.
  6. They need proper guidance to prepare for the exam of IGCSE. Maths has various topics which have different weightage and need to be practiced accordingly.
  7. In the light of the point mentioned above, we suggest a few points to Remember while preparing for IGCSE examination. These points are very beneficial to scoring well in the IGCSE exam.

Design a plan to Score Well in IGCSE Examination and work accordingly

  • If you are preparing for something, planning is essential. Students should set a goal before starting their preparation for IGCSE Mathematics.
  • According to the need, there should be a timetable for all the subjects. Students should check their weaknesses and strengths and distribute the preparation timing accordingly.
  • Working on planning is very important. Sometimes students do the planning, but they do not follow that timetable.
  • Students should remember that if they do not follow the timetable that they had decided, they will never be able to achieve their target.

Use the technique of Practice and revise to Score Well in IGCSE Examination

  1. It is a very known proverb that Practice makes a man perfect. We always suggest students do regular Practice on their weaknesses.
  2. Students should check their weaknesses and take regular tests to understand how much they have understood. They can take help from library notes, online study material, and YouTube.
  3. If you have understood a topic, make a habit of revising that in a short break. Students should not think that they now understand and need no revision.

Work while you work, play while you play

  • A famous proverb says that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. This proverb is appropriate and has deep meaning, full stop. I
  • t is essential to be physically active. Students should make a timetable to play and for some physical exercise.
  • They should take breaks while preparing for exams. Our mind also needs some rest. So, taking good sleep is also very important. 8 hours of sleep regularly is considered healthy.
  • Students should not think that they can get the highest grades if they learn the whole day. If you check the toppers’ interviews, you will find out that they also give time to Physical exercises.
  • If you start to prepare for the exam at the beginning of the Year, there will be no need to worry about studying the whole day. 3 to 4 hours of studying regularly is enough to get good grades.

Check previous years’ question papers and observe the paper pattern.

  • Students should check the previous Year’s question paper to get an idea about the exam pattern. It’s essential to solve the previous Year’s question paper.
  • It will give you n idea about the time limit. Sometimes there are tricky questions. Students should learn how to understand the tricks of the question.
  • If you students know the trick to solve answer will take only a few minutes to be solved. Don’t write the direct answers without showing calculations. A proper solution should be done so that the examiner can understand.
  • It’s time to be an intelligent student. You should check the most effective and efficient way to answer the questions.
  • Be practical and never hesitate to clear your doubts with your tutors. They are there to help you, so you should be curious to learn.

Top tips for IGCSE Examination day

If you have practiced the whole Year and prepared well for the exam, there will be no need to worry. On exam day, don’t be over-excited or think that you will complete the whole question paper in a short while. Always remember To carry the required things for the exam.

  1. Don’t go empty stomach. Always eat something healthy before the exam.
  2. After checking the question paper, don’t feel over-excited. 
  3. Answer each question correctly. 
  4. Check each answer carefully after completing the question paper. 
  5. Give appropriate solutions. 
  6. Remember to carry a calculator. 
  7. If you do not know the answer to any questions, don’t panic. 
  8. Give your best.
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