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    igcse maths tutor

    IGCSE Maths Tutor

    International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a leading educational board for K-12 education. It is a very popular board. It’s working in more than 5000 schools based in more than 140 countries. Igcse motivates students a lot to opt for Mathematics as a subject. So that they can learn it as a key skill. It provides students a strong base for more advanced studies. Students can choose to learn Igcse Mathematics from the following options according to their knowledge and interests.

    1. Mathematics (US) – 0444
    2. Additional Mathematics – (US) – 0459
    3. Mathematics – 0580
    4. Additional Mathematics – 0606
    5. Mathematics – International – 0607
    6. Mathematics (9-1) – 0980

    The syllabus for all these branches is designed in a way that it can fulfill the need of every student. It helps students to prepare for their advanced learning. Here is a list of topics that are there in the Igcse Maths syllabus. We provide expert IGCSE Maths Tutor for every part stream of Mathematics. Igcse Maths Syllabus topics

    Each of our IGCSE Maths Tutors is an expert in Number systems, Algebra, coordinate Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Vectors, Probability Statistics, etc. In short, they can help you to score more in IGCSE Mathematics.

    Explanation of IGCSE Paper pattern 

    Majorly, IGCSE Mathematics is divided into two-parts

    (i) Core ContentIt targets the students who are looking for grades from G-C. Students with core content give papers 1 & Paper 3. Here

    (ii) Extended ContentIt targets the students who are looking for grades from D-A. Students give Papers 2 & Paper 4

    Our IGCSE Maths Tutor uses the breakup provided by the Igcse board to teach their students. Hence this is the break-up that cambridgeinternational.org mentions for students’ understanding.igcse maths syllabus break up

    Our teachers use this syllabus break-up so that they can give every topic time according to its weight in the examination. Also. this helps our students to score well in their Maths examination.

    Assessment Overview by IGCSE Maths Tutor

    Extended Maths paper is a bit more complicated than Core Maths examination paper. Here are the descriptions for both core and extended

    Here is for Paper 1 and 3core syllabus igcse syllabusThis one is for paper 2 and paper 4

    extended syllabus igcse maths

    How can our IGCSE Maths Tutor help

    We have a vast team of skilled, qualified, highly experienced, and trained IGCSE Maths Tutors. And they take every possible step to help their students score more in their examinations. Here are a few salient features.

    Homework on a daily basis

    1. As we all believe, Progress in Mathematics is mainly based on practice. So do our Maths tutors. That’s why we provide homework on a daily basis. Students complete it and send it back to their tutors for correction. This helps students to grow rapidly in Mathematics.

    Technology added teaching

    2. We believe that technology can never replace a good tutor but technology in the hands of good teachers can be revolutionary. Therefore, we use all available technological tools to deliver our lessons. So we provide recorded video lectures, Pdf notes, PPT on difficult topics, gif images, etc for better learning

    Testing on a regular basis

    3. We take cumulative tests on a regular basis. Firstly, we start with chapter-end tests at the end of every chapter. Secondly, we take unit tests at the end of each unit. Finally, These are followed by half syllabus and full-length tests. Besides this, we also take several Mock tests within the standard time limit to give our students an exact feeling of examinations

    early syllabus completion & Extensive revision

    4. Revision is the key to better understanding & strong concept building. Therefore, we make our students revise their whole Maths syllabus again and again. For this, we first need to finish the syllabus long before the final examination. This way, students get enough time for revision. Moreover, we provide previous year examination papers to our students & help them to solve it. This is the best way to revise.

    Practice Questions from various books

    5. IGCSE Maths Tutor makes sure that the students practice questions several questions from different-different books. This not only strengthens their concepts but also improves the question-solving speed. The more you practice Mathematics, the more proficient you become in it.

    We provide an interactive and focused environment to our students. As a result, they grow academically very quickly and improves their grades.

    How can you take classes from IGCSE Maths Tutor?

    We provide IGCSE Home Tuition in all major cities of Delhi NCR. Besides this, you can also get IGCSE Maths Tutors online throughout the globe. Though, all are teachers are proficient in their work but the quality of Online IGCSE Maths tutors is far more superior. Online IGCSE tutoring a popular mode amongst the youths. It is also a very easy and convenient way of tutoring. And it is like a tutor sitting next to you.

    You need the following things for Online IGCSE Tutoring-:

    1.  A normal Computer, laptop/desktop, or a high-speed tab
    2. A reliable internet connection preferably fiber wi-fi
    3. A very good headphone to hear instructions
    4. Also, Electricity back-up to avoid any interruption

    We also provide IGCSE Tutors, IGCSE Online Tutoringfor all IGCSE subjects.

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