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IB Computer Science Tutors. IB Elite Tutor has a team of dedicated professionals ready to offer IB Computer Science Tuition for both HL & SL. Get a 7 in IB Computer Science with our IB Internal Assessment Tutors

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    IB Computer Science Tutors

    • Are you wondering how to ace the IB Computer Science examination? It is not at that difficult as you think. Have you heard an English proverb?
    • “A picture is worth 1000 words” means “better to show than tell” So, don’t just say I want to do this or do that. Show your result.
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    • And you can do this when you have a perfect mentor to help you ace the IB Computer Science. Have you ever considered IB Computer Science the most in-demand subject?
    • The reason behind this is that the world is growing and changing rapidly. So, opting for IB Computer Science subject helps you gain skills responsible for making your career.
    • For instance, problem-solving, programming, computational, algorithmic thinking, etc. 

    Let’s explore the IB Computer Science Curriculum

    As the name indicates, IB Computer Science is a problem-solving and rigorous curriculum. It offers two levels standard level (SL) & higher level (HL). Moreover, it proffers four-course options:

    1. Databases
    2. Modelling and simulation
    3. Web science
    4. Object-oriented programming

    The course is designed in a way that expands students’ knowledge. And help them to investigate current issues in computer science thoroughly.

    Let us Understand Assessments for SL & HL coursework with our IB Computer Science Tutoring

    In the IB SL, students are assessed through:

    • Paper 1 (45% weightage & time taken 1.5 hours)
    • Paper 2 (25% weightage & time taken 1 hour)
    • Internal assessment (30% weightage)
    • Group 4 project

    In the IB HL, students are assessed through:

    • Paper 1 (40% weightage & time taken 2 hours 10 mins)
    • Paper 2 (20% weightage & time taken 1 hour 20 mins)
    • Paper 3 (20% weightage & time taken 1 hour)
    • Internal assessment (20% weightage)
    • Group 4 project

    IB Computer Science Tuition for HL & SL

    IB Elite tutor proffers well-trained and expert IB Computer Science SL & HL tutors who help you comprehend the IB CS SL syllabus. And teach all these modules:

    • Introduction to programming in Java
    • Design Thinking
    • Put in Writing
    • Digital Information
    • Networking
    • Computer Organization
    • Primitive Types
    • Using Objects
    • Boolean Expressions and if Statements
    • Iteration
    • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Writing Classes
    • Array & ArrayList
    • 2D Array
    • Inheritance
    • Recursion

    Our IB Computer Science Online Tutors keep in mind that each ideally:

    • Learn all the fundamentals of Java commands, problem-solving, and control structures.
    • Understand the practice as well as the theory of user-centred design.
    • Develop a training policy that helps employees in network security and preventive measures.
    • Acknowledge the different ways of digital information, including encoding data, compressing data, number systems, programmatically fabricating pixel images, encrypting data, and comparing data encodings.
    • Explore the design as well as the structure of the internet. Also, how do those designs affect the network communications reliability, personal privacy, and data security?
    • Grasp the knowledge about the networking and physical elements of computers. For instance, RAM, wireless devices, routers, motherboards, port numbers, and ethernet use.
    • Get mastery in how to make variables, interact with those variables, and store values. 
    • Comprehend the use of conditional statements and syntax in Java. Apart from this, they learn how to perform Boolean expressions with logical and relational operators.
    • Learn how to imply iteration to upgrade the speed of the program and its reusability. Also, understand different iterative structures that work best to build your programs.
    • Understand the basics of Object-oriented programming in Java.
    • Find ways to manipulate and use data in the form of arrays. 
    • Explore the limitations of arrays and understand the use of ArrayLists.
    • Learn how to use 2D arrays in your programs effectively.
    • Recognize behaviours and common attributes to create hierarchies. And use them in their superclass.
    • Determine the simple recursive methods and find the output of a recursive method with the help of tracing.

    Notable Features of our Service 

    In this digital era, we are here to provide online classes. So, our students can learn anywhere and anytime throughout the world. And our advanced online IB Computer Science faculty teach you via:

    • Customizable IB CS curriculum
    • Engaging lesson plans
    • Video tutorials
    • Animated lessons
    • Quizzes
    • Slides and PowerPoint presentations
    • Fun activities and exciting exercises
    • Last year’s papers
    • Video sessions for doubts

    The IB CS coursework is a challenging curriculum, and our IB Computer Science online tutors compose additional practice problem exercises. So, our IB CS students get a stronghold in Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, SQL, and many other topics. And also, they can easily score a 7 in the IB Computer Science examination.

    Why Choose Us

    1. IB Elite tutor ensures that students grasp programming skills. And also develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills.
    2. Our highly qualified and trained IB Computer Science tutors help you to gain a more profound knowledge of all programming languages.
    3. Also, grasp a conceptual understanding of each IB CS tool. At IB Elite tutor, we establish our student’s careers with the help of highly professional IB Computer Science tutors.
    4.  And always look forward to those faculty or teachers who are empathetic and increase our student’s potential.
    5. We know every student face different kind of difficulties during studies. So, we develop innovative teaching techniques to help every learner ace the IB CS or any other IB examination. 

    IB Elite tutor focuses on: 

    1. Proper teaching approaches according to student’s capabilities
    2. Personalized tutoring
    3. Student’s growth
    4. A creative problem-solving teaching framework
    5. Whiteboard teaching
    6. Live interactions
    7. Handy IB resources
    8. IB CS projects
    9. Easy to understand teaching pattern
    10. Understand the student’s needs
    11. Set targets to improve student’s potential
    12. Practical applications
    13. Technical expertise
    14. Student’s queries and doubts
    Why do you need IB CS IA tutors?

    Our IB Computer Science tutors pay attention to each part or paper of IB CS. And upgrade ourselves so that each IB student gets benefits from our tutoring. So, our IB CS IA Tutors focus on the IB Computer Science Internal Assessment and guide our students on how to tackle it? Thus, pay attention to each IB CS criteria:

    • Planning
    • Record of Tasks & designing
    • Development
    • Functionality
    • Evaluation

    And our tutors ensure you can quickly solve the client’s problem and provide an effective solution. Furthermore, our IB Computer Science tutors help you in designing the document and how to give visual outputs. Apart from this, our tutors help you make appealing flowcharts, brief explanations, and identifying resources. You never know where you are lacking. So, our tutors analyze and capture all your IA assignments and tell you what you are missing. Indeed, you have to understand that demonstration is a crucial part of IB CS IA and explain every feature of your product effectively. And also provide feasible ideas.

    Final Words…
    • The way to achieve your goals is only possible if you are dedicated, responsible, and consistent in your work.
    • And also, when you are unable to define yourself and your study goals, you have to identify them with the help of a perfect mentor.
    • Who assists you and guides you to find out the pathways that you can get mastery in IB Computer Science? 
    • At IB Elite tutor, we have IB Computer Science tutors that set benchmarks with their teaching methodologies and compassion for teaching.
    • So, take a free demo session and start achieving your study goals. And don’t forget to hang in there and pull yourself together.
    • These two sayings help you to get a perfect 7 score in the IB Computer Science examination.
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