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Live Online Tutoring by IB Elite Tutor. We are a leading player that offers one to one IB live online tutoring to the students based worldwide. IB Elite Tutor works with highly qualified, experienced & skilled professionals who feel pride in helping their students. We offer online tutors for almost all major curriculums in the world. We “Develop a passion for learning” in our students. IB Elite Tutor provides Online IB tutors, IB Maths Tutors, & home tutors in Delhi for almost all subjects.

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    ib live online tutoring

    What is live online tutoring?

    Before telling you the benefits of IB live online tutoring, let me first explain to you what is IB live online tutoring. In IB live online tutoring, you interact with your tutor by video chat. Your tutor uses a digital whiteboard and webcam to make you understand the concepts.

    You and your tutor talk with each other in real-time sitting in remote locations. You can ask any questions regarding your subject. It is a virtual classroom similar to the real classroom but with far more benefits than the real one.

    It may sound to your new idea, but it is likely older than you. Yes, the first IB live online class took place in 1996.


    You might be confusing between online tutoring and IB live online tutoring. If “yes”, then let me give them different colours to make you visible the difference.

    In Online tutoring all the video lectures are prerecorded. You can watch them as many times as you want but you cannot ask any questions.

    On the other hand in IB live online tutoring, you can directly ask any question from your tutor. You can also record the lecture and can watch them later. Here IB live online tutoring gets more plus points.

    Benefits of IB online tutoring

    Learn Anything, from Anywhere: In the 21st century, you are not bounded to any physical location to learn anything. You need not travel daily from one place to another. You are free to learn anything from anywhere.

    Suppose you are travelling from your city to anywhere else, then you have to miss your classes in the real classroom but in IB live tutoring, you can learn from anywhere and whatever.

    Freedom of time: You might be busy with something or other according to the priorities of the day. Or else you may suit one time better to study and another not, but in IB live online tutoring, you can choose time according to you.

    Time-saving: in metro cities, you have to travel long distances for coaching classes and because of the high traffic you waste your time and energy in traveling. In IB live online tutoring, you save your time and energy which you can use to learn more new things to stay ahead in this competitive world.

    Personal Attention: in the real classroom, the students don’t get personal attention in the middle of so many students. If you have some doubt, you don’t ask questions because of shyness or fear of being judged by others.

    In IB Live online tutoring only you interact with your tutor. You get full attention to you and you feel more confident here as you are sitting at your home.

    Less Costly: Getting classes into a coaching Centre cost you more in tuition fee and transportation. Taking online classes saves you money in both ways.

    Access to international Tutors:

    you should not confine yourself to your city to find the best tutor for your child. You can access to tutors from anywhere in the world. this way, you can train your child with the help of an international tutor to get higher grades sitting in your room.

    Smart choice to choose experts: You have endless options to choose from all over the world. You can choose smartly based on ratings given by other students. Higher the ratings better the decisions.

    Risk-Free: your child is completely safe as he/she learns from home and free from catching any disease.

    Privacy: Most of the time you only share your screen and don’t start your webcam.You are free to show your face and not show it to your tutor. This thing matters a lot in a few places like middle-east

    Parental Controlled Environment:

    You can watch how your child is learning, how comfortable he/she is with the tutor’s instruction. Monitoring your child tutoring class provides you with a better understanding of your child’s learning abilities. If you find any learning difficulty in your child, you can improve it.

    PDF Notes: you need not write everything written or drawn on the whiteboard because all notes are saved in pdf form. It helps you to retain concepts better directly from the whiteboard. you can carry them in your mobile and revise any time here and there.

    Record your lecture: You can record your class lecture in video form to watch it later.

    Learn Any Subject: whether you are a student of schools and you need help in your 1st to 12th classes or you are preparing for any competitive exam, you can go for IB live online tutoring for any subject for any kind of requirement.

    Never miss any lecture: As you can schedule the lecture according to your comfortable timing. You are never sacred of missing any lecture.

    Measure your performance: you can measure the performance of the test and assignments using e-learning analytics.

    Stay Ahead: As you save much of your time in this way of learning. Therefore you can learn any topic in advance to stay ahead in this competitive world.

    Smart Learning Method:

    in today’s era you have to learn many skills to get a high paying job. To learn skills rapidly and efficiently you need to use the smartest method available in the current century.

    IB Live online tutoring is the combination of both, online tutoring and real classroom teaching. It is the smartest way present at this time. Learning on digital whiteboards gives you a more interactive and better experience than even projectors in the real classroom.

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