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IB Tutors in Bangladesh. IB Elite Tutor is a premium institute. We are helping IB students since 2010 throughout the globe. We provide highly experienced Online IB Tutors in Bangladesh.

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    ib tutors in bangladesh

    IB Tutors in Bangladesh

    Education has the power that can change the world, and it is only possible when we get the exact knowledge. Since education is an essential part of our lives that makes us a good person in every aspect, it enhances our thinking, makes us more confident and gives us more strength to fight for ourselves. Moreover, it provides a broad part to think about the world and for the society. 

    A tutor or guide changes the life of the student either in a good or a bad aspect. So, choosing the best tutor predict the future of the student.

    The education system in Bangladesh 

    The education system in Bangladesh is divided into three tiers

    • Firstly, Primary level
    • Secondary level
    • Tertiary level

    The primary level includes education for the 1st to 8th standard, and the second level provides education for the 9th to 12th standard. At the tertiary level, higher instructions are included, like professional courses in engineering, medicinal studies, and many more. Education in Bangladesh is compulsory for every citizen till secondary level and free in public schools.

    The military administered the Cadet colleges in Bangladesh, which are important and well known for their discipline.

    IB schools in Bangladesh provide all the features generally situated in Dhaka and Chittagong. In addition, the curriculum in Bangladesh is available in 2 languages English and Bengali. 

    IB Education in Bangladesh

    IB international baccalaureate is a non-profit organization that was founded in Geneva in Switzerland in 1968. It provides educational programs to the students.

    The main feature of IB board is that they emphasized knowledgeable and critical thinkers so that students can build a peaceful and respectful world. 

    This board mainly focuses on “how to learn” rather than focusing on “what to learn” to make students thinking more practical.

    IB provides four educational programs to more than 1.95 million students all over the world.

    IB comprises these programs

    Primary year program (PYP)

    The program is generally proposed for the 3 to 12 years of students. It is focused on building strong based that developed emotional and intelligence quotient. The main feature of this program is that they provide six transdisciplinary subjects that help students think out of the box emotionally and intellectually. We provide the best IB PYP Tutors in Bangladesh who an help you excel in your PYP.

    Middle year program (MYP)

    This program is proposed for 11 to 16 years of students. 

    It has no dependency on theoretical knowledge only. They also try to enhanced student’s ability practically as well. As a result, they do not conduct internal examinations till the middle year program.  It is a 5-year program that prepares students for other IB diploma programs. We provide the best IB MYP Tutors in Bangladesh who an help you excel in your MYP.

    IB Diploma 

    This program is proposed for the 16 to 19 years of students. It  focuses on subjective knowledge that consists of core elements. It comprises six subjects that help students think beyond the world and imparted a huge amount of learning differently. We provide the best IB Diploma Tutors in Bangladesh who an help you excel in your IBDP. We offer following help in IB DP

    1.  Maths IB Tutors in Bangladesh
    2.  Physics IB Tutors in Bangladesh
    3.  Chemistry IB Tutors in Bangladesh
    4.  Biology IB Tuition in Bangladesh
    5.  Economics IB Tutors in Bangladesh
    6.  Business Management IB Tutors in Bangladesh
    7.  Computer Science IB Tutors in Bangladesh etc
    Career program

    It is designed for 16 to 19 years of students. In this program, IB trains students to focus on learning different skills with their subjective knowledge. And these skills make them critical thinkers, confident and independent individuals to overcome their conflicts and make them compatible with thinking about world issues to choose their professional background without any confusion easily. 

    Why do we need IB tutors in Bangladesh?

    In the current strategic planning period, child learning needs a quality of education that contributes to overall development for the country. In Bangladesh, many NGOs, private sectors, and communities have universities ensuring the quality of basic education. So, our tutoring provides a positive change in the lives of children of Bangladesh.

    How do IB Tutors in Bangladesh help students? 

    Peace: –  A tutor can explain the topics easily and in a good way so that it helps them to overcome their stress. Also, tutors help them feel that they are not alone and give them moral support. 

    Speed: – The good tutor can speed up the learning of students. So, that students can learn the topic or subjects in very little time. Therefore, they complete their syllabus before the examination. 

    There are six subjects in the IB due to that, and students will not be able to get focus on their weaker sections. But, on the other hand, IB also has some drawbacks or weak points that our tutors can explain easily and improves their weak areas.

    Result: The main reason students need a tutor is to boost their products and get good marks. But a good tutor has a lot of experience, which helps students to attain a good result. 

    Tutors are well aware about the important topic and tutor imparts extra knowledge as they have spare time. So, students can also have that advantage to learn current affairs and practical knowledge.

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