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IB Elite Tutor offers tutoring classes to IB and IGCSE students. A group of IB school teachers understood the needs of the students and established the IB Elite Tutors organization in 2010. Since then, we have been moving ahead to provide quality education to our students. We offer one–on–one online learning classes all over the world and home tuitions in Delhi and nearby areas.

    IB Chemistry Tutor in Gurgaon

    IB Chemistry Tutor in Gurgaon deals with IB students actively. They teach all the topics with equal interest. We structure our lessons according to our student’s needs. Our tutors are available 24/7, and they know what type of learning is needed to get a score of 7 on the exam. All our IB Chemistry Online Tutors teach in reputed IB schools, and they have better knowledge about the updated syllabus and exam pattern. Our tutors are trained, well-qualified, and certified to teach chemistry. They have been teaching chemistry to IB Diploma students for many years. Our IB Chemistry Tutor in Gurgaon help students improve their grades in IB exams.

    Result oriented ib chemistry tuition classes

    Qualification, Experience, and strategies of Our IB Chemistry Online Tutors in Gurgaon

    Their ultimate goal is to prepare students to perform outstandingly in exams. They start their exam-oriented strategies from the very first lesson of Chemistry. 

    • IB Chemistry tutor connects with their students as soon as we get the contact number.
    • We made a call and fixed the timing for the demo class.
    • Our tutors discuss student’s needs, timing, and other demands of students in demo class.
    • They teach with smart pens and whiteboards, which makes it very easy to understand. 
    • We grab students’ needs in our very first class.

     IBDP Chemistry Syllabus for both SL and HL

    Our IB Chemistry Tutor in Gurgaon teaches two-level courses in IB Chemistry.

    1. IB Chemistry Standard Level (SL)
    2. IB Chemistry Higher Level (HL)

    The syllabus for IB Chemistry is similar to SL and HL. The level of the topics of SL is easier than HL. Here is an outline of the course given.

    Structure A. Models of the particulate nature of matter

    1. Introduction to the particulate nature of matter
    2. The nuclear atom
    3. Electron configurations
    4. Counting particles by mass: The mole
    5. Ideal gases

      Structure B. Models of bonding and structure

    1. The ionic model 
    2. The covalent model
    3. The metallic model
    4. From models to materials

    Structure C. Classification of matter

    1. The periodic table: Classification of elements
    2. Functional groups: Classification of organic 


    Reactivity I. What drives chemical reactions?

    1. Measuring enthalpy change
    2. Energy cycles in reactions
    3. Energy from fuels
    4. Entropy and spontaneity (Additional higher level)

    Reactivity II. How much, how fast, and how far?

    1. How much? The amount of chemical change
    2. How fast? The rate of chemical change
    3. How far? The extent of chemical change

    Reactivity III. What are the mechanisms of chemical change?

    1. Reactivity 1. Proton transfer reactions
    2. Reactivity 2. Electron transfer reactions
    3. Reactivity 3. Electron sharing reactions
    4. Reactivity 4. Electron-pair sharing reactions

      Some Unique features of the IB Chemistry Tuition in Gurgaon 

    1. Interactive Sessions: Our IB Chemistry Tutor in Gurgaon offers an interactive learning environment in their classes. Students ask multiple questions and clear all their doubts about the topic.
    2.  High-quality learning classes: IB tutors provide A-level guidance and support to their students. Students get beautiful results in their exams.
    3. IB Chemistry Tutors are the best mentors : We appreciate our students for their excellent performance and always inspire them to do better in their exams.
    4. Integration of technology: We offer classes that are well-equipped with technology. Our tutors use intelligent screens and share videos and lesson plans on bright screens. Complicated topics become easy due to the Integration of technology.
    5. Assignments, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers: Our tutors give topic-wise assignments and tests to prepare students for exams. We also provide past years’ question papers for practice.
    6. Explanation with real-life examples:  Our IB Chemistry Tutor in Gurgaon engages their students with the topic using real-life examples. We always try to make the subject understandable. 
    7. Monitoring areas of improvement: Our tutors monitor students’ weak areas and work very hard to convert them into strengths. 
    8. Outstanding Result in Exam: All our students perform outstandingly in their exams. Our tutors give full support during exams, and it brings positive outcomes.
    9. Our tutors inspire students to become curious learners: Our tutors are the most significant energy boosters. They motivate students to ask questions and find answers to their doubts.
    How to do Well in the Examination
    • Always believe in hard work. Do all the tasks assigned by your IB Chemistry Tutor in Gurgaon on time?
    • Follow all the suggestions by our IB Chemistry IA Tutor to develop an excellent internal assessment.
    • Study with a positive mindset. Do not feel upset for not understanding something quickly. 
    • Set small goals for the day and motivate yourself after accomplishing your goal.
    • Revise your syllabus regularly and check your progress through your results.
    • Answer your question according to the marks given and the word limit.
    • Try to manage the time limit. Give sufficient time to each answer.
    • Learn all the essential formulas and quotations properly. 
    • Make notes during your online classes and revise thoroughly. 
     How to Enrol for IB Chemistry Tutoring services in Gurgaon

    You can quickly contact us today to get our services. You can call us or WhatsApp us at @9911262206 or fill out the form given at the top and bottom of this page.

    Our IB Chemistry Tutor in Gurgaon are committed to their students. We work very hard to provide the best learning environment. Our previous students are performing well in their careers. If you also want to excel, choose the most suitable classes. Call us now to register for a FREE DEMO.