IGCSE Biology Tutors

IGCSE Biology Tutors. IB Elite Tutor is the right place to join IGCSE Biology Tuition classes with high quality IGCSE Online Biology Tutors selected from top international schools. Learn with the top quality IGCSE Online Tutoring and excel academically. 

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    IGCSE Biology Tutors

    • IB Elite Tutor helps IGCSE learners to understand the biological world. And our IGCSE Biology tutors invoke interest in them for science and scientific developments.
    • The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the essential exam qualification designed for 14 to 16 years, old students.
    • So, it creates a significant impact on their careers and futures.
    IGCSE Biology Tutors

    How to Learn IGCSE Biology with Our IGCSE Biology Tutors?

    Effective planning and efficient strategies help you to ace IGCSE Biology. So, be consistent with your studies and concentrate on:

    The syllabus

    • Get aware of what is going to come in the examination?
    • Acquire stronghold on the IGCSE Biology syllabus.
    • Learn the concepts which are the most important for the exam.
    • Access the whole syllabus from the official Cambridge website.
    • When you get to know the whole syllabus, start collecting the study material.

    Major key concepts of IGCSE Biology & Past PapersDiscussed During IGCSE Biology Tuition Classes

    • High marker questions come from the chapters: animal nutrition, plant nutrition, enzymes, transport, and drugs.
    • Learn important vital concepts with the help of making notes discuss them with your peers and teachers.
    • Find valuable online and offline resources to get as much knowledge as possible.
    • Make a schedule to cover each crucial key topic one by one.
    • First, understand the exam format, then start scheduling questions according to the marking scheme.
    • Start solving questions that are frequently occurred over past years.
    • Pen down all the mistakes and improve yourself.
    • Before preparing for the exam, don’t forget to read the examiner’s report and specimen papers thoroughly.

    All the Terminologies or Command Terms & Assessment Objectives 1,2 and 3

    • Define, state, describe, outline, discuss, deduce, predict, suggest, find, calculate, measure, determine, estimate, and sketch each component effectively.
    • All the glossary terms have specific meanings. So, you have to write the answer according to the context.
    • AO1 has 50% weightage. So, you have to grasp knowledge with proper understanding.
    • AO2 has 30% weightage. S,o you have to handle information and gain problem-solving skills.
    • AO3 has 20% weightage. So, you have to enhance your experimental and investigational skills.
    • It contains all the basic definitions and standard terms.
    • List all the essential topics that will come in the IGCSE Biology examination.

    Guidance By IGCSE Online Biology Tutors to Write the IGCSE Biology exam?

    IGCSE Biology has a core and extended curriculum. And consists of 3 papers with the combination of papers 1 and 3, papers 2 and 4. Also, have a choice for you on paper 5 or paper 6. So, make sure to write your exam paper appropriately according to the examiner’s mindset.

    • Read examination guidelines and all general tips before writing the paper.
    • Don’t waste too much time on paper 1 because it contains only multiple-choice questions. 
    • The theory paper is totally-based on your writing skills. So, write it clearly and concisely.
    • Don’t put irrelevant points in your answer.
    • Make sure you know what you are writing and explain according to the marking scheme.
    • First, understand all biological terms and then write answer means meiosis or mitosis, affect or effect, etc.
    • Try to make short sentences. As a reason, examiner easily understand what you want to say?
    • Write accurate statements or definitions that question asked.
    • Write answers according to the command terms.
    • Properly show the working of any diagram or calculation. And label it.
    • Write down all the steps or stages of a process. For instance, reproduction of an embryo, life cycles of many animals, respiration, circulatory system, and many more.

    A Few More Suggestions

    • Carefully read the question and get to know what is question is really about?
    • First, underline the keywords from the different parts of the question, then write it accordingly.
    • If the answer is for a graph, plot all the points, axes, units correctly.
    • Write all the merits and demerits when you have to compare two things. And use tables for writing this type of answer.
    • Connect all the biological facts precisely.
    • Use a sharp pencil for making diagrams, graphs, and apparatus.
    • For practical papers 5 or 6. You must write laboratory equipment, methods, observations, results, and conclusions.
    • Make sure you follow all the guidelines before writing your experiment.
    • Write the conclusion that you observed while experimenting. Put originality in your observations. 

    How to Maximize Your Benefit With Our IGCSE Biology Tutoring?

    It might be tough to understand each component of IGCSE Biology itself. And you feel nervous and stressed when you see the syllabus you have to prepare. So, it is easy to have someone that encourages or supports you in your studies (except parents). And undoubtedly, getting help from a knowledgeable and experienced person is worthful. 

    These are the privileges you get from IGCSE Biology tutoring:

    • Easily recognize the biological facts and figures.
    • An online learning platform helps you gain a deep understanding of any topic.
    • Get homework support.
    • Learn from the IGCSE Biology professionals.
    • Improve your grades with fun learning.
    • Personalized and interactive learning approach.
    • Helpful learning resources: summary notes, solved past year papers, recorded videos, and images.
    • Solve your query via WhatsApp, e-mails, and video chat.
    • Get the latest content and knowledge.
    • Effective lesson plans that help you to understand each component.
    • Comprehensive and detailed concept teaching.
    • Explore fundamental biological principles, facts, and processes.

    How Does Uur Team Work Differently from Others?

    Our faculty is made up of tutors from various fields of biology. And proficient in their respective fields as well. Moreover, 

    • Tutors support you to do your assignments and homework in time.
    • Get the best results from individual approach personalized learning.
    • Boost your confidence, potential, and morale.
    • Realistic and genuine teaching aids.
    • Fun-loving and empathetic team.
    • Help students in each phase during their studies.
    • Understand the interconnections with the help of well-trained tutors.
    • You can quickly get mastery of all core concepts of IGCSE Biology.
    • Unlock the child’s hidden potential.

    A Few Final Words

    IB Elite Tutor has designed its tutoring such that every child gets a self-study approach. And want that our learners become independent and self-reliant. Also, make sure that they achieve their specific goals. And as a matter of fact, IGCSE Biology needs a lot of memorization and logical understanding. So, we to cater the needs of our students according to that. And ensure that they acquire an A* in IGCSE Biology.

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