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IB Physics Tuition To excel in IB Physics HL & SL. IB Elite Tutor is the pioneer in offering IB Physics Tutors, IB Physics HL Tutors, IB Physics SL Tutors, IB Online Physics Tutors, IB Online Physics Tuition, etc in different regions and Online IB Tutors in almost all countries of the world.

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    IB Physics Tuition Online

    In our IB Physics Tuition classes, We make our students familiar with the examination patters at first. Like any other subject in IB, Physics assessment also has two components. 

    1. Internal assessment (IA)– 20 % of the final weight  

    b) External assessment – 80 % of the final weight

    External assessment has three examinations, Paper 1, Paper 2 & Paper 3.

    Paper 1– IB Physics paper 1 has a total of 20 % weight of final grades, and this should take 45 minutes to finish. In IB Physics HL paper one, there are 40 multiple choice questions, while there are only 30 such questions in Physics SL paper 1. Though these are MCQ questions, at least half of them are difficult & involve more than one step to solve. You cannot use GDC in IB Physics Paper One, but you can use the data booklet. Paper 1 is usually tricky, but you can still get good marks because grade boundaries are typically low.

    Paper 2– IB Physics paper 2 has 40 % of the total weight. It has a mix of long and short-answer-type questions. This paper is also a difficult one. But you can use the GDC calculator and a data booklet in paper 2 for both HL & SL. Mechanics, Waves, Electromagnetism, Quantum, and Nuclear Physics are essential topics for paper 2 for both HL & SL. Our IB Physics Tutor advise students to focus more on second paper.

    Paper 3– IB Physics paper 3 is comparatively more straightforward than the other two papers. It has a 20 % weight on the final examination for both HL & SL. The duration is one hour for SL & one hr 15 mins for HL. Students can use the data booklet & GDC in this paper. Below is the breakdown for IB Physics paper 3.

    ib physics tuition

    Let us have a look at this table

    Levels in IB PhysicsTwo levels HL and SL
    Number of papersEach level has two Physics Papers, Paper 1 and 2 from May 2021 exams
    Weight of paper 1It is 20% for both SL and HL 
    Weight of paper 2It is 40% for both SL and HL 
    Paper 3 WeightIt is 20% for both SL and HL 
    Physics IAIt has 20% weight for both HL & SL
    Books that we use for IB Physics Haese & Haris, Cambridge Publication, Pearson Publications, and Oxford Publications Book
    Curriculum we followBy International Baccalaureate

    Home & Online IB Physics Tutor 

    IB Physics Tuition has an important role to play. Because Physics is not an easy subject, in fact, it is a very challenging and exacting subject. You can’t do this subject just by cramming but you have to understand the concepts very clearly. Here some tips for the preparation of physics are given. If you follow these tips, definitely you will achieve the desired results. IB Elite Tutor is perhaps the only service provider that offers Dedicated tutoring for IB students only. Here you have a few reasons why you should choose us.

    • We only work with tutors who are working or have worked with some top IB world schools.
    • All our IB Physics Tutors are seasoned professionals who are highly qualified, trained, and experienced.
    • They feel pride in helping their students and solving their problems.
    • IB Physics Tuition providers are flexible enough to customize their services and teaching methodologies according to the needs of their students.

    Notable Features of our IB Physics Tutors

    • Our IB physics Tuition Providers Have enough IB working experience. Therefore they know how to help the students according to the requirements of IB Boards. We can train students to write their answers in such a way that they get maximum benefits in terms of grades. IB Physics Tuition providers Don’t mark only important topics in your syllabus, because to get the best score you have to cover all the topics positively. Before you start your physics syllabus take proper guidance from your IB Physics Tuition providers. 
    • Our Home & Online IB Physics Tuition providers make all the good use of advanced technology to explain their students in the best possible way. We use animations, Images, Youtube videos, PDF files and PowerPoint presentations to explain difficult IB Physics HL SL topics easily to their students. This makes  Home & Online IB Physics Tutors classes easy, interactive, and highly useful.
    • We have a dedicated content development team that is constantly working to make things easy and understandable for the students. With their support, our Home & Online IB Physics Tuition providers are able to provide their students with the note for every Chapter. These notes with tips and tricks shared by our IB Physics Tutors help students a lot to excel in their studies.

    A Few More Fetures of our Services

    • Therefore, we provide our students with soft copies of many books like Haese & Haris Book, Cambridge Publication Book, Pearson Publications Book, Oxford Publications Book, etc. We also offer detailed solutions for past papers because it’s really difficult to understand the IB Marking scheme.
    • It is really important for IB Physics students to complete their syllabus in time and long before the exams. This will give them enough time to revise the syllabus properly. A student can not expect a 7 grade without revising everything before the exams. Our Home & Online IB Physics Tuition providers talk Chapter-End test at the end of every Chapter, Unit-Test after finishing a followed by Half syllabus test two times in a year.
    • Our Home & Online IB Physics Tuition providers believe that doing your homework properly and regularly is the key to get a 7 in IB Physics HL & SL. Considering the importance of this task, Our IB Physics Tuition provides regular feedback about homework. If there is any problem with the students’ side, we request the parents to intervene and help.

    IB TOK, Extended Essay, and Internal Assessment Services

    All our tutors are capable of handling students’ IB Internal Assessments. So students do not need to worry and rush for a new tutor when their submission headline is near. This provides them a lot of comfort and saves a lot of money and time. We also provide the best tutors for Theory of knowledge Presentations (TOK Presentations).

    A few tips On How to score well in your IB Physics

    Here are a few tips by our tutors to excel in your IB Physics.

    It is very essential to attentively read through the textbooks to develop an understanding of the concepts of physics. Only reading and memorization are not sufficient. It will never take you to success.  So always try to understand the topics conceptually.

    Tactful Time Management:

    Time management is easy to write on papers but very hard to follow in our life. Everyone has 24 hours but the thing which can make a student different from others is the ability to use their time effectively. So, it is very important to manage your time in an intelligent way. Always decide a time slot to study a particular topic like numerical practice, reasoning, equations, principles, etc., and try your best to complete that topic at that time.

    Solve the Previous Year IB Physics Papers:

    Always after completing your syllabus, try to solve previous year papers at least for the last 5 years. It doesn’t matter if the syllabus is changed in between, you can skip those questions. This will be more effective if you solve the papers in a given time. It will help you to check your knowledge level and you can understand better where you are lagging.

    Do more practice and Practice in groups

    IB Physics both HL and SL is a very difficult, conceptual, and principle-based subject. It needs a lot of practice. Try to solve more questions from your books. It is not always possible to study this subject alone. Discuss topics with your classmates. Sometimes group studies can help you to save time and practice more questions because you can take help from friends at the same time. If you discuss a topic with your friends or you explain it to them, that means you are also revising it for yourself.

    Self Assessment and organize your notes file:

    Attend the lectures carefully and regularly attend all the classes. If you will miss one lecture then the next lecture will not make any sense for you. Note down all important points in class and then at home make explanatory notes. It will enhance your understanding.

    Some Frequently asked questions about IB Physics HL- SL
    Why choose IB physics?

    IB Physics is a crucial subject in the IB Diploma Program group 4. It is also amongst the most popular IB DP subjects. Students can choose either IB Physics HL or SL. Depending upon their interests and career goals. IB Physics is an integral choice for students pursuing careers in medicine & engineering. This statement can clear the importance of this subject beyond any doubts.

    Is IB Physics difficult?

    Many students consider IB physics a complicated & challenging subject. 
    But, in our IB Physics Tutors’ opinion, it depends. It depends upon your interests and devotion towards subjects. It mainly requires the following skills to master IB Physics. Students must understand mathematical concepts like Differentiation, Integration, Binomial distribution, Trigonometry, and logarithms. These mathematical tools are very frequently used in the IB Physics syllabus.

    You must use an analytical approach to apply your knowledge in solving numerical problems. Students must be able to use their conceptual knowledge in doing experiments and use experimental data. Usually, exam-style questions are far more complex than average textbook questions. Therefore, a lot of past paper practice is required. 

    What is the pass rate for the IB physics exam?

    Well, this number may be different every year. In 2021, 94 % of HL students & 93 % of SL students passed the IB Physics examination. 25 % of HL students and 15 % of SL students got a 7 in IB Physics.

    How can I study IB physics efficiently and get a 7?

    Here are some suggestions by our IB Physics Tutors that can help you to get a 7 in IB Physics HL- SL. 
    Focus more on Paper 2. Its weight is almost equal to the combined weight of Paper 1 and Paper 3
    Understand your teachers and Ask more productive questions. This will help you to understand concepts well
    Make an effective study plan & utilize your time wisely 
    Take your school tests seriously. This will help you to revise effectively. 
    Solve every past paper available.
    Write as many mocks as possible. Solve each question paper in the required time only. 

    Does IB Physics use calculus?

    No. You are not supposed to study entire calculus to perform well in IB physics. But many IB Physics topics need a working knowledge of Calculus. So, you must understand the fundamentals of Differentiation & integration.

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