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    IB Maths Tutor in Singapore

    IB Elite Tutor has been helping students by providing IB & IGCSE Online Tuition classes. We have been offering the following services one on one online:-

    1. IB MYP Maths Tutors in Singapore 
    2. IB Maths AA HL Tutors in Singapore
    3. HL IB Maths AA Tutors in Singapore
    4. IB Maths AI SL Tutors Singapore
    5. IB Maths AI HL Tutors in Singapore

    IB Maths Higher Level Vs Standard Level

    ib maths tuition in singapore

    Maths HL is designed mainly for students who have a deep interest in the subject or are planning to study Maths, Physics, IT, or engineering as a major at the university level. IB Maths HL has a total of 240 hrs of teaching time, including 190 hours for core content, 40 hours of optional content & 10 hours for portfolios. In our Online IB Maths Tutor in Singapore, teaching a higher level Maths student is comparatively easy because they are already inclined towards the subject. There are three papers in the IB Maths HL course-

    • IB Maths Paper one has a total period of 2 hrs and carries 30% of the total weight. Students can use a calculator for this exam.
    •  IB Maths Paper Two is 1.5 hours long and carries 40% of the total weight. Students can’t use a calculator for this exam.
    •  Paper three for IB Maths HL has two compulsory extended response questions. It is one hour long, and a calculator is allowed.

    You can drop maths as a subject but it will always be with you as a tool

    That’s why IB has designed Maths Standard Level courses. There are 150 hours of teaching time in IB Maths SL, 140 hours for core content & 10 hours for portfolio. SL course has only two question papers:-

    • IB Maths Paper one has a total period of 2 hrs and carries 30% of the total weight. Students can use a calculator for this exam. 
    • IB Maths Paper Two is 1.5 hours long and carries 40% of the total weight. Students can’t use a calculator for this exam.

    We have designed our IB Maths Tutor in Singapore to correctly handle the needs of both HL & SL students.

    IB Maths Analysis and Approaches vs Applications and Interpretation

    IBO changed the IB Diploma Maths syllabus in 2019 and presented two branches of mathematical studies. 

    • IB Mathematics AA (Analysis and Approaches)
    • IB Mathematics AI (Applications and Interpretation)

    IBO offers these courses at both HL & SL levels & they share the same syllabus. However, the approach to studying these two courses is entirely different. IB Maths AA focuses more on complex concepts, while AI makes you solve more real-life problems. Both the courses have the same number of teaching hours, 150 for sl / 240 for hl, same question paper pattern, two for sl / three papers for sl. The configuration of paper two & paper three is the same for both courses, but there is a slight difference in paper one. Paper one for Maths AI has only short questions, and paper one for AA has two sections.

    • IB Maths AA HL & SL Section A for short questions
    • IB Maths AA HL & SL Section B for extended response questions

    Though the syllabus for both courses is the same, there is a difference in the question papers. Maths AA focuses more on Calculus, Geometry, Algebra, & trigonometry, while Maths AI has more questions from statistics, probability & Functions. Our highly experienced IB Maths Tutor in Singapore prepare all content for their students considering the abovementioned facts.

     IB Extended Essay & IB IA Help

    IB Mathematics IA (internal assessment) is integral to all four IB Maths courses, whether AA or AI, HL or SL. You need to select a topic for your internal assessment with the help of your school teachers and then prepare an IA on this topic. Our Online IB Maths Tutor in Singapore are ready to offer all types of IB IA help. Here are some key benefits that we provide to our students-:

    • We guide our students in identifying the most vital mathematics topics so they can choose an IA RQ for those topics.
    • We guide you in researching the relevant data for your IB internal assessment. Several websites and resources are available online. Our IB IA Tutors share all this knowledge with their students.
    • Once you have researched and collected the required date, processing begins. We guide you and suggest tools for processing this data and obtaining results.
    • An IB Maths IA has the following assessment parameters. A) Personal Engagement (3 marks) B) Mathematical Communication (4 marks) C) Reflection (3 marks) D) Use of Mathematics (6 marks) E) Presentation (4 marks). We train our students on every criterion and ensure they get a 7 in their IB Maths IA.
    IB Maths Extend Essays

    Many science stream students opt for Maths to write Extended Essays, as it is marked scoring and comparatively more accessible than other subjects. When it comes to Mathematics, it is a little tricky as field study is optional, making it more challenging than others. All the write-ups are based on numerous readings and external knowledge from other sources. This sometimes makes it difficult and thus needs support to complete the task correctly. IB Elite Tutor is an educational institute that helps students throw back their weight.  IB Maths Online Tutor in Singapore has a lot of teaching experience. And have played a vital role in changing ordinary students into extraordinary ones.

    Special Features of IB Maths Tuition

    Choosing IB Maths Tutoring in Singapore will always satisfy students and parents who look forward to the betterment of their children. Many things keep IB Maths Tutor in Singapore apart from others, making it more significant. Here are a few salient features of our services-

    • Punctuality & regularity in services
    •  Syllabus completion on time
    •  Comprehensive revision of the whole syllabus
    •  Unit tests, chapter-end tests, and full syllabus tests
    •  Parent engagement and timely feedback
    •  Assignments, worksheets, and revision videos on difficult topics
    •  Problem-solving from different books like Haese & Harris, Oxford, Cambridge, Pearson, etc
    • Past Year paper solving and Mock tests