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IB Maths Tuition in Singapore. IB Elite Tutor is the only academy that provides “Dedicated Tutoring for IB Students” only.  Our tutors “develop a passion for learning” in their students.

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    Why need IB Maths Tuition in Singapore

    International Baccalaureate, an international educational foundation which is situated in Geneva, Switzerland. It was established in 1968. The motive of forming the International Baccalaureate was to render quality education for the coming generation. Thus serving all these years International Baccalaureate still stands out of the crowd for its incredible assistance and continues to do so.  IB program is mostly based on practical and Application hence making it more intriguing. IB examination is not based on how many grades students score rather they only analyze the knowledge that a student gains. This is why there are no exams until the Middle Year Programme.

    Important things about IB Mathematics

    The best part of IB is that it doesn’t follow a dictated textbooks, Students have all the freedom to choose their own books or subjects.  Though IB  Fits very much according to students’ needs sometimes IB curriculum is more challenging than any other board, here challenging in terms of submission of quality Assignments. Hence Extended Essay is one such research paper that students are required to submit. The research paper has to be in 4000 words, It gives an opportunity for students to conduct research and helps to learn thesis preparation and research in the future.  The extended essay is one of the compulsory fields of International Baccalaureate, However, in extended essay students are not required to write for all subjects. It is only concentrated on one subject. There are many subjects mostly students prepare EE,  still, IB Maths is one of the most selected subjects.

     I.A & E.E Help by IB Maths Tuition in Singapore

    Many science stream student opts Maths to write Extended Essay, as it is marked scoring and comparatively easy than other subjects. When it comes to Mathematics subject things are a little tricky as field study is not that much required which even makes it more challenging than others. All the write-ups are based on numerous reading and external knowledge from other sources. This sometimes makes difficult and thus needs support to complete the task properly.

    IB Maths Tuition in Singapore is an educational institute that helps the students to throw back their weight behind.  IB Maths Tuition in Singapore possesses a long experience in the field of teaching. And have played a vital role in changing the ordinary students to extraordinary. IB Maths Tuition in Singapore uses unique ways and studies to help their students for preparing the research work. IB Maths Tutors always aims to continue the essence of learning without making it boring for students.

    Why Choose us 

    Choosing IB Maths Tuition in Singapore will never be a disappointment for students as well as the parents who look forward to the betterment of their child.  There are many things that keep IB Maths Tuition in Singapore stand apart from others, consequently makes it greater.


    Nowadays tuitions are very common, if you look out, we will find many educational institutes providing tuition services . Especially for tuitions are very important, we can simply say tuitions are as important as salt in our households. something which can’t be ignored. When it comes to an international board like IB is indispensable. IB Maths Tuition in Singapore helps the students in various ways to prepare a noteworthy research paper. They also provide early research papers to give an aerial view about extended essay, this assists the students to write a 4000-word essay. Studying from IB Maths Tuition in Singapore will be a remarkable experience for the students as they use the latest technologies to assist and follow a defined teaching pattern without any settlement.


    IB Maths Tuition in Singapore is one of the best platforms to start your essay classes. They help the students to brush up the writing skills through various techniques. there is something call IB terminology, which most of the students are not aware of, here IB plays a vital role.  IB Maths Tuition in Singapore assists the students with IB TOK terminology, thus making it easy for students to prepare the research work even for their future. IB Maths Tuition in Singapore


    This something very important to know as whenever we even buy an apple we should know what benefits it includes. So when it comes to our future we have to be more cautious than anything else. There are several things that IB Maths Tuition in Singapore includes. Such as they assist the students to develop a research question according to the updated guidelines issued by International Baccalaureate. Secondly, they also help the students to form a cover page, table of content, An introduction, A main body, conclusion, bibliography, and lastly reflection session which is the most important part of the whole research. Reflection part simply means a description of the research in three stages ( beginning, middle, and end ). For this IB Mathematics Tutors provide a set of materials and extended essay guide.


    As an IB student, there is no escape from the extended essay and TOK. Because it is a mandatory field in IB. Students go through many dilemmas while doing research, after all, research is something which always wraps our head around. Hence we should cure it, IB Maths Tutors pitch in the students in all aspects. Here IB Maths Tuition in Singapore portrays an important role. IB experienced tutors discuss various topics related to the particular subject from the beginning. The collaborative task has always been rewarding, keeping this in mind IB Maths Tuition focuses on self-paced learning. consequently helps the students to develop their critical analysis skills.

    Special Features of IB Maths Tuition

    here are a few salient features of our services-

    • Punctuality & regularity in services
    • Syllabus completion on time
    • Comprehensive revision of whole syllabus
    • Unit tests, chapter-end tests, and full syllabus tests
    • Parent engagement and timely feedback
    • Assignments, worksheets and revision videos on difficult topics
    • Problem-solving from different books like Haese & Harris, Oxford, Cambridge, and Pearson, etc
    • Past Year paper solving and Mock tests

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