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    Advanced Placement is a trendy examination amongst IB students worldwide. United States college board takes these tests every year in May. High School students willing to be admitted to US colleges in the coming future write this exam. Most colleges in the USA give credit to students for their scores in Advanced Placement Tests. There are 38 AP subject exams, but we mainly handle the following subjects-: AP Calculus Tutors, AP Biology, AP Chemistry Tutors, AP English, APES, AP Economics (Micro & Macro), AP Physics, AP Spanish, etc. These tests are scored on a scale of 1 to 5. For almost all colleges, the Minimum criterion is a score of 4. You can join our AP preparation course and easily make your way to top colleges.

    Advanced Placement or AP provide High School students an opportunity to score well in the test and earn credit for their college admissions. It also allow students to give themselves an exposure of high grade college level study matrial. Thus they can benefit themselves in both ways.

    In total, there exists 38 different tests for Advanced Placements. All are a bit different from each other. But majority of AP exams offer a combination of Multiple choice questions, short questions and long questions. Every test has a different diffficulty level.
    Here are a few tests that are considered easy-

    • AP US Government and Politics.
    • AP Environmental Science.
    • AP Human Geography.
    • AP Human Geography.
    • AP Comparative Government and Politics.
    • AP Psychology.

    There are different tests targeting different group of students. Some students sit for the test after grade 10 while majority of them write it after their  11th or 12th. Age limit for the test is 21 years. Its maily a test that helps students to secure a seat in a US or Canadian college. 

    Advanced Placement tests are scored out of a maximum of 5. Passing score is 3. Average AP score in 2019 was only 2.9. Usually AP students sit from 3 to 5 tests. But it totally depends upon the course you are ghunting for. 

    Yes, It's true. Advanced Placement Chemistry is a very difficult course to study. It covers a vast syllabus and has a topic with a significant difficulty level. Many students write the AP Chemistry exam, but only a few can finish.

    AP Biology Tutors

                      AP Biology Tutor

    AP Biology tutors are one of the prominent supporters of the students. However, they work as the backbone for the students. Therefore, the demand for AP Biology tutor is rising day by day. They are the companion of the students by creating a friendly environment.

    What are AP courses in which AP Biology Tutor help

    • AP exam was introduced for students in high schools. The primary purpose of designing Advance Placement was to train the students with several skills. 
    • Therefore, it will be beneficial for their further studies. However, it gives you a great way to challenge yourself. 
    • Also, show the universities that you are serious about your further education. 
    • AP exams and courses can strengthen your college application. Although it represents that you are eligible for admission to the universities.
    • Some other top universities give AP credits to help you graduate early.

    Let’s understand the course?

    Biology is the fundamental natural science that covers the makeup of living organisms and the basics of life. Whereas, Evolution, Taxonomy, and ecology are some of the principles that students get worried about.

    The syllabus of AP biology contains :

    • Chemistry of life
    • Cell structure and functions 
    • Cellular energetic
    • Cell communication 
    • Cell cycle
    • Heredity
    • Gene expression
    • Gene regulation
    • Natural selection
    • Ecology

    How is the exam conducted

    AP Biology is an introductory course for creating a successful career in medicine and biotechnology. Scoring 4 to 5 grades in AP Biology can help students get admission to the top universities. The question pattern is designed so that they learn advanced levels of the subject.
    The AP Biology exam is of 3 hours long. AP Biology is divided into two sections, each containing 50% weightage of the total marks. The first section is of multiple-choice questions with a time duration of 90 minutes. At the same time, the second section is a free response paper with 10 minutes reading session.

    How do AP Biology Tutor help?

    • AP Biology tutor help students to conquer the most typical and complex concepts.
    • Provide one-to-one tutoring support to the students.
    • Tutors can give sessions on a flexible schedule.
    • They work on your abilities and interests.
    • AP Biology Tuition allows students to learn in their style and speed.
    • They give the pace according to your comfort of learning. 
    • We provide the best knowledge at the most affordable and cheaper price.
    Some more features of our service
    • They conduct weekly test series to make them well-prepared for the examinations.
    • Provide support materials, notes, and worksheets.
    • Guide them to learn things intellectually by clearing their concepts.
    • Provide challenging assignments to enhance the interest in learning new concepts.
    • Our AP Biology Tutor don’t provide easy tricks and tips to boost their grades but build them to master biology and excel academically.
    • Conduct special sessions on answer writing skills that how to elaborate the concepts.
    • They work on the weaker sections of the students.
    • Focus on building different skills in the aspect of aspiring knowledge.
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