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    IGCSE English Tutors

    • IB Elite Tutor discovers your true potential with the help of an interactive online learning platform. And proffer well-trained IGCSE English tutors that enhance your vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.
    • The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) has a unique curriculum that consists of a wide range of subjects.
    • And have grade threshold tables for grading students from A* to G. Also, it has good results statistics.
    IGCSE English Tutors

    Let’s Dicuss IGCSE English with Our IGCSE Online English Tutors

    Cambridge IGCSE first language English is a curriculum designed for individuals whose first language is English. And it develops to:

    1. Communicate accurately, clearly, and efficiently while speaking, writing, and reading.
    2. Use different words to improve your vocabulary.
    3. Correct your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
    4. Encourage and make aware every individual.
    5. General analysis and communication skills.
    6. Make genuine reviews and arguments.

    How to learn IGCSE English with Our IGCSE English Tuition?

    If you want to ace IGCSE English, then fulfill all its requirements. It means doing the thorough practice of each component of the IGCSE English curriculum. And improve your writing, speaking, listening, and understanding skills. And,

    • Read news articles, novels, and magazines and listen to interviews and speeches. It helps to improve your reading and listening skills.
    • Focus on your vocabulary to expand as much as possible. Don’t depend only on school curriculum or tutoring. Free yourself to learn new words and phrases.
    • Practice a bunch of past papers to write well-organized answers.
    • Read as much as you can to improve your writing style. And also, practice various writing styles that help you to be unique.
    • Keep looking at those words that you don’t know the meaning of. It helps you to enhance your vocabulary.
    • Write summaries, stories, essays, extracts, dialogues, and letters. And be consistent in writing these. 
    • Don’t forget to read the examiner’s report. It is very crucial in the IGCSE curriculum. And it helps to understand the examiner’s mindset.
    • Get stronghold on grammar tenses, articles, punctuations, and many more.
    • Spark your creativity with the help of similes, metaphors, idioms, personification, etc.
    • Must watch “Mr. Salles Teaches English” YouTube channel. It helps IGCSE learners to get mastery of IGCSE English.
    • Use the thesaurus tool. It is helpful to learn new words.
    • A study from multiple resources.

    The syllabus You have to cover:

    Reading (written paper of 2 hours and 80 marks)

    Demonstrate understanding and specific purposes. Furthermore, structure ideas and opportunities. 

    • Comprehension and summary task
    • Short-answer questions and language-task

    Directed writing and composition (written paper of 2 hours and 80 marks)

    Articulate experience and express thoughts. Moreover, make use of accurate spelling and grammar.

    • Directed writing
    • Composition

    Coursework portfolio (written assignments of 80 marks)

    Focus on general issues, facts, opinions, and arguments. Also, write specific ideas and proposals.

    • Discuss, argue and persuade response : Assignment 1
    • Describe: Assignment 2
    • Narrate: Assignment 3

    Our IGCSE English Tutoring Guides on how to write the IGCSE English exam?

    • Make your way of writing answers. And make sure to put originality in them.
    • It is essential how easily you express your ideas? So, make it easy as well as sensational.
    • State points that easily convince your examiner. For instance, if a question asked you to describe someone’s appearance, but all features in your answer.
    • Reread the text and eliminate illogical terms or phrases.
    • Stay focused on what your examiner wants from you?
    • When you don’t know an answer, then don’t panic. Focus on the questions that you can answer very well. And then come to that answer.
    • Use different words that have the same meaning. For instance, instead of using important, you can also use integral, paramount, or essential. It creates a great impact on your examiner.

    For the First Language English

    • Reflect on your tone, vocabulary, and grammar.
    • Write all pros and cons if you have to give a comparison.
    • Organize your points according to the answer.
    • Write an argument and counterargument to explain your points.
    • First, write an effective introductory part, then mention your opinions. After that, complete your answer with a convincing conclusion.
    • Make connections with different viewpoints or opinions.
    • Keep your word limit according to the question.
    • Don’t repeat sentences, and correct your mistakes by proofreading.

    For Second Language English

    • First, read the question, then underline all the keywords.
    • Write the answer in chronological order.
    • Express your opinions with true statements.
    • Make short paragraphs. And write to focus on who, what, where, when, why, and how.
    • Be your tone formal and straightforward. Also, don’t put irrelevant points.
    • If you want to nail your IGCSE English exam, then be fluent.

    How to Maximize your Benefit with Us?

    The main advantage of IGCSE English tutoring is that you can be proficient in literature and language. And you can practice each component thoroughly. On the other hand, IGCSE English tutoring:

    • Deepen your English understanding and stimulates your growth.
    • Nurture your competency and engrave open-mindedness.
    • One-on-one tutoring or individual support helps you to develop independent learning.
    • Well-designed and up-to-date curriculum using lesson space.
    • Provide worksheets to improve your grammar and vocabulary.
    • Give aid to tackle any challenge or hurdle.
    • Help you to improve your career opportunities.
    • Build your academic skills and prepare you for the IGCSE English examination.
    • Help students read, evaluate, and interpret texts.
    • Schedule your time according to your flexibility.
    • Provide lesson plans, handbooks, sample papers, and question booklets.

    How are our IGCSE English tutors different from others?

    Our IGCSE English tutors are from renowned universities. And our IGCSE English Tutors are:

    • Funny and informative.
    • Empathetic and supportive.
    • Subject matter experts.
    • Gauge your performance and focus on areas that need improvement.
    • Have excellence in the English language.
    • Well-experienced and well-versed with the IGCSE curriculum.

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    1. IB Elite Tutor aims to promote independent learning. And make sure that every individual easily aces the IGCSE English exam.
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    3. Our IGCSE English Tutors proffers valuable IGCSE English tutors according to your convenience. We endow online tutoring that helps you to get mastery in a subject without any hindrance.
    4. Our intensive classes and immense tutoring help you to score well in the IGCSE examination. 
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