Top Quality IB Tutors in Japan

IB Tutors in Japan help you score a perfect 7. IB Elite Tutors is a well-known place for getting IB Tuition in Japan. We provide Online IB Tutors in Tokyo, IB Tutors in Kyoto, IB Tutors in Osaka, etc. We have been serving and providing tutors for all IB groups and subjects for more than a decade. 

    IB Tutors in Japan

    We serve students from all top IB schools in Japan and have a large number of teachers working there. Here is a list of a few of them.

    • Canadian IB School, Tokyo
    • India International School in Japan
    • Yokohama International School
    • Willowbrook International School
    • Hiroshima International Schools
    • Canadian Academy, etc.

    IB Tutors in Japan From Top IB Schools

    Our IB Tutors in Japan are virtuous. They help students get the desired grades on the examination. IB tutors play an essential role in those who want to do deep learning. They focus on analytical and practical knowledge rather than only theoretical knowledge. IB Tuition in Japan builds a healthy relationship with the students to develop their confidence. IB tutors also deliver the best services in their comfort zone. Our IB Tutors in Japan have insightful knowledge of their subjects and are well-experienced and well-trained to fulfill the requirements.

    IB Maths HL and SL Tutors in Japan

    This Maths is further divided into four parts:

    • IB Maths AI HL & SL
    • IB Maths AA HL & SL

    The IB organization provides IB maths at two levels: HL (high-level) and SL (standard-level). HL IB Maths is more complicated than SL IB Maths, as it contains more practicality. IB maths HL consists of subtopics like Complex numbers, Calculus, Functions and equations, Algebra, vectors, etc. Students have to choose either of them according to their choices and interests. To reduce the stress of IB maths, we have well-educated and experienced students.

    Our IB maths Tutors guide them according to the IB organization. They analyze the students’ capabilities and work according to the requirements.

    IB MYP Tutors in Japan

    IBO proposed this program for students aged 12 to 16. International Baccalaureate introduced this program to enhance students’ practical and analytical knowledge and encourage them to think outside the box. Our IB Tutors in Japan provide online tutoring for all subjects.

    • Arts 
    • Physical and health education 
    • Sciences 
    • Mathematics 
    • Language Acquisition
    • Language and Literature
    • Personal project
    • Individuals and societies 
    • Design 

    All the subjects inclued in IB MYP need a distinctive teaching method. These subjects are rugged and quite vast to cover on your own. Our IB Tutors in Japan have good experience and knowledge. Our tutors use a unique teaching method that enhances the interest in learning the concepts. They lead with practical examples that let them grasp things quickly. They always intend to boost their confidence and knowledge as well.

    Notable Features of Our IB Tutors in Japan

    1. Provide study materials. 
    2. Conduct doubt removal sessions.
    3. Provide short notes for revision.
    4. Conduct online tests after completing any topic.
    5. Syllabus completion on time.
    6. Expert and experienced faculty for HL & SL subjects.
    7. Conduct revision sessions regularly as per schedule.
    8. Past year question paper solving and mock tests.
    9. Interact with the guardians regularly.
    10. Give all the possible facilities.
    11. Have deep knowledge of the respective subjects and curriculum.
    12. Teach the maximum number of IB subjects.
    13. Available 24*7 during examinations.
    14. Flexible tutoring hours.
    15. Provide free demo classes.
    16. Conduct extra sessions for the vulnerable sections.
    17. Use new technologies for the sessions as per the requirements.
    18. It focuses on practical knowledge rather than theoretical subjects.  
    19. Provide recorded sessions for post-learning and revision.
    20. Make it compulsory to solve the worksheets after the completion of every topic.

    Benefits of Online IB Tutoring in Japan

    Online classes are the most popular nowadays. They are popular because students get the best and most possible knowledge at their own pace, among other reasons.

    1. Affordable IB Tutoring: Online classes are inexpensive, and travel costs are reduced.
    2. Comfortable learning:- students can learn the concepts at their own familiar pace.
    3. Convenient classes:- there will be flexible learning hours. You are free to set your tutoring hours as per your convenience.
    4. Better time utilization:- students can utilize their time in a better way through online learning. As they can save the time being wasted in traveling to each tutor.
    5. Less social distraction: One-on-one learning will reduce social distraction. There will be no social interaction with other tutors.
    Requirements for Online Learning
    1. Good internet access.
    2. Skype, hangout, or any Zoom-free account.
    3. Laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.Headphones,
    4. convenient and pleasant environment.
    Use of Technology

    As we all know, the globe is developing daily. Therefore, we have to upgrade our learning methods as per the requirements. Considering all these requirements and advancements, our IB tutors also upgraded their teaching practices.
    They added the use of technology with the syllabus. Our IB Tutors in Japan use PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and visual videos to create interest in the learning. Evolution is necessary for every field to develop students’ capability and understanding. Our IB Tutors also develop students. They progress through different modes. They observe them through test papers, presentations, quizzes, mock tests, viva voice, open-book examinations, and assignments. After the evaluation, the tutors provide grades. This helps them understand the weak points and strengthen them.