How to Get a 7 in IB French?

How to get a 7 in IB French.  If we look at the subjects choosen by IB students, we find French significantly popular.IB Elite Tutor has some really good IB French Tutors availale to help students. Here are some suggestions by our team members to help you get a 7 in IB French HL & SL.

How to Get a 7 in IB French?

In IB French classes, students go from being unable to read, write, say, speak, or listen in the target language to being good at all these skills. IB French vocabulary and grammatical structure are two of the hardest parts of the language that students sometimes need help with. IB French grammar is hard to understand because of all the gender differences, homozygous vs. heterozygous nouns, complicated numerals, hard verb conjugations, etc.

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Every day, there are more and more frameworks to learn. People who don’t speak English as their first language may find that IB French’s vocabulary needs to be clearer than English. The reason is that many English words have French equivalents, but the French pronunciation is very different. Because of this, people who major in this area often have a mixed or partly French accent. So, if you want a 7 in IB French and a perfect score, you need to know how to get a 7.

Correctly Understand the Exam Format to Get a 7 in IB French ?

  • Paper 1:

The 1-hour and 30-minute paper accounts for 25% of your total grade. Based on the fundamental topic, four writing activities are provided.

  • Paper 2:

It is a one-hour and thirty-minute paper worth 25% of the total grade. Answer in 250-400 words to one of the five writing prompts.

  • You need to be able to read and write.
  • After reading the intertextual text, students will do a core-based writing assignment of 300–400 words and an explanation of 100 words.

30% of the total grade is based on the internal assessment.

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Knowing the Marking Criteria can help you to Score well

  • IB Language B courses at SL and HL levels assume previous Knowledge of the language being studied. There is a clear contrast between the two levels, as seen by the required number of classroom hours: 150 for the SL and 240 for the HL.
  • The level of expertise in each skill required for SL and HL is distinct. The requirement to study two literary works in French is an added difficulty at the HL level.
  • If you choose French as your IB language option, you understand the significance of the results. The secret is to work diligently and regularly over two years.
  • As you progress through each topic, our team of Our IB French Tutor and examiners recommends using entertaining materials to help you solidify your Knowledge.
  • This entails postponing going on to the next topic until you feel comfortable with the previous one.

Use following Tactics to Get a 7 in IB French

Students taking the IB French course are encouraged to enhance their listening and speaking abilities, as well as to use less English, so that they can become immersed in a French setting. Learning French for the IB allows students to familiarize themselves with the language and culture of French-speaking countries, which may be useful in their professional lives in the future.

  • Increase your time spent reading:

Reading several French books may enhance your vocabulary and grammar and help you master the language. If you read often and frequently, you will be better able to use and utilize this Knowledge in your writing. You can improve your writing and voice if you read various pieces of literature. To get a 7 on the IB French exam, examiners urge students to use exact language, pay attention to sentence structure, and order their work properly.

  • Continue to try writing practice:

Writing is the most difficult component of IB French. If you already know how to utilize the fundamental French tenses, you should use this time to learn more complex tenses or practice conjugation extensively. Also, using the subjunctive, imperative, and conditional tenses in your writing will help you create strong writing habits.

Determine the most effective methods for speaking fluently:

Before attempting a translation into French, most students studying French first attempt to come up with a response in English or Vietnamese. This modification is time-consuming and weakens linguistic reflexes. It would help if you thus practiced thinking and communicating in French. Possessing a large vocabulary and being a good listener aids in developing speaking abilities. Consider devoting a decent amount of time each day to passive hearing (listening while doing other tasks) and active listening (paying close attention to every word and its pronunciation), as well as enhancing your French vocabulary. You will then be closer to getting a 7 in IB French.

  • Learn to Strive to collect Knowledge.

IB Like any other language, French provides insight into the way of life of its speakers’. As a conditioned linguistic reflex, acquiring new information in school is simple if you spend time absorbing Knowledge spontaneously and efficiently across all four skill sets by, for example, listening to music, watching movies, reading comic books, maintaining a diary in French, etc. Your attempts to study French will appear pointless, and you’ll succeed only if you’re curious about the communication culture of the country whose language you’re trying to master.

What  our IB French Experts Say.

Learning is made simple when one is assisted in every scenario. Also, you want someone who tells you what to do and what not to do. Work on the following helpful tips to get the grade you deserve:

  • Stay hydrated yourself.
  • The act of worrying or overthinking is a waste of time.
  • Continue to make efficient use of your time, and while studying, pay close attention to each lesson.
  • Maintain consistency; attempt to comprehend everything promptly.
  • Take time to revitalize yourself.
  • Numerous pauses are required to comprehend complex IB ideas.
  • Do not engage excessively in needless activities.
  • While asking your teachers questions, avoid utterly unrelated issues and close the generation gap.
  • Be careful to attend every lesson to clear up any confusion.
  • Create both handwritten and digital notes to examine topics.
  • Concentrate on IAs, EEs, and TOKs.
  • Maintain familiarity with the most recent curriculum.
  • Use online educational materials and technology.
  • A stroll around a park or terrace is required to breathe fresh air and calm the mind.
  • Maintain composure and recognize your shortcomings.
  • As much practice with previous exams as feasible.
  • The timely revision and review of ideas.
Essentials of an IB French Tutor to Help You Ace the IA
  • Grammar and Word Skills

It is commonly known that French is the “second language” that students learn the most after English. As a result, students mastered every essential aspect of the target language. IB French teachers devote considerable effort to enhancing students’ grammar and vocabulary. Teachers of IB French also have a variety of charts that have been meticulously compiled and include several French terms and recommendations. They give aid to students in learning and practicing dialogues. As a direct consequence, everything becomes very simple.

  • It cannot be done

Many students believe that it is difficult to learn French. Our IB French Tuition makes things easier for the students. YP classes, private tutors assist and motivate their students. They also keep students engaged and provide them with reasons to be optimistic. They also adhere to a curriculum based on how examinations are constructed and use various strategies that always capture students’ interest.  

  • Care about something and make things.

The objective of our IB French Tutors has always been to provide all students with a quality education, which has never changed. Enthusiasm is one of the most critical factors in providing an outstanding education. This urge is initially present in many students but gradually dissipates with time. Our IB French teachers keep their students engaged and enthusiastic by using various teaching techniques. This allows students to study more and obtain higher scores.

Last Few words

It is an indirect technique to learn a language by listening to audio or seeing videos in that language. Listen to the news music and videos in French and keep an ear out for them. It will assist you in enhancing both your vocabulary and your pronunciation. The suggestions mentioned above will benefit our students.  IB Elite Tutor has a vast team of qualified teachers readily available to offer IB Classes for French.