How to Get a 7 in IB Chemistry 

Here are a few tried and tested tips by our highly experienced IB Chemistry Tutors on How to Get a 7 in IB Chemistry HL and SL. Majority of our tutors are top IB school examiners for CHemistry. 

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Fix a free trial session with our online IB tutors or hire an IB tutor in DelhiAs IB Chemistry Online Tutors, We used to interact with many students. They talk about their interest, their difficulties, and their future study plans. Some of them say they don’t like my subject, Chemistry. Some of them ask why you like to enroll in our IB Chemistry Tuition so much. But We have things pretty much clear in my mind.

If you are in high school, if you need a science class or have a hard time deciding on one? Well, let us tell you why Chemistry is the science class for you!

A fun class with IB School teachers on How to Get a 7 in IB Chemistry 

Why do you ask? Why is it not?! Have you ever made a baking soda volcano? That’s only the best thing ever! You could do several fun things in that class. You could do anything from chemical reactions to coloured fire to burning money! So why not? Does none of that sound like a good time? Besides just being fun, it’s just fascinating. What colour will this mix turn next? Will it dissolve? Will it explode?

Our Tutors teach how to break things down, piece by piece

Chemistry is really like a lot of little bits of information that do one big experiment. There are so many elements. There’s a little bit of math (but nothing too hard!), a little bit of biology, a little bit of chemical reaction, and a little bit of guesswork. Think of it as a puzzle. You get to dissect the puzzle and find all the missing pieces. It’s like solving a mystery in every single class. Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

You get to DO something!

Do you like sitting there being lectured? Many popular high school science classes are lecture-heavy, involving a lot of sitting at your seat, having a teacher talk at you, and taking many notes. Sounds boring right? Not with Chemistry IB tutors! While you do take notes some days, a lot of days are very hands-on and allow you to express yourself in the world of science.

Our team of tutors helps you think in a way you’ve never thought before!

People often think more productively when they’re doing things hands-on. Chemistry is an exciting science in the way that it opens up new worlds. You may discover something you’ve never seen before. You get to use all sorts of fancy equipment such as Bunsen Burners. Plus, Chemistry is constantly changing. Things are different in the world of Chemistry from day today. Who knows, you may discover a future career for yourself!

Need We say more?

Have you ever watched a Sci-Fi movie with hundreds of potions bubbling in a lab? or the popular fantasy movie Harry Potter maybe? Chemistry is the making of potions. Imagine yourself being a potions genius! Just be careful not to get too carried away. You never know what might happen.

Classes with the great teachers from top IB world Schools

Going off the Harry Potter theme, you won’t have a Professor Snape. The teachers and tutors of Chemistry are passionate about what they do and want you to succeed, no matter who you are! If you need extra help, any teacher or tutor will be willing to help you out. Chemistry is for everyone!. Just try to identify common mistakes in IB Chemistry exam writing and try avoid them.

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