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IB Elite Tutor has a prestigious position for providing quality one-on-one tutoring to IB students. Our organisation is a group of IB Chemistry Tutors in Pune who feel pride in helping their students. We founded IB Elite Tutors in May 2010 to offer online One-on-one tuition classes to IB and IGCSE students worldwide. We have offered IB Chemistry Tutor in Pune for over a decade.

    Why should you choose IB Chemistry Tutor in Pune?

    • Our tutors have set a remarkable academic record of excellence. More than 35% of our students score a seven on their exams. We work on students’ weak areas and improve their grades. 
    • IB Chemistry Online Tutors are highly educated. They all have master’s degrees in chemistry and are certified to teach IB chemistry HL and SL. 
    • All our tutors are highly experienced and have complete knowledge of the Chemistry curriculum. They not only have a command of theory but they also understand IB chemistry practical concepts very much.
    • Our IB Chemistry Tutors in Pune are associated with the IBO and community of teachers closely and remain updated about all the latest information about IBDP Chemistry .
    • At first, we understand students’ learning patterns and adapt our teaching methodology accordingly.
    • If you are worried about IB Chemistry examination and want to increase your grades , you should join our IB Chemistry tutors Pune. We use animations, simulations and interactive videos to explain complex concepts and diagrams of organic compounds.
    • We offer one-on-one online Chemistry classes that are fully customisable to the students’ needs. So, we are in a better position to deliver better results. 
    • Our classes are well-equipped with technology. Our tutors use digital pens and whiteboards and don’t rely much on PowerPoint presentations. 
    • We conduct chapter tests, unit tests, and mock exams in a complete exam-like atmosphere so students can check their preparedness in advance.
    • We offer recorded video lectures, timely parent engagement and 24*7 help via email / whatsapp during examinations. 

    All these factors contribute to students’ success & make our services a must-have for all IB chemistry HL-SL students.

    Notable Features of our IB Chemistry Tuition in Pune

    • Engaging teaching techniques: Our tutors offer fully customised classes to engage students in the study process. 
    • Deep knowledge and detailed explanation: Chemistry requires a thorough explanation. Our learned IB Chemistry Tutor in Pune explains all the formulas and concepts in a crystal clear way and discusses all the doubts of their students. 
    • Exam guidance: We offer exam-oriented strategies and guide our students on how to solve question papers. We take mock exam tests and check where students need support. We guide them to do better, and with gradual guidance, they start to perform wonderfully.
    • Flexible schedule:We understand the importance of a fixed schedule but also that IB students are engaged in many activities. Therefore, we offer flexibility, and you can reschedule your class on a mutually convenient basis.
    • Additional learning resources: Our tutors provide notes, assignments, and other material. They teach the textbooks and use their notes for extra support. 
    • Fostering understanding and motivation for doing the best: IB Chemistry tutors create an understanding in learners so they can do self-study and clear all their doubts if needed. They are the guide and cheerleader for students. They are motivated to do better than their previous work.

    IBDP offers two levels of Chemistry. 

    • IB Chemistry Higher Level (HL)
    • IB Chemistry Standard Level ( SL)

    IB Chemistry HL-SL Syllabus Overview 

    Structure A. Models of the particulate nature of matter– This segment is divided into five parts. The first part is an introduction, and the second is about the nuclear atom. The third part discusses the configuration of the electrons, the fourth is about The mole, and the fifth describes the Ideal gases. SL part has 17 teaching hours, and the higher level has 21 hours.

     Structure B. Models of bonding and structure– This section is mainly about the bonding of atoms. It consists of four topics. Ionic, Covalent, and metallic models, while the fourth is about the formation of materials. HL part has 30 teaching hours, and the standard level has 20 hours.

    Structure C. Classification of matter-There are only two sections in this unit. Periodic table disucces how elements are classified and functional groups describes the classification of organic compounds. There are 16 hours of teaching for SL course and 21 hours of teaching for HL course. 


    The Periodic table part is essential in IB Diploma Chemistry HL and SL. Our IB CHemistry Tutor in Pune uses animations to understand the topic and share quick tricks to memorise the modern periodic table.

    Reactivity I. What drives chemical reactions?– It is a very interesting part of IB’s important Chemistry HL and SL. The first three topics are common for both HL and SL, while the fourth topic about Entropy and Spontaneity is only for HL There are 12 hours of teaching for SL course and 22 hours of teaching for HL course. 

    Reactivity II. How much, how fast, and how far?– This unit tells the students about the amount, rate and extent of chemical change. IB School teachers should use 12 teaching hours for SL courses and 31 for higher levels.

    Reactivity III. What are the mechanisms of chemical change?– In this unit, We learn about different reactions, like reactions based on the transfer and sharing of electrons and protons. School teachers must complete 24 hours of SL and 45 hours of HL.

    Our IB Chemistry Tutor in Pune ensures the students understand the syllabus well. We prepare our students in such a way that they know the actual intent of the examination questions and answer them accordingly.

    • There are two types of assessments in IB chemistry. Internal and external. 20 % of the total weightage in SL and HL is for internal assessment, and 80% is for external evaluation. 
    • IBDP has two question papers: Paper 1 has only multiple choice questions, and Paper 2 has short answer and extended answer questions.
    • Internal assessment is the personal research and data analysis done by students. 

    We offer IB Chemistry IA tutors who can help you to craft an excellent internal assessment for Chemistry HL and SL. We prepare our students step by step as per their diverse needs.

    How to prepare for the IB Exam
    • Make notes of essential quotations, examples and definitions. When you start a topic, note down all the crucial critical terms used in the subject. 
    • Revise everything after completing your class on the same day.
    • Note down the doubts that you encounter to discuss with the tutor. 
    • Walk into the examination room with a peaceful mind. 
    • Past year papers are the most extensive support. Figure out the question type with the help of past years’ question papers. 
    • Double-check your answers.
    • Observe your common mistakes and work on removing those mistakes during the Exam.
    • Sometimes, the questions could be more precise. So you should read the questions very carefully. 
    • Cross-check whether you have opted for all the questions or not.
    • Make a reasonable timetable for everything. 
    • Always get good sleep and a healthy diet.
    • Discuss all your problems with your tutor, and do not take stress off anything. 
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    •  IB Chemistry students need dedication, motivation, guidance and a natural learning environment. You can get all these things simultaneously with our IB Chemistry Tutoring in Pune. There’s no need to have a second thought. Take the decision & BOOK A FREE DEMO NOW
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