IB Tutors in Turkey

IB Tutors in Turkey. IB Elite Tutor endows the best IB Tutors in Turkey for the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) curriculum. We provide online IB tutoring for the following programs:-

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    Furthermore, you can also find highly experienced and subject matter experts in Turkey for IB IA (Internal Assessment), TOK (Theory of Knowledge), and E.E (Extended Essays).

    We provide virtual as well as the networked environment through online IB tutoring. Hence, you never feel separated and also you can ask anything at any time. We provide legitimate direction to the students through online tutoring for all IB groups & almost all IB subjects. Our IB Tutors in Turkey use specific teaching patterns that students need to succeed.ib tutors in turkey

    IB Tutors in Turkey

    IB Tutors in Turkey help in developing connections with expert tutors within your comfort zone. Apart from this, you can easily connect instantly from anywhere and anytime without any difficulty. On top of that, we also provide a demo class before enrollment.

    IB delivers a rigorous curriculum that helps students to develop self-confidence, research skills, organizational skills, and independently engaged in their learning. Hence, our tutors help students to fulfill their tasks in an appropriate manner. We also help students in building enthusiasm in their frail subjects. Our profession is not only providing tutoring but also help students to make their work prosperous.

    Benefits with our IB Tutors in Turkey:

    • We provide highly specific and academic content.
    • Distinctive modules and techniques help in understanding the topic easily.
    • Conduct assessments after chapter or topic completion.
    • Weekly and monthly tests help in gauging the progress in the specific subject.
    • Help in making IA, TOK, and E.E projects.
    • One-on-one online sessions with professional tutors at your own pace.
    • Get excels in any subject with a direct connection to the subject matter experts through Skype, Zoom.
    • Guaranteed result and got perfect 7 with in-depth learning.
    • Conduct sessions for doubt clarification regarded with any topic.
    • Provide assignments and homework worksheets after every unit.

    Requirements for online classes :

    Online IB tutoring is an easy and convenient way to learn and understand things. It is like a teacher sitting by your side and teaching you. You need the following things to enjoy the comfort of e-learning

    • A desktop, laptop, or tablet with a good internet connection.
    • Headphones required so you can easily understand.
    • A-Zoom, Skype, or hangout account
    • A good & reliable internet connection

    Why should you choose IB Tutors in Turkey

    As a matter of fact, everyone wants that they can achieve more in less time. So, basically, it is our first priority to save time. Accordingly, we also focus on that the students gain more in less time as well as take benefits within their comfort zone. Hence, we believe that online tutoring works the same as classroom teaching or it can more profitable.

    You know that the curriculum of IB is predominantly based on their independent research. So, now you very well know about the idea or rigorous testing of IB. Through online tutoring, you can save your time as well as meet or connect with highly expert tutors throughout the globe. Also, you can save your traveling time, instantly connect from anywhere; take a class from the subject matter experts, etc. Hence, all you can do from your own pace with the help of advanced technology.

    Online IB Tutors in Turkey help in improving your grades with a 100% guarantee. It helps in finding the best fit for your specific IB subject.

    Specialized and Experienced IBDP tutors

    Our efficient tutoring helps to excel in your DP subjects. We ensure that our customized curriculum improves your learning skills and deliver the best results. We make a lesson plan that offers better understandings and help to overcome difficulties. Apart from this, our comprehensive tutoring and subject expertise makes us reliable for the IB curriculum. We provide tutors for these IBDP subjects:

    Economics, Mathematics, Business Management, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, History, French, Spanish, ITGS, Psychology, Political Science, Geography.

    Our inexperience tutors also help in your research project i.e., IB IA, IB TOK and, IB E.E.

    IB IA Tutors in Turkey

    IA is independent research that facilitates students to develop investigational skills from the topic that interests them. Apart from this, it contains 20% of the overall marking of the required subject. Therefore, you have to make it in a proper manner.

    Our expert tutors help in making your IA up to the mark. We assured that you get a perfect 7 in your project. Moreover, we ensure that you fulfill all its requirements as well as to attain the level of IB. You internal assessment help for following subjects

    • Mathematics IB IA Tutors for both HL & SL
    • Physics IB IA Tutors for both HL & SL
    • Chemistry IB IA Tutors for both HL & SL
    • Biology IB IA Tutors for both HL & SL
    • Economics IB IA Tutors for both HL & SL
    • English IB IA Tutors
    • Geography IB IA Tutors for both HL & SL
    • History IB IA Tutors for both HL & SL
    • Computer Science IB IA Tutors for both HL & SL
    • Business Management IB IA Tutors for both HL & SL
    • Psychology IB IA Tutors for both HL & SL etc

    IB IA Mock Moderation Help

    Internal Assessment is a unique part of the IB diploma program. It’s really important to complete it successfully not only from the grades’ point of view but also for getting your diploma. Sometimes it seems to the students that they have prepared their IA very successfully and they are going to get a nice score out of it. But the actual score differs from expectations. Considering this scenario we have decided to offer IB IA moderation service.

    In the IB IA moderation service, you complete your work yourself and then submit it to us for mock moderation. Our IB examiners read it carefully and provide suggestions for improvement in the form of comments. They also provide you an expected grade.

    This way not only you are able to gauge your work before the actual submission but also you can improvise it with the help of suggestions/ comments

    TOK IB Tutors in Turkey

    It is an essay of 1600 words followed by an oral presentation. It helps students to think and apply in real-life situations. Also, it plays a very special role in the IB. It provides an opportunity for the students to know the nature of knowledge. Tok is just not an essay; it helps students to think deeply about the knowledge of what they know? And how do they know?

    So, we help students to choose the questions wisely, clearly explain all the aspects and give all the necessary solutions. Apart from this, through our online IB tuition, you easily discuss and get help from the subject matter experts. Get to know all the essential points that help make your TOK essay perfect.

    E.E (Extended Essays) IB Tutors in Turkey

    It is independent research that consists of 4000 words. The students have engaged through personal exploration to develop an argument in the topic that interests them.

    We guide or assist you to develop an argument that has the capacity to analyze, synthesize, and, evaluate knowledge. Moreover, our one-to-one online tutoring helps in understanding the concept behind E.E. We give you study tips, necessary tools, and techniques to help in writing a good essay.

    Great results of our Students

    We give the best result with 100% satisfaction. Our tutoring pattern help in analyzing your mistakes and you correct yourself. We pay attention to each and every student through our one-on-one online sessions. Our highly trained teachers help in IB IA, IB TOK, and, IB E.E. Apart from this, we also provide IB PYP, IB MYP, and IB DP specialized tutors. We encourage students to deal with their problems in an appropriate manner. Before enrollment takes our free demo class and fully satisfy yourself.

    Salient Features of Our Service at a Glance

    • Easy and convenient Online IB tutoring from the comfort of your home
    • Almost all subjects availability with one service provider
    • Regular and punctual online IB tutoring at a pre-scheduled day and time
    • Regular rigorous testing i.e- chapter end tests, half syllabus tests, full-length, tests in the form of subjective questions and MCQs
    • Parent engagement and timely feedback
    • Early completion of syllabus
    • Extensive revision of the whole syllabus
    • Mock tests and previous year exam paper solving
    • 24*7 support through email, Whatsapp, Skype during exam days

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