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Online AP Tutoring. IB Elite Tutor is a leading place offering Advance PLacement exam Tutoring. We are offering AP Tuition and AP Calculus Tutors, AP Statistics Tutors, AP Biology Tutors, AP Chemistry Tutors, AP Psychology Tutors at the most affordable pricing.

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Online AP Tutoring

Online Ap Tutoring  by IB Elite Tutor

Advanced Placement (AP) exams and courses offer opportunities to students. So, they can earn college credits if they still in high school. However, AP exams also help in getting admission to their favorite college. On the other hand, AP exams are administered worldwide in May/June every year. Apart from this, most colleges in the U.S accept AP scores. We proffer Online AP Tutoring to help students in getting 4’s or 5’s in AP exams. Get the best personalized AP tutors. 

The most acceptable Online AP Tutoring

The best opportunity for high school students to graduate early. Therefore, our tutors are proficient in the AP (advanced placement) course that helps students increase their AP scores. Besides, we are a premium institute in Online AP Tutoring that provide a customized preparation plan:

  1. One-on-one individualized attention: The best tutors focused on your success instead of making you a lean learner. So, with enough practice and guidance from our tutors, students can successfully steer any AP test. Either it is online or paper-based, we deliver an individualized approach.
  2. Content and strategy evaluation: Reinforce complex concepts and contents. Moreover, we use innovative tools that enable strategies. So, that students achieve tremendous success. 
  3. Practice tests: We provide practice tests for each AP course. Hence, it helps earn a high score. 
  4. Subject matter experts: Our AP tutors carefully screened AP exam curricula and then addressed each student with their strengths or weaknesses. 
  5. Highly qualified tutors: Our tutors are from prestigious colleges that help students get admission to top colleges. Furthermore, our tutors are resplendent with extensive knowledge and empathy. 
  6. Targeted material and homework: AP exam has a standardized test format similar to SAT and ACT. Hence, our tutoring provides subject-specific content coverage. 

Online Advanced Placement Exam Testing

Testing at home or in school has the same test content and length. Likewise, students opt for exam pen-paper based or on the computer to do full-length tests and quizzes. 

  1. The College board introduce a digital exam app for students who opt for online tests. 
  2. Although, the app only works on Windows, Mac PCs, and school-managed Chromebooks.
  3. The use of tablets and smartphones is strictly prohibited for the exam.
  4. Moreover, students can also benefit from the practice version of “the digital exam app” before the exam. The college board provides this practice version in early April. So, that student quickly understands the exam pattern and the usage of this app. 
  5. Furthermore, this app also has an auto-save option to minimize submission errors. So, that student’s responses are automatically saved at the end of the exam.

AP Course Curriculum

  1. AP course provides AP Capstone Diploma Program that includes AP research and AP seminar. 
  2. The Arts section of AP includes the AP art and design program, AP art history, and AP music theory. 
  3. Moreover, English consist of AP English language and composition, AP English literature, and design. 
  4. History and social sciences consist of AP Comparative Government and Politics, AP European History, AP Human Geography, etc.
  5. Math and computer sciences involve AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP computer science A, AP computer science principles, and AP statistics.
  6. Sciences consist of AP biology, AP chemistry, AP environmental science, AP physics 1 & 2 algebra-based, AP physics C electricity and magnetism, AP physics C mechanics.
  7. World Languages and cultures contain AP Chinese, AP French, AP German, AP Italian, AP Japanese, AP Latin, AP Spanish. 

We offer Online AP Tutoring for all the above AP courses and subjects. Also, we ensure that students never run out of preparation. They always focus on what’s next with our Online AP Tutoring. Therefore, when students learn with a customized curriculum, then they no need to worry about anything. 

Why are AP exam scores important?

The reasons behind the importance of AP exam scores:

  1. Firstly, discontinuation of SAT subject tests: The top 50 colleges need to look elsewhere to fulfill the admission metrics. Hence, AP scores help complete these metrics if students get 4’s or 5’s in it.
  2. Secondly, in U.S history, grade inflation higher than ever before: Due to pandemics, in-home online schooling increases. That’s why we will see a drastic increase in the competition in college admissions. As a result, half of high school students are A-average. Hence, AP scores help distinguish the students’ level of knowledge and get access according to their level.
Our Online AP Tutoring improves your AP scores.

Our online customize test preparation platform provides you:

  1. The feel of the actual AP exam and prepare according to their format.
  2. Testing tips to reach a four or 5-point score goal.
  3. Practice paper for LEQs (extended essay questions), multiple-choice questions, SAQs (short answer questions), and document-based questions.
  4. Full-length tests are similar to the trials and quizzes on the AP exam.
Why should you take the AP exam?

Advanced Placement or AP provide High School students an opportunity to score well in the test and earn credit for their college admissions. It also allow students to give themselves an exposure of high grade college level study matrial. Thus they can benefit themselves in both ways.

What is the pattern of Advanced Placement tests? Is it very difficult?

In total, there exists 38 different tests for Advanced Placements. All are a bit different from each other. But majority of AP exams offer a combination of Multiple choice questions, short questions and long questions. Every test has a different diffficulty level.
Here are a few tests that are considered easy-
AP US Government and Politics, AP Environmental Science, AP Human Geography, AP Human Geography, AP Comparative Government and Politics, AP Psychology.

Who can write Advanced Placement tests?

There are different tests targeting different group of students. Some students sit for the test after grade 10 while majority of them write it after their  11th or 12th. Age limit for the test is 21 years. Its maily a test that helps students to secure a seat in a US or Canadian college. 

What is passing marks for AP test and how many tests does a student write?

Advanced Placement tests are scored out of a maximum of 5. Passing score is 3. Average AP score in 2019 was only 2.9. Usually AP students sit from 3 to 5 tests. But it totally depends upon the course you are ghunting for. 

Is AP chemistry hardest AP?

Yes, It’s true. Advanced Placement Chemistry is a very difficult course to study. It covers a vast syllabus and has a topic with a significant difficulty level. Many students write the AP Chemistry exam, but only a few can finish.

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