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As IB Online English Tutors, we talk to many students about their IB English papers both  HL & SL. Some of them find it really easy because English is their first language. While the case is exactly the opposite for the people who don’t have English as their first language. We all are aware of the fact English is the most commonly used business language. It is an important factor in the growth of everybody’s professional life

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    Tips by IB Online English Tutors

    We are a group of highly qualified IB Online English Tutors working in some great IB world schools and helping students to improve their grades through our Online English tutoring sessions. here we are describing a few tips which will help you to get a 7 in IB English HL/SL

    Strong Vocabulary and Grammar

    IB Online English Tutors suggest that there are two fundamentals for better English

    1. Knowledge of words

    2. Ability to convert these words into sentences

    Good knowledge of words comes from good Vocabulary while the ability to convert them into sentences comes from good grammar. You must read more and more to make your vocabulary strong. Read newspapers, magazines, books, and online articles to look for new words. Write all unfamiliar/new words on a paper and look for their meanings and their synonyms. IB Online English Tutors advise using these new words in sentences at least once. This trick will make you remember them forever.

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    Now it comes about the grammar !! reading as much as possible will also help you to improve your grammar. Besides this, you should write more to make your grammar strong. Try to convert everything you think into sentences. Do workbooks as much as possible, especially, SAT workbooks.

    IB Online Tutors divide the strategy to crack the IB English exam into two steps

    1 Analyzing the question paper and

    2 Writing the response to get good grades.

    IB English curriculum is mainly analysis-based. The better you analyze the better you perform. Give enough time to read the paper. Go through all the sections A, B, C, and D thoroughly and compare their text in your mind. Mark important steps. keep on comparing and contrasting in your mind while you are reading the text.
    Now it comes about the actual part!! writing your response/essay. Before starting the structuring of your essay, you should keep one thing in your mind. Simple writing is the key to good writing. IB Online English Tutors suggest that You should only use correct, relevant, and structured words in your text. Keep the following points in your mind while structuring your essay

    1. What is the purpose of writing

    2. Is there any theme

    3. What sort of tone is used

    4. What is the structure of the text

    PEEL writing technique

    IB Online English Tutors recommend PEEL writing techniques to structure the whole text.

    P indicates for point (make your point)

    E indicates for evidence (support your writing with examples and evidence)

    E indicates for explanation (we need to explain how our evidence support our text)

    L indicates for linking (we need to links paragraphs with one another)

    At last IB Online Tutors advise you to solve more and more past papers using the above tips

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