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IB Maths Tutor in Dubai. We are offering IB Maths Tuition in Dubai since 2010 with the help of our skilled, proficient and high-quality IB tutors. We provide Online IB Tutors, IB IA tutors, IB TOK Tutors, IB Extended Essay Tutors, IB Maths Tutors and Tutors for all IB groups and almost all IB Subjects.

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    ib maths tutor in dubai

    IB Maths Tutor in Dubai by IB Elite Tutor

    IB Maths Tutor in Dubai is the best option available online for students who are willing to prepare various subjects adequately. Students of any grade can avail these online IB Maths Tutor in Dubai services in Dubai or from anywhere and anytime in the world.  All our IB Maths Tutor in Dubai are very dedicated to their students. Our tutors always try to develop self-confidence and research skills in students. These skills are essential for them to get success in various competitive exams and for higher studies also. They always try to maintain a friendly relation with the student. They provide a secure and comfortable environment for the students so that student can discuss their problem with them comfortably.

    Exclusive and committed tutors:

    We hire our tutors from top universities and have to pass through a painstaking process to get selected for our academy. In this rigorous process of the interview, our IB Maths Tutor in Dubai are judged by experts for their commitment, dedication, communication skills, and proficiency in subject knowledge. Our tutors are expert not only in teaching, but they always try to develop self-confidence, organizing, and research skills in students. Firstly they understand the demand, capabilities, and interest of students for the specific subject and to meet the expectations they use various effective teaching-learning methods. They always try to maintain the most inert throughout the lecture among students.

    Unique teaching-learning technique:

    All students are from different background and have different abilities to grasp the subjects. Some students learn by watching videos, some learn by participating in the discussion. That’s why we have to practice various innovative teaching strategies to inspire our students like flipped classrooms, studying while playing and active learning, etc. Our tutors encourage students to set their goals and help them to achieve that goal within pre-decided time. Doubt removal session: Our tutors want every student to excel in their subjects with confidence, so in every class, a doubt removal session is arranged. Students can clear their doubts about the same quality, and it will improve their performance at the next level.  When a unit is complete, We arrange a special session. These sessions are useful in case a student has missed any one of the classes. Thus students can complete the unit.

    Quick revision notes:

    Usually, we often have seen that students feel stress when the exam is about to start. At the time of the final revision, all can’t cover the full syllabus then only fast revision notes would prove to be magic key. Our tutors do this magic. Our tutors are intensely result-oriented. They prepare unit wise quick revision notes for the students. These notes cover every concept of syllabus. These chapter-wise notes can be straightforwardly read within minutes.

    Students’ assessment:

    Performance assessment is critical to track student progress. We believe in rigorous testing. Our IB Maths Tutor in Dubai take a unit test, half yearly test, topic-wise quizzes. We also carry a surprise test is arranged for students. At least 3-4 tests when the syllabus is complete. It helps students to know about their performance. Viva-voce is also conducted for students. It boosts up confidence in students and enhances their communication skills too.

    Information to parents:

    Our tutors convey weekly report of student progress to their parents via SMS and e-mail. We notify all the parents regarding the development of our students. All these important dates are mentioned on our site also.  An amicable relationship is maintained between tutor, student, and parents. Parents can approach our tutors through e-mail, phone, SMS.

    Flexible services:

    Online tutor services are very flexible.  It is not compulsory to cover all the syllabus with our tutors. You can choose sessions as per your need. Like fast revision sessions, practice sessions, etc. are also available separately.

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