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IGCSE Business Studies Tutors. IB Elite Tutor is a top academy. We have been offering IGCSE Business Studies Tuition since 2010. Get the best IGCSE Online Tuition experience and secure excellent grades. 

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    IGCSE Business Studies Tutors

     Business Studies, Accounts, and Economics are three crucial subjects of IGCSE. Commerce branch students commonly choose these subjects. IB Elite Tutors has been offering IGCSE Tutors for Accounts, Economics, and Business studies since 2010 to help & support students.

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    • The quest for the best tuition ends at IGCSE Business Tutors. We are providing the best tuitions for IGCSE Business studies. 
    • A Cambridge IGCSE business study is about detailed information on business in the public and private sectors. It also enables the learner to know the importance of innovation and change.
    • Learners learn how the business is run and what type of activities are there. IB business studies tutors enable their learners to apply knowledge and Critical understanding to solve current issues and problems.
    • They use effective teaching methods to explain the terminology, concepts, and methods. IB business studies tutors develop skills of inquiry and numeracy in their learners.
    • Students face no problems and are aware of the subject and how to prepare for the final exam.

    Let us have a look ar Busines Studies Syllabus 

    1. Understanding Business Activity Marketing 
    2. Operations management 
    3. People in business 
    4. External Influences on business 
    5. Financial information and decisions

    An overview of the assessment by our IGCSE Online Business Studies Tutors

    1. There are two papers for IGCSE business studies. Both papers are compulsory for all candidates.
    2. Paper 1 contains short answer types, data response type questions, and paper two contains a case study.
    3. The examiner externally assesses both papers. 50% weightage is given for each paper.
    4. Students’ knowledge about the subject and its application to real problems is assessed in the exam.
    5. Questions are based on knowledge and understanding of application analysis and evaluation.

    First Set of questions are usually asked in Igcse Business Studies 

    1. Describe the concept of business and why it is needed?
    2. What is the purpose of business activities?
    3. Describe the different types of business activities with example
    4. Describe the Primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors with examples.
    5. What are the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur?
    6. What methods measure business size, number of people employed, output capital employed, etc.?
    7. What are the limitations of measuring business size?
    8. What are the reasons the owners of a business decision to expand the business?
    9. What are the different causes of business failure?

    Second Set of Ideas for better learning IGCSE Business Studies

    1. What are the risk and fear for a new business?
    2. Describe these terms sole traders, partnership, private and public limited companies, franchises, and joint ventures.
    3. What is the aim of mistake holder groups?
    4. Why do people work, and what are their motivations?
    5. What is Maslow’sMaslow’s hierarchy?
    6. Describe the term financial rewards with salary bonus commission and profit sharing.
    7. Draw a simple organizational chart about Hierarchical structures is the pain of control levels of the Hierarchy chain of command.
    8. What are the features of leadership style, for example, autocratic democratic and laissez-faire?
    9. What is a Trade union, and what is the effect of employees being Union members?
    10. What is the difference between Internal recruitment and external recruitment?
    11. What are the importance of training and the training method for the employees?
    12. What is the importance of effective communication in a business?
    13. What is the role of identifying customer needs, satisfying customer needs, and maintaining customer loyalty in marketing?
    14. Describe the concepts of niche marketing and mass marketing?

    Third set of Useful Questions

    1. Make a diagram or chart to show the analysis of market research data?
    2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different channels like wholesalers and retailers direct to customers?
    3. What is the aim of promotion, and what are the different ways of promotion?
    4. What are the benefits to a business of becoming a multinational business?
    5. How do you understand the concept of globalization, and what is the importance of globalization?
    6. What are business impacts on the environment, and how can business activities contribute to sustainable development?
    7. Describe the terms growth, boom, and recession.
    8. Describe these terms of profit margin, return on capital employed, and current ratio acid test ratio.
    9. Teachers, what are the main features of the income statement?
    10. What is profit, and why is it important?
    11. What is the importance of the quality of the product?
    12. What is the difference between production and productivity?
    13. Describe and justify appropriate marketing strategy in given circumstances?
    14. What is the importance of promotion, the different forms of promotion, and how do they influence sales?
    15. Describe the concept of e-commerce?
    16. What is the need for sampling?
    17. Describe the concept of the pricing method and describe the appropriate pricing method in given circumstances?

    All the above mention questions are fundamental from an exam point of view. IGCSE Business studies tutors prepare students to solve such questions quickly and effectively. Many other resources are provided by our tutors to make the subject easy for our learners. Also, We have a team of highly effective IGCSE Economics Tutors to help and support students.

    IGCSE Business Studies Tuition in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi 

    The role of a tutor is vital for a student. IGCSE Business studies tutors used effective methodologies to teach their students and make the subject easy for them. Effective teaching makes the subject interesting for learners, and it is quite true if we talk about our hard-working tutors of IGCSE business studies. IGCSE Business studies tutors provide deep knowledge about the subject and regularly check their students’ progress through tests and assignments. IGCSE Business studies tutors provide tests like Google Forms to check the basic knowledge about the subject in depth. 

    Our IGCSE Business Studies Tutoring enable their learner’s to-

    • understand the basic concepts 
    • Prepare the whole IGCSE Business syllabus before one month of exams. 
    • Solve data-based questions easily 
    • Use analytical skills while answering long questions and case study questions. 
    • The answer according to the demand of the question 
    Learners Centric Approach to teaching 

    Experienced tutors are appreciated everywhere due to their quality of identifying students who can become toppers after the efforts of a teacher. IGCSE Business studies tutors use students entered approach to teach their students. They give full attention to the demand of their student. Students feel free to express their problems with the tutor and develop hidden skills. This helps them to score well on their exam.

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