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IB Tok Tutors. IB Elite Tutor is a premium academy that has been offering IB TOK Tuition Classes since 2010. Lean IB theory of knowledge with top IB Online Tutors and examiners. Join our classes and feel the difference. 

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    IB TOK Tutors Help for 2024 Exams

    When students complete their middle-year program and enter into IB Diploma, they must select subjects according to their career goals. At this point, the thing that fascinates them the most is TOK, or the theory of knowledge. Subjects like Maths, Biology, Economics, and Physics are extensions to the subjects students have already studied in previous grades, while IB TOK is unique. It has no counterpart in lower classes in any curriculum, be it IB or IGCSE, or any other. Another fantastic thing about IB Theory of Knowledge (IB TOK) is that It has a syllabus different from other subjects & IB TOK Tutors have yet to offer any new knowledge. You only analyze the knowledge you have already gained. Our IB TOK Tutor takes this fact into account and trains you accordingly. IB TOK is a core subject; passing it to get your IB Diploma is mandatory. Nowadays, There are two components in IB TOK.

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    1. IB TOK Exhibition- It is done in IB Diploma Year One and requires 8 hours of teaching. You can learn about the exhibition in this post.
    2. IB TOK Essay- It is a 1600 words essay. IB DP 2 students submit their TOK essay in Feb / March every year. 

     Here are some suggestions by our IB TOK Tutors regarding the IN TOK Essay. 

     How does our IB TOK Tutor help with the theory of knowledge Essay?

    We have a team of highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated IB TOK Tutors who can guide you to craft an excellent 1600 words IB TOK essay. We offer the following help.

    • IB TOK Essay Tutoring Package, where an experienced teacher guides you so that you can develop an essay. Usually, these classes last 6-7 hrs, stretched over an extended period.
    • Analysis and moderation for your essay, where a teacher checks your work and guides you so that you can improvise it. These classes only last for 2-3 has an end when you are confident enough to finish your work yourself.
    • You can also take a one-hour class to troubleshoot your problems if you are stuck at any specific point or need help with the right TOK question, AOK, or WOK. 

    Suggestions by our IB Tok Tutors to write an excellent Essay

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    A) First, you must look at the Titles prescribed by the IB and choose one for yourself. Some titles look pretty straightforward, but crafting a 1600 words essay on them becomes challenging, so be thoughtful while selecting it. After selecting a title, you should find out.

    1. The command terms
    2. The knowledge question (KQ) &
    3. Whether the title focuses on shared or personal knowledge

    B) Theory of knowledge mainly deals with the question, “How do we know what we know.”

    Also, TOK is comparative. You need to select two Areas of Knowledge (AOK) out of the total eight areas.

    These areas are Arts, Ethics, History, Human Science, Mathematics, Religion, Natural Science & Indigenous knowledge systems.

    You should choose two Areas of Knowledge (AOK) to do a comparative study and answer the KQ in your prescribed title. Our IB TOK Tutors can help you to use knowledge framework devices to explore AOKs.

    C) Every word in the prescribed title says something. You must understand that & act accordingly.

    There can be a direct question in PT, and you can provide arguments to support or oppose it.

    If there are words like: “in what way” or “Up upto What extent,” then it indicates that there is a “statement in the Prescribed title,” & you are supposed to produce an argument in favor or against it. 

    How is IB TOK Essay Graded:

    IB TOK Essay and IB TOK Presentation both are marked out of a score of 10. But in final grading, essay marks are doubled and then added to presentation marks, so IB TOK Essay consists of 67 % of total marks. Below are the overall grade boundaries for entire theory of knowledge.

    Grades Equivalent Marks

    Every IB TOK Examiner is supposed to grade the essay on the following criteria-

    Understanding Knowledge Issues: In your essay, connect two knowledge issues explicitly. Compare and link these issues while showing that you understand them uniquely.

    Knowers Perspective: Share your thoughts. Include at least two viewpoints and a few examples that support your ideas, and show that you know your thinking.

    Analyzing Knowledge Issues: Dig deep into the issues. Present arguments both for and against, explain essential points and show the hidden assumptions and effects of the chosen topic.

    Organizing Ideas: Structure your essay well. Make sure your facts are correct, explain essential ideas, and if you’re using other people’s opinions, give credit by mentioning your sources.

    How to Structure Your IB TOK Essay

    Our IB TOK Tutors recommend following four C strategies to write your IB TOK Essay. Here is the strategy:-

    • Content- Your content must help to understand the knowledge issues.
    • Clarity- You must use the standard format that IBO prescribes to organize your essay. It will make it clear & easy to understand.
    • Creativity- It must demonstrate the way you think & how you understand knowledge issues.
    • Critical Thinking- There must be a counterargument for every argument you make so that you can evaluate the quality of your claims.

    We must apply this strategy and write a 1600 words essay. IBO has prescribed a standard format to represent the IB TOK Essay. Here is the standard format:-


    You must first write an introduction for your TOK essay. This is the first paragraph of the essay. So, It must be catchy and appealing. You can explain key terms and write some interesting things about your title. The word limit for the introduction part is 100-150 words. 

     First & Second Areas of knowledge

     There are four paragraphs in this part. Two for each AOK. You are supposed to explain both of your your AOKs in this section. This part has a limit of 600 words. First, you write, give a proper example and then explain how this example is related to your Claim in the second paragraph of your essay. It would help if you tried to be as attractive as possible in your model and its explanation. 

    • Now comes the third paragraph of the essay. The third paragraph of your article. Start this paragraph with a counter to your Claim. Then give a proper example of your Counterclaim and explain how your model is connected to your Counterclaim. Finally, it would help if you highlighted your judgment & connect it to the prescribed title.
    • You must add another 600 words section to your essay with two paragraphs to include your second Area of Knowledge. Repeat the process of the Claim, an example explanation in the fourth paragraph, then Counterclaim, example, and explanation in the fifth paragraph. 

    Conclusion Part of IB TOK Essay

    As the name suggests, you are supposed to conclude your findings in this Sixth paragraph. It must have 200-250 words. Also, write the insights you have got about the two AOKs. Also, discuss the importance of your TOK essay concerning PT. Also, examine if there is an alternate approach to this KQ & Would you have the same insight if you adopted that alternate approach. 

    Notable Features of Our IB TOK Tutors
    1. IB TOK Tutors are confident in supporting their students. They help students through Skype and Google Docs.
    2. They offer help in colors coded edits, citation additions and points for further information and analysis.
    3. In terms of coursework, our  IB TOK Tutors can support research, development, structure, and refinement.
    4. Their schedule is incredibly flexible. It means that IB TOK Tutors can call the student and provide ongoing correspondence support.
    5. Get your IB TOK sample essay moderated by our expert IB Tutors at a nominal price.
    6. Share your TOK essay after final submission, we shall get it moderated by IB tutors from top IB schools.
    7. They will help you with providing comments/suggestions and expected grades.
    8. You can estimate the quality of your work before you actually get your marks.
     Acronyms IB TOK
    AcronymFull Form
    TOKTheory of Knowledge
    RLS  Real-life situation
    PT Prescribed title
    PPFPlanning and progress form
    KQKnowledge question
    AOKArea of knowledge
    WOKways of knowing

    We also offer help for IB TOK Presentation.

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