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IB Tok Tutors. IB Elite Tutor is a premium academy that has been offering IB TOK Tuition Classes since 2010. Lean IB theory of knowledge with top IB TOK Online Tutors and examiners. Join our classes and feel the difference. 

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    IB TOK Tutors Or IB Theory of Knowledge Tutors

    • IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation) has updated IB TOK syllabus from Autumn of 2022. the 1600 words Thoery of knowledge Essay is replaced with an 950 words IB TOK Exhibition.
    • In a tok exhibition, students first need to choose a prompt out of the fiven 35 options and then they develop their work according to the ruburics set by IB.
    • IB TOK Exhibition is an individual work that requires proper mentorina g, planning, and writing. So, you need IB TOK Tutors to help you build a strong relationship between the IA prompt and the objects.  Let’s get started and understand the IB TOK Exhibition and how we can nail it?
    ib tok tutors

    An overview of the IB TOK Exhibition by our IB TOK Online Tutors

    • IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is assessed internally and moderated externally. And it consists of 33% of the final marks, i.e., one-third of the overall marks.
    • In addition, it is simply an assessment and an individual task that contains 8 hours of teaching (Only 5/6 hours of tutoring is required with our IB TOK Tutors).  Students must complete this assessment in their first year of the diploma program.
    • So, they have to start by choosing one prompt from the 35 IA prompts. Also, please include all the three objects in their commentary to illustrate how TOK manifests in the whole world.

    Know the purpose behind the IB TOK exhibition in our IB TOK Tuition Classes

    The TOK exhibition nurtures students in various ways:

    • Engrave the quality of exploration when you choose a unique IA question.
    • Help our students to make a public opinion with complete confidence.
    • It endows openness to design and deliver their thoughts to others. So, make it remarkable that it helps you fulfill IB TOK’s purpose.
    IB TOK Exhibition IA Prompt List
    IB TOK Exhibition IA Prompt List 2

    Pay attention to the three components of the IB TOK Exhibition.

    • IA Prompt: You have 35 IA prompts, in which you have to choose one for your TOK Exhibition. 
    • 3 Objects: You have to select three objects that you can easily relate to your prompt question. And show your moderators why you use these objects for your IA prompt. So, you can use the photo of a textbook page that contains essential information, a tweet of any political leader, etc. You have to keep in mind that your objects have some context with the real world. And it is something that should appear in the real world. Apart from this, you can use physical as well as digital objects.              
    • Commentary (950 words): Your commentary should suppress a proper or relevant explanation and interlink your prompt question with your chosen images. Most importantly, you have to briefly and clearly explain why you chose this prompt and all those objects. 

    The layout of the TOK Exhibition commentary

    1. Starting with the title: Make sure that your title is in bold letters and centric. Also, it must include in the TOK Exhibition IA quick guide. Don’t forget to write the specific prompt number. 
    2. Introduction: Keep it short that helps your moderator to understand your prompt idea. So, describe it based on your exploration. And make it simple but contain deep analysis.
    3. Object 1: Choose an image, write its explanation, what is its connection with the real world, and the context behind the image. In addition, you also tell your examiner why you chose it? And make a clear link between the image and your prompt question. 
    4. Object 2: Explain the image of your second object briefly. Speak out loud about the context behind choosing the image. Moreover, keep in mind that the connection of the image to the prompt question must be crystal clear. And don’t make it similar to object 1. Engrave uniqueness. 
    5. Object 3: Put all the points that are relevant to the image. And the explanation must contain a logical connection between your image and your prompt question.
    6. Conclusion: Fabricate a summary of your prompt analysis and exploration. Also, it contains all three objects’ detail that properly interlinks with your prompt question.
    7. Note: You have to remember that in 950 words, the bibliographies, references, footnotes, acknowledgments, and the text written on the objects are excluded.

    Why do you need IB TOK Tutoring?

    We know that when you go through the TOK Exhibition guide, you are stuck on where you have to start and how? So, we will give you a simple solution for all your questions related to the TOK Exhibition. And to resolve all your doubts, we provide IB TOK Exhibition tutors that guide you on how to ace the IB TOK Exhibition. Also, our TOK tutors address your issues, listen to you carefully, and pay attention to your queries.  Furthermore, our IB TOK Exhibition tutors will help you:

    • How to showcase your exhibition?
    • Enhance your representational thinking and reasoning skills.
    • How to demonstrate the theory of knowledge in the prompt?
    • To link your IA quick question and your objects.
    • How to use various areas of knowledge (AOKs)? 
    • To find the purpose of writing your prompt.
    • How do we identify and include the nature of knowledge?
    • Be mindful of what you are talking about in front of your moderators.
    • How to provide proper as well as crystal clear reasoning or judgments?
    • To make an appealing outline or structure for the IB TOK Exhibition.
    • To select the three objects that are relevant and distinctive.

    How can you make your IB TOK journey astonishing?

    1. The journey is not that stressful. And you only have to focus on the positive aspects of the IB TOK. For instance, how to make IB TOK Exhibition simple but unique?
    2. Designing behind the presentation, representation, and planning. So, you can see that you have started enjoying it. And put effort into how to make it convincing.
    3. The clear idea behind the IB TOK Exhibition is to focus on oral and written skills. As a reason for that, when you don’t like it as a reader, how can you be so sure that your moderator likes it?
    4. So, please don’t lose this opportunity and seize it with the help of IB TOK Exhibition tutors. And showcase your talent to your learning community.

    How do our IB TOK Tutors help students ?

    • For the TOK essay, IB TOK Tutors encourage the students to first break down and analyze the statement or question itself, making sure to define how they understand it’s key terms in the essay introduction.
    • Our IB Maths Tutors guide students in exploring abstract ideas and theoretical questions in specific, real-world case studies and examples.
    • The key to TOK is being able to clearly articulate your ideas and questions. It should be in a way, relating to either other academic disciplines or real-world situations.
    • It is exciting to push students to combine unexpected case studies to support their essay arguments. Additionally, it is vital to ensure that students think strategically about primary and secondary sources, allowing this to inform the refinement of their work.
    • Our IB TOK Tutors encourage students to think outside of the box. When they do research, seeking sources that show to what extent they are considering their questions from multiple angles.
    • Our IB TOK Tutors teach students to continuously cite all of their sources to ensure the validity and value of their work, to show they are conscious of how they themselves are gathering knowledge.
    • For TOK essay, Our IB Online Tutors propose the inclusion of memory as a fifth way of knowing, situating their discussion in History and Theatre Arts.
    • Our IB Tutor’s interest in questioning how they know to inspire them to tutor students in TOK.

    TOK Essay and TOK Presentation

    1. Below are the details of IB TOK Essay based on old syllabus which is no more a part of syllabus. We have mention it just because of comparison purpose.
    2. It is important for students to pursue deep and complex research, but then work to concisely present it with images, three-dimensional models or live enactments.
    3. Our IB TOK Tutors work with their students to determine their research question, develop their arguments and case studies and then plan the presentation.
    4. Our tutors encourage to consider the presentation as an opportunity to present chronologically the most important points of their exploration, to provoke further questions and discussion.
    5. The presentation is as much about the research as about how the students prepare to present and speak in front of a group, and then answer questions.
    6. For my TOK presentation, they questioned the necessity of interviews in terms of which ways of knowing they draw upon.

    There are a few key points that will help students in their IB TOK Presentation

    • Students must select a real-life situation.
    • You should make a logical knowledge question but it must not be very difficult.
    • Students must use standard TOK terminology in their presentation work.
    • You must avoid discussing your real-life situations too much.
    • Avoid using too much RLs. Don’t read text from your flashcards, this may make IB Examiners believe that you are not familiar with it

    IB TOK Moderation help

    1. IB TOK Tutors are confident in supporting their students. They help students through Skype and Google Docs.
    2. They offer help in colors coded edits, citation additions and points for further information and analysis.
    3. In terms of coursework, our  IB TOK Tutors can support research, development, structure, and refinement.
    4. Their schedule is incredibly flexible. It means that IB TOK Tutors can call the student and provide ongoing correspondence support.
    5. Get your IB TOK essay moderated by our expert IB Tutors at a nominal price.
    6. Share your TOK essay after final submission, we shall get it moderated by IB tutors from top IB schools.
    7. They will help you with providing comments/suggestions and expected grades.
    8. You can estimate the quality of your work before you actually get your marks.

    A few tips to get Maximum Marks in TOK 

    Wish to Pen a good TOK and score well, remember to concentrate on two Golden aspects1.    Quality of Content2.    Language beauty course involves around 100 teaching hours where IB TOK Tutors select and suggest methodologies to introduce a student with the idea of Knowledge, ways of knowing (WOK) and informs it exists (Area of knowledge, AOK). Learn them well, for a student while writing a TOK is expected to understand well and answer the following questions right.

     a.    What is Knowledge?

    b.    How is Knowledge produced?

    c.    What are the ways to determine and question the quality of knowledge?

    d.    How is knowledge justified?

    e.    What are the ways of justification?

    f.    Are truth and belief related to knowledge?

    Comprehension of the above questions and answering them well would ultimately lead to good TOK content. TOK is about floating ideas, views and concepts under the umbrella of AOK’s and WOK.  Try to taste each AOK and gain insight into how the above questions remain the same but answers vary with varying AOK. If you can find think this, you are sure to write good TOK content.

    What is the right approach?

    Have a credulous approach, don’t slain truths. These are grave errors frequently noted in topics of arts and ethics. However it is correct to quote that content differ and vary with choice of topic but still, the above-mentioned views are abstract in nature. The discussion about each TOK alters with choice of topic and AOK, hence it is very subjective and TOK, therefore, comes out good through critical discussion with the IB TOK Tutors who have the expertise, “Open and lively Discussion is key”.Language is an efficient way of communication.

    It sounds trivial but one realizes its significance while writing an essay full of thoughts and willing to convey exactly what is in mind. So when you have written an essay get it read by tutor. Ask what the tutor thinks about the thought process and check if you wanted to say the same. An essay is not mere 1500 words; it captures consciousness about the TOK topic.

    Don’t get influenced by other’s Style

    Read good TOK published on the web but do keep in mind the writing style is the personal ability and so do not try to imitate others. Adding, the language pattern and style vary with the choice of AOK’s. Mathematics or natural science content language is technical and precise; on the other side, the language in case of ethics, history or arts is flamboyant.  One commonly observed error in most TOK is excessive and improper use of adjectives.

    Also, IB TOK Tutors suggest that one should maintain continuity in the language; this grips the reader and audience and helps in the smooth transition of thoughts. Don’t put non-aligned statements or examples in essay, they put breaks on continuity and the grip on the reader is loosened. Clarity of thought is necessary for fine portrayal through language so prepare well before embarking on the final version of the essay. And I hope you will follow the suggestions by IB TOK Tutors and score well on TOK.

    IB TOK Help by IB Elite Tutor

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    • Assistance in IB TOK introduction and IB TOK outline
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