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IB Maths tutors in Norway

IB Tutors in Norway are very sincere and dedicated to their students. Probably, IB Elite Tutor is the only academy that offers “Dedicated tutoring for IB students” only. We are highly motivated teachers to do our job efficiently or serve the needs of the students according to the IB syllabus. We offer Online IB Tutors for all IB groups and almost all IB subjects. Our highly experienced and professional tutors help students to “Develop a Passion for Learning” & to get high grades in every subject by providing quality education.

    ib tutors in norway

    Here are a few key features of our service-:

    • IB Elite Tutor offers customised one-on-one online tutoring with highly experienced IB tutors and examiners from reputed world schools.
    • We have a highly skilled team of teachers who knows how to effectively communicate difficult concepts easily.
    • Every student has a different learning pattern. We tailor our tutoring according to the students’ needs.
    • With IB Elite Tutor, You choose the best Online IB Tutor and learn at a convenient time that too in the comfortable atmosphere of your home.
    • We offer 24*7 support via whatsapp / email during examination time.
    • We offer past paper solving, chapter-end tests, unit tests, and full syllabus mock tests.
    • IB Elite Tutor has a team of excellent and easily accessible teachers. Its really easy to hire an Online IB Tutor with us. Just follow the following steps-
    • Fill the form given at the top and bottom of this page or directly whatsapp us @ +919911262206.
    • Our coordinators will get back to you and share profiles of experienced IB school teachers.
    • You can select a teacher and take a free 30 mins demo class.
    • If you like the demo class, then you can book a minimum of 5 hrs of classes and start.
    • You have your teacher’s direct contact so that you can conveniently schedule your classes. Our team is always there to help you in case of any difficulty.

    IB Maths tutors in Norway Conduct Multi-layer Testing

    1. Our IB Maths Tutors in Norway have very interactive classes where they would cross-question with their students &  ask formulae of numerical on the recently taught topics of IB Mathematics.
    2. This strategy works as the first layer of testing.
    3. Secondly, our IB maths tutors conduct the weekly test in written format. This test will evaluate the studentds’ performance on weekly basis.
    4. Thirdly, our IB maths tutors in Norway conduct the test when half of the syllabus has been covered. This will help students to check whether their performance is good, bad or fair.
    5. At last, our IB Tutor in Norway  conducts the whole syllabus test according to the main exam pattern. This test will help students to prepare for the main exam.
    6. IB Elite Tutor provides proper feedback of every student to their parents. Our team makes a note of every student about their test marks, assignment marks, their performance evaluation in curriculum and any other problem related to the students with the syllabus.
    7. Our IB Tuition in Norway communicates through phone calls, messages, and e-mails to the parents about their ward’s performance.

    High Quality Study Study Material 

    Our tutors prepare study material for students which include chapter-wise short-notes,  chapter-wise question banks , solved question paper of last years which are according to the syllabus of IB. This study material is in softcopy which is given to the students who are associated with IB Elite Tutor. This study material is updated in every new session with new questions and examples. All our enrolled students have automatic access to all this study material. Our IB Online Tutors discuss these notes with students while taking online classes.

    IB Maths Tutors in Norway Conducts Doubt Removal Sessions

    IB Maths tutors in Norway are highly experienced and they always try to give the best knowledge to the students. Our IB Maths Tutors conducts doubt removal sessions for students in which they repeat the topics again and again to the students until the students understand the concept of that topic. We conduct these sessions for the students who have doubts about a particular topic. IB Maths tutors in Norway arrange these doubt removal sessions every month for the successful removal of doubts. These sessions are very useful for students as they can ask their doubts directly with the teachers and our tutors quickly clarify their doubts.

    IB Tutors in Norway provide 24*7 help through Live and Online Classes 

     IB Maths tutors in Norway conduct online LIVE classes. LIVE classes mean there is no recording of lectures. It is a real-time process in which We use camera and inbuilt voice features. Our IB tutors take a lecture on whiteboards and solve maths question step by step which make their teaching process very much attractive and students can easily understand. IB Maths tutors provide reference books with the textbooks to the students so that students can practice several questions.

    Affordable online IB tutors in Norway

    Fees of our online tutors in Norway is very less compared with other services providers. Students who can not afford high fees and could not complete their studies, IB Elite Tutor is the best solution for those students.