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IB Maths Tutors help you to achieve your goals in your IB Maths HL/SL. IB Elite Tutor is probably the only platform that provides Dedicated Tutoring for IB Students. Get the best IB Maths HL Tutors, IB Maths SL Tutors, IB Maths Tuition face to face, and IB Maths Tutors Online from top IB world schoolsYour excellent success in Mathematics is just a message/call.

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    IB Maths Tutors for every course

    We offers IB Maths Tuition Classes for the following Maths Courses.

    • IB Maths AA (Anaylaysis & Approaches) HL Tutors
    • IB Maths AA (Anaylaysis & Approaches) SL Tutors
    • Maths AI (Application & Interpretation) HL Tutors
    • IB Maths AI (Application & Interpretation) SL Tutors
    IB Mathematics AA & AI HL books that we useText-books by Pearson, Cambridge, Oxford, Hodder, etc.
    IB Maths books for AA & AI SL  that we useText-books by Pearson, Cambridge, Oxford, Hodder, etc.
    IB Maths AA and AI Internal Assessment books for both HL & SLSeven Excellent Internal Assessments for the IB and Personalized study material that our IB Maths Tutors prepare
    Books for IB MAA & MAI HL  Extended EssaysWe use short book “Earning Good Marks in Maths EE” and our own study material for Maths EE.
    • We provide PGCE, PGCTL and B.ED certified teachers having high level of subject knowledge and experience in Mathematics.
    • Learn from the best tutors around the globe and shine academically like a star. IB Elite Tutor has a team of the most skilled, trained, experienced, qualified, and seasoned IB Maths Tutors.
    • We only work with tutors from top IB schools who are qualified enough and trained for the IB curriculum and who have already shown their efficiency through the great success of their pupils.

    Salient Features of our IB Maths Tutoring service

    Our IB Maths Tutors can help our students by following ways.IB Maths AI & AA Tutors

     TAT- Technology added teaching by IB Maths AA Tutors & IB Maths AI Tutors

    • We believe in the fact that no technology can replace good teachers. But right technology in the hands of the right teachers can be life-changing.
    • We use various types of technological tools to grasp the concepts in a better way. For example, our instructors prepare power-point presentations on almost all complicated topics.
    • This strategy makes our students grasp difficult concepts very easily. We use animations technology as our USP to clear all difficult concepts of IB Maths HL/SL like graphs, functions, limits, differentiation, etc.
    • The team of our Online IB Maths Tutors uses all major online meeting tools. Therefore you can choose between Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts for your online meetings/classes.
    • We deliver all online IB Maths Tuition using Twiddla whiteboards.

    Detailed Notes for each chapter with our IB Maths Tuition

    • IB Maths Tutors prepare separate notes for each unit and Chapter for IB Maths AI and AA (HL and SL). 
    • We mention short tricks and useful formulas in these short notes. These notes are very, very useful for revision purposes.
    • Our team updates these notes in every session and discusses them with their students. This way, students can take maximum benefits from their online ib tuition classes.

    Revision, Testing, and Feedbacks by our IB Online Maths Tutors

    • Marks in the final examination are just a fruit of a comprehensive, complete revision. The better we revise, the better we score. We should not only revise properly. But also we should be able to revise quickly.
    • If we do rapid revision, then we should be able to revise difficult things many times. This way, we can grasp even the most difficult concepts easily. Once we have revised things, then we should go for testing.
    • Our IB Maths Tutors take Chapter wise tests, Unit wise tests, half syllabus, and full-length tests. These tests help you gauge your preparation and help you be better prepared for the final battle.
    • Once you write the tests, our expert tutors will check them and provide you with detailed feedback to understand your mistakes and correct them.

    Study Material in the form of Text Books, Worksheets & Assignments given in IB Maths Home Tuition Classes

    IB Maths aa & ai tuittion

    As we are well aware, IBO doesn’t provide and any textbooks. It only releases syllabus for all subjects HL or SL. It’s the schools that recommend a textbook to their students. Different schools suggest different books like Oxford, Cambridge, Haese & Harris, Pearson, etc. But it’s not enough to be dependent on just one book. That’s why we recommend our students Maths HL and SL books of different publications. Our dedicated content development team is continuously involved throughout the year in preparing worksheets and assignments for our IB Maths HL/SL students.

    Practice Work, Home Assignments and feedback 

    1. Maths HL/SL needs practice regularly. Only a few bright students can maintain a habit of practicing and solving questions regularly.
    2. Otherwise, the majority of students only start the toil during the examination periods. Here our IB Maths tutors play an important role.
    3. They provide homework regularly and check it with great sincerity. When you know that someone is there to check your work, then definitely you will regular about it.
    4. This will develop a habit of practicing Maths regularly. And this small habit will make you shine in your exams.

    ib maths tutors

    Support for Maths Internal Assessment & Extended Essays

    • IB Elite Tutors Provide IB Home Tutors in almost all big cities of India and IB Online Tutors worldwide.
    • We not only help our IB students with their IB Maths HL/SL paper one, paper two, and paper three.
    • But also, we help them with their internal assessments. We help our students in choosing a suitable topic for their Maths IA.
    • IB Maths AA and AI Tutors explain them in understanding and framing the correct structure of internal assessment.
    • We help students to collect the required data and use it in the right manner.
    • Our IB Maths Tutors help their students so that they can write their IA themselves and excel in their maths IA and score a perfect 7
    ib maths tuition

    Expert Guidance on how to get a perfect 7 in IB Maths HL/SL

    1. Hard work is the key to success in every task of our life. Writing IB Maths examination is no exception to this universal truth.
    2. But, If you add expert advice with your hard work then, your challenge becomes a bit easier. Here are a few pieces of advice from our expert IB maths Tutors.
    3. If you follow them, you will get excellent output.Some students want to make their career in advanced Mathematics studies while some want to study it at the diploma level only.
    4. There IBO has planned its curriculum in such a way that everyone can choose as per their need and interest.
    5. They offer the following branches in Mathematics- Further Mathematics Higher level, Further Mathematics studies standard level, Higher-level Mathematics (HL), Standard maths level (SL). 
    6. IBO recommends that teachers should spend 240 teaching hours for IB Maths HL and 150 hours for IB Maths SL.
    7. Every student should first study the past papers and understand the examination pattern. After that, they should find out their weak and strong areas and make a plan of study accordingly.

    How to Prepare for IB Maths HL/SL

    1. Sometimes, even the brightest students make mistakes while preparing for the IB Maths examination.
    2. There are always a few chapters that you find more interesting. You spend more time on those topics and get excellence in them.
    3. At the same time, you avoid a few topics because you are not interested in them. Eventually, they become more difficult for you.
    4. We should never follow our interests. We should check the weight of each topic and provide it time accordingly.
    5. Understanding and enjoying Maths is important, but we should always plan to get more marks for our efforts. As marks are the documented proof of our knowledge and toil.
    6. IB does not expect students to do rote memorization of formulas. That’s why they provide IB Formula Booklet while writing the examinations.
    7. But this booklet is a very lengthy one. Students can waste a lot of their time while searching for a particular formula in it.
    8. Therefore, we suggest students keep it with them every time they study maths. If you explore it again and again, then you become familiar with it. This way, you can find the desired formula quickly and save time.
    Strong understanding of concepts
    • As far as Mathematics is concerned, strong concepts are like a path for the journey of a perfect seven.
    • At first, you should learn all concepts, write them down in your language and make short pencil notes or a sticky note on your books.
    • Once you feel confident about your understanding of the topic, you must solve textbook questions first.
    • After that, you can try school assignments, worksheets that IB tutors give. You can buy additional exam-style questions from places like Revision Village, IB Resources, etc.
    • Finally, you can conclude by practicing the previous year IB papers
    • Once you are prepared for your IB Maths examination, you can ask your IB Maths Tutors to write test papers.
    • You can start with Chapter tests, followed by Unit tests. You should also write at least 2/3 half of syllabus tests and full-length mock tests.
    • These tests will not only give you a chance to evaluate your preparation, but also it will allow you to correct your mistakes before your final battle
    Help in Use of GDC in our IB Maths Tuition

    (vi) You should be quick and correct with your GDC. Check it properly before you go into the exam hall (batteries). Sometimes it may show the wrong graph, so always check whether the results shown by GDC are making sense or not. If you are solving Trigonometric problems, you must set it to the correct angle mode (The degree or the radians). While writing paper 2, don’t assume that you will have to use your calculator for every question. There may be some questions in paper two that we can solve without GDC.

    (vi) The use of GDC is not allowed on paper one, so you need to be very careful with your manual calculations. There is no way to cross-check them.

     (vii) You should take a deep sleep and have an excellent breakfast.

    International Baccalaureate is better known as IB in short. It was founded in 1968 as a non-profit organization to provide high-quality education to all. Today, thousands of schools are affiliated with IB across the globe, offering school education from grade 1 to grade 12. IB Mainly offers the following programs

    • IB PYP Programme- It mainly targets students from grade 1 to grade 5 who are aged from year 3 to year 12
    • IB MYP Program- It mainly targets students from grade 6 to grade 10 (MYP 1 to MYP 5) who are aged from year 11 to year 16
    • Diploma Program by IB- It is perhaps the most important program that IB offers. IBDP targets students from grade 11 to grade 12 who are aged year 16 to year 19

    IB offers six different subject groups and several subjects to its diploma program students. Students must choose three subjects at the standard level and three at a higher level out of these six groups. IB Mathematics is a trendy subject in group 5. Thousands of IB students choose it at SL and HL levels. IB amended the Maths course in 2019 and divided it into two parts. Now students can opt out of the following options

    • IB Maths AA (Analysis & Approaches) HL 
    • IB Maths AA (Analysis & Approaches) SL
    • Maths AI (Application & Interpretation) HL
    • IB Maths AI (Application & Interpretation) SL


    Different students choose different subjects according to their taste and career goals. A particular subject may be important as your entry gate into a specific career. Like, you will choose IB Biology if you wish to study medicine shortly. But IB Mathematics is important as a subject that gives you multiple career windows and is also important as a tool. A tool that helps you to learn other subjects like. For example, it helps you in Economics, Biology, Physics, Computer Science and almost all non-language subjects. IF you wish to develop a career in Mathematics, you can choose IB Maths HL AA or AI. And if you choose to study it as a support tool, you can go for IB Maths SL AA or AI. But it will always be beneficial to choose IB Mathematics as your subjects

    Nowadays, most IB students look for reliable IB Maths AA & AI Tuition classes with expert and well-trained IB Maths Tutors. Everyone one of them has their reasons-

    • Students may be looking for a 7 in IB Maths and need someone for advanced studies. 
    • Their school teachers are too fast and cannot cope with it, so they need external help to bridge the gap.
    • Students have no interest in boring school lectures, and they want a teacher who can ignite interest and passion for the subject.
    • IB Maths tutors are usually well organized and can help you with the revision purpose. Tutors provide you with useful short notes and help you to solve IB Past Year Papers
    • Students may need IB Maths Tuition to seek extra help in their IB Maths Internal Assessments.

    You see, there are multiple ways. Our IB Maths AA & AI tutors can help you and make you shine academically.

    Hiring an IB Maths Tutor is easy and convenient. You only need to fill out the contact form, or you can directly call or Whatsapp your exact need on the no. A coordinator will contact you in a few minutes. They will first understand your need and shortlist a tutor profile who can help you. You can see the tutors' profiles and tell a mutually comfortable time slot. The tutor will provide you with a 30-minute demo class via zoom or google meet. The demo will be free of cost. If you like the trial class, you can go ahead.

    You have no reason to get scared about the hefty fee that a tutor may charge you. IB Elite Tutor is offering Online IB Tutoring at a price as low as 5 USD per hour. We have a team of highly experienced and qualified IB tutors from top world schools who can offer IB Maths Tuition at a fee of just 20-25 USD per hour. Tutors' profiles are categorized at hourly rates from 5-25 USD per hour. You can choose between them as per your need and convenience.

    IB Maths AA and AI tutors at IB Elite Tutors are chosen from top IB world schools. The majority of them are IB examiners who understand the IB internal assessment rubrics and criteria. They are readily available to help students choose an appropriate topic and develop a refind IN IA on it following IB guidelines. You can take classes with our IB IA Tutors and craft an excellent IA. That will help you to attain a 7 in IB Maths HL and SL

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