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IB Elite Tutor provides the most experienced, qualified and highly trained IB Biology tutors who take pride in helping their students. Our IB tutors use the latest technology i.e videos, software, quick notes, etc to help their students to get a 7 in IB Biology HL.
Here our IB biology tutors are sharing a few tips and tricks to get a 7 in Biology HL.ib biology tutors

Make Full use of all available resources

Our IB Biology Tutors suggest taking help from at least two-three years questions banks. Question banks are extremely useful resources because it contains hundreds of exam styled questions. There are multiple choice questions, databased questions, and extended response practice questions to select from which broaden the range of resource availability. The more questions you do the more strong understanding you will get.

Read the textbook again and again

The textbook is your primary and most important resource. It provides all sufficient details for a better understanding of a topic. Therefore, it is important to read them thoroughly again and again. Our IB Biology Tutors recommend Oxford IB textbook as it has annotated diagrams and end of chapters questions, useful for exam preparation. Reading it will give you concrete conceptual understanding, that will help you to get a 7 in IB Biology HL.

Focus on Learning Command Terminology

Our IB Biology Tutors make students focus on a few crucial key terms. These terms can make a lot of difference in your grades. These terms can alter your grades from a high 6 to a low 7.
Here are a few terms:-

Examine xyz…- Analyze to a large extent, giving both the pros and cons of xyz…

Describe xyz…- Give a few characteristics of xyz…

Explain xyz….- Give all possible reasons for xyz…

Define xyz….- Give the definition for xyz. It’s better to write definition either from the book or from past paper’s marking-scheme

Label xyz… Show the characteristics on a diagram of xyz excluding arrowheads

Make summarized notes for Extended Response Questions

Our IB Biology Tutors help their students in making note that include all details of important pieces of information. Students should compile them as part of their extended response practice. This can be done using past papers and then compare your answers with the marking scheme. If you have left out information, include that and learn accordingly. These total up to 20 marks with an additional 2 points included for the phrasing of your work (BONUS).

There is no additional guidance in the examination of such questions. It is purely based on understanding and memorization.

Write test and do past papers with IB Biology Tutors 

Our online IB tutors take the Chapter-end test at the end of every chapter followed by unit tests after completion of three chapters. Test at the end of each chapter helps you to check how much you have learned in that chapter. While unit tests help you to revise your syllabus. This double test strategy not only strengthens your learning but also helps you to keep the topic fresh in your mind. Once you are done with half of your syllabus, you must write a test for it. After completing the whole syllabus, you should start solving past year IB papers. Our IB Biology Tutors recommend every student to solve at least five IB Biology past papers

here you can get a few IB Biology HL past papers and their marking schemes

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