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IB Biology Tutors. IB Elite Tutor is a premium place to get IB Biology HL Tutors, IB Biology SL Tutors, IB Biology Online Tutors, and IB Biology Tuition for HL and SL. We have a team of highly experienced, qualified, trained, and IB-certified Biology teachers ready to help you. Most of them are from top IB world schools. Also, develop a perfect IB Biology Internal Assessment with our top IB Biology IA Tutors.

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    We are offering the following helps for IB Biology Students-

    IB Biology HL TuitionUsually, we offer two or three hours per week to complete the syllabus, but it depends on the students.
    IB Biology SL Tuition Usually, We offer two or three hours per week to complete the syllabus, but it depends on the students.
    IB Biology HL, SL IA guidance Usually, students seek guidance and Biology Tuition for 8 to 10 hours to finish their IA.
    IB Biology Extended Essay guidanceUsually, students seek guidance from our IB Biology Tutors for 10 to 12 hours to finish their Extended Essay.
    Curriculum, we followIB Board Curriculum
    ib biology tutors

    Notable Features of IB Biology Tutors

    • We have a team of certified IB Tutors for Biology who conduct Online classes via Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype, or any other popular tool among our youths.
    • Our team includes tutors from top IB schools in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, France, the UK, and almost all other parts of the world.
    • We are well-versed in the latest IB Biology curriculum and prepare students accordingly. Our Tutors use books from almost all major publications, such as Oxford Publications, Hodder Education, Pearson, Cambridge, etc.
    • This gives our students High-quality, in-depth explanations, a vast group of practice questions with help from Online Simulators, and a diverse approach toward each topic.
      hanane mikou
      hanane mikou
      We were very pleased to use IB Elite Tutor for our daughter. The start of the IB journey was very though however, with the help of IB Elite Tutor, she finished it with a high score in all subjects. We really recommend IB Elite Tutor. The tutors are very professional, competent and available anytime she needed them either for a lesson or just for an urgent question. The management is great, very reactive and always ready to offer help. Thanks again for this journey that finished for our daughter beyond our expectations.
      Anshika Singh
      Anshika Singh
      All the teachers at IB Elite Tutor are very supportive and encouraging. They really helped me a lot in preparing for M22 exams. All the classes were scheduled on time and teachers provided several resources such as notes, worksheets etc. I am very happy with my experience working with them.
      Daniel Decosta
      Daniel Decosta
      I myself is an Economics teacher and I recommended IB Elite Tutor to one of my student who was looking for regular IB Maths HL tutoring and also for his BM IA. He got a free demo for Maths and a paid demo for BM IA and then continued for a few months. My student shared a tremendous feedback about the service. Both the teachers were senior ex IB examiners and well versed with with IB guidelines. Classes were well planned, informative and eggaging and customer support was almost proactive to help.
      MD Azam siddique
      MD Azam siddique
      We like the Way You Teaching
      Aadeesh Kansal
      Aadeesh Kansal
      This is just amazing , all my doubts are cleared
      Faisal Ahamad
      Faisal Ahamad
      My son is studying IB Diploma and he is taking online tuition from ib elite tutor for Mathematics and Physics.His result as well as his interest in these subjects has significantly improved and most of it's credit goes to these people
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      Saurav Peswani
      Great experience!!
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      Ishan Misra
      Best and the most helpful portal
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      8D Audio
      Doubts gets cleared away!

    Highlights of IB Biology Tuition

    We are working with a team of dedicated IB Online Biology Tutors committed to “Developing a Passion for Learning” in their students so that They can score seven in their IB Biology HL and SL. Here are a few key highlights of our service. ib biology tuition to get a 7

    1. We have Truly Professional IB Biology Tuition Online and face-to-face. We are committed to delivering our services on a pre-scheduled date and time.
    2. Our highly experienced tutors can finish the syllabus on time, even for a slow-paced student.
    3. IB Biology Tutors HL and SL believe revision is the key to success in the IB Biology examination. That is why we finish the syllabus before the test and use the remaining time for revision. While teaching, we provide Chapter-wise Short Notes that greatly help during revisions.
    4. A good teacher is always good, with or without using advanced technology. However, good teachers can enhance their capability by adding a few modern tools to their arsenal. 
    5. We frequently use Google Docs, PDFs, high-quality PNG images to represent complex IB Biology diagrams, and Animations to explain complicated concepts.
    6. IB Biology Tutoring service is available 24*7 over emails and Whatsapp chats during an examination. So that students can remain calm and stress-free and focus on their studies.
    7. Testing is critical to get to the top in any IB subject. The same is true for IB Biology HL and SL. We make students write tests for each chapter and unit. So they are always prepared for the examination.
    8. Mock testing and Past Paper Solving is the final stage in the educational process of an IB student. This gives them an idea about exam-styled questions and helps them manage time.

    Internal Assessment HL SL 

    ib biology ia preparation steps infographic

    IB Biology Internal Assessment is an essential factor for scoring good grades. Many academics claim to support and offer IB Biology IA Tutoring. But our services are unique in the following ways.

    1. Our IB IA Tutors are highly respectable professionals with the highest standards of ethics and moral values. We believe in training students in a way that they can write their Internal Assessments themselves. Our Tutors never write IAs for them.
    2. We suggest students refrain from getting involved in fishy work, like outsourcing their internal assessments, for the following reasons.
    3. It is against educational integrity. You will learn nothing new but will only lose a lot of money from it.
    4. You can get a plagiarised IA, or your IB examiner can catch the outsourcing.
    5. The same person can sell the same IA to ten other people, and you will never learn about this until the final submission, when you will ultimately lose your diploma.

    IB Elite Tutor provides the most experienced, qualified, and highly trained IB Biology Tutors who take pride in helping their students. Our IB tutors use the latest technology, i.e., videos, software, quick notes, etc., to help their students get a 7 in IB Biology HL. Our IB Biology Tutors share tips and tricks to get a 7 in Biology HL.

    Make Full Use of all available resources 

    Our IB Biology Tutors suggest getting help from at least two to three years of question banks. Question banks are beneficial resources because they contain hundreds of exam-styled questions. There are multiple-choice, database, and extended-response practice questions to select from, which broaden the range of resource availability. The more questions you ask, the more strong understanding you will get.

    Read the textbook again and again

    • The textbook is your primary and most important resource. It provides sufficient details for a better understanding of a topic.
    • Therefore, it is essential to read them thoroughly again and again.
    • Our IB Biology Tutors recommend the Oxford IB textbook, which has annotated diagrams and questions at the end of chapters, helpful for exam preparation.
    • Reading it will give you a concrete conceptual understanding that will help you get a 7 in IB Biology HL. We recommend the following IB Biology books to our students-
    Books for IB Higher Level BiologyCambridge book, Hodder, Oxford, Pearson, etc.
    Books for IB Standard Level BiologyCambridge book, Hodder, Oxford, Pearson, etc.
    Books for IB Biology Internal Assessment

    Seven Excellent IA for the International Baccalaureate and Personalized study material prepared by our team

    Books for IB Biology Extended EssaysPersonalized study material prepared by our team

    Focus on Learning Command Terminology

    • Our IB Biology Tutors make students focus on a few crucial key terms. These terms can make a lot of difference in your grades.
    • These terms can alter your grades from a high 6 to a low 7.
    • Here are a few terms:-
    • Examine xyz- Analyze xyz to a large extent, giving its pros and cons.
    • Describe xyz.- Give a few characteristics of XYZ.
    • Explain Xyz- Give all possible reasons for Xyz.
    • Define Xyz.- Define XYZ. It’s better to write definitions either from the book or from past paper’s marking-scheme
    • Label Xyz Show the characteristics on a diagram of XYZ, excluding arrowheads
    Make summarized notes for Extended Response Questions
    • Our IB Biology Tutors help their students make notes that include all the details of essential pieces of information.
    • Students should compile them as part of their extended response practice. This can be done using past papers and comparing your answers with the marking scheme.
    • If you have left out information, include that and learn accordingly. These total up to 20 marks, with an additional 2 points included for the phrasing of your work (BONUS). 
    • There is no additional guidance in the examination of such questions. It is purely based on understanding and memorization.
    Write test and do past papers with IB Biology Tutors 
    1. Our online IB tutors take the Chapter-end test at the end of every chapter, followed by unit tests after completing three chapters.
    2. A test at the end of each chapter helps you to check how much you have learned in that chapter. Unit tests help you to revise your syllabus.
    3. This double-test strategy strengthens your learning and enables you to keep the topic fresh in your mind.
    4. Once you are done with half of your syllabus, you must write a test for it. After completing the syllabus, you should solve past year’s IB papers.
    5. Our IB Biology Tutors recommend that students solve at least five IB Biology past papers.
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