How to Score high in IB Biology HL/SL

IB Elite Tutor offers IB Home Tutors & IB Online Tutors with the most experienced, qualified and skilled teachers. We offer IB Maths Tutors, IB TOK Tutors, IB IA Tutors etc. Here our IB Biology Tutors are sharing a few tips on how to score high in IB Biology HL/SL.

As we all know that before starting to master a subject we first need to understand it. So, to score high in IB Biology HL/SL let’s first understand what biology is, in actual. Biology is a branch of science that studies life and living organisms. Includes, their chemical processes, physical structures, molecular interactions, evolution, physiological mechanisms, and developments. In short, biology is the science of life, which requires a lot of visualization, understanding, imagination, and focus. You need a lot of dedication, memorization, and time as well, to master a subject like biology.

Seven Mantras for IB Biology HL/SL

Here our IB Online Biology Tutors have 7 mantras, by which you can be a master in IB Biology HL/SL and score high as well.

-Let’s start by being understanding and prepared for the subject.

Visualization – As we said before that IB Biology HL/SL needs visualizations, which means you need to visualize things that you are studying. When you study something in biology try to get an image of that in your mind. So, you can see what you are studying and can connect with the subject.

Read IB books ahead of time –

Before attending your biology class, be sure you have read your biology book beforehand. This will help you get a better understanding of the lecture that has been taught in the class. Also, you’d be aware of the concepts that you found difficult. And if not sorted during the lectures you can ask your teacher after the lecture as well.

Make notes – Whenever you find some important points, make sure to write them down. Writing each and everything and making notes would solidify the concepts in your mind. As you know IB Biology HL/SL is a subject that needs memorization, never assume you can memorize important points without writing them down in your notebook.

Diagrams – As biology requires visualization and visualization requires images. Diagrams can play a very important role in visualizing, understanding and memorizing a certain topic that you find difficult to memorize or easy to forget. With the help of diagrams, you can create a picture in your mind as it is, and your mind can relate to it. Also, it is easier than actually mugging up long paragraphs. But, make sure you practice diagrams again and again. You should scan or redraw repetitive diagrams and figures in a chapter.

Focus –

Focus on lectures in the class very precisely without getting distracted. Pay close attention to what the teacher is saying as biology is a bit complex subject. Sometimes the subject can get very involving and interconnecting. So, kill urges of using your mobile phone between the lectures or even talking with your friend sitting next to you. Avoid cramming sessions, focus on one concept at a time, and spread out complicated topics again and again. Record and lock certain points either in your mind or you can record the lectures so that you can listen to them later and never forget a thing or miss onto something.

Clear doubts – Ask questions while in the class or later but never carry a doubt in biology. Even if the doubt is as small as a grain, clear it out, if you won’t, you’d build many obstacles in your mind about the concept and you can never actually understand it. Never be shy of a certain doubt, if you are not comfortable asking it in the class, clear it out with the teacher after the class. Do whatsoever but say no to doubts.

Study IB Biology HL/SL effectively 

Our IB Biology Tuition suggests few key points to study biology

Make a time table: Spreading out time is crucial to success in a subject as that of IB Biology HL/SL. Managing time is the key to score high in any aspect of life let alone, biology, that’s just a subject.

Grasp/know your learning style: Understand your way of learning and the kind of information your mind retains the best. You can’t control how and when the teacher teaches a particular lecture but you have access to your style and time. So, grasp and enjoy the benefits of carrying it out your way.

Star marking of questions:

You can mark the questions that you find difficult or that take you more time to solve. So, that, when you revise your topics you know where you have to put your mind to and where not to.

Monitor register: Make a track register to monitor your study. Write everything in that register about your study, the topics that you find difficult, the topics that come easy to you, the time is taken to solve each question and your management towards your subject, biology.

Self examiner: Be your examiner, and examine yourself wisely, your weaknesses, your strengths, everything.

Concise: Use note cards for fast and effective learning. You can just have a look at your note cards, where you have highlighted important key points for a quick, on the go revision. Study concisely.

Group study: Studying in a group can help a lot in a subject like IB Biology HL/SL. As you might have missed things that others in the group know or vice versa. This way you can study better as others will be your teacher and tell you things that you would have not done alone.

 Interest: No the subject can be mastered without interest. Try to build the utmost interest in the subject. By relating it to things that interest you the most. And soon you will have all your interest in your subject, biology.

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