How to Become a Top Scorer in the IB Chemistry Exam

IB Chemistry Exam. It is seen that; our IB Chemistry HL SL students worry about how to tackle the IB Chemistry curriculum due to its rigidness. And it becomes more and more challenging as time passes. Don’t worry; Our IB Chemistry Tutors has prepared this guide to provide some useful tips and tricks. So you can prepare well for the IB Chemistry examination. And attain a perfect 7 score in it to become a top performer.  Let’s commence! 

Go Through the IB Chemistry Exam Syllabus

IB Chemistry demands attention, commitment, knowledge, and time. So, to fulfill all these demands, you must go over the syllabus first. And then understand the course content. As a reason for that, IB only asked for the syllabus. So, it does not matter whether you are an SL or HL student; you must read all the examination guidelines properly, including the marking scheme. And then make a study schedule accordingly.

Right Study Pattern Helps to Build a Strong Base for IB Chemistry Exam  

An organized approach and maintaining self-discipline are the key to success. So, start with learning foundational topics or basic concepts of the IB Chemistry curriculum. For instance:

  • What atoms are made up of?
  • The mole concepts
  • Electronic configuration
  • Covalent bonding
  • Periodic table and its elements
  • And many other

And remember to understand all the above basic concepts deeply. It will help you easily comprehend the tough topics or equations of IB Chemistry. And also, you can learn advanced IB Chemistry topics quickly and smoothly. Moreover, take help from the YouTube channel of Richard Thornley to learn those concepts.

Stay Consistent & Manage Time Wisely

You can identify your weaknesses and strengths if you stay consistent and utilize your time wisely. On the other hand, time management is essential to help you avoid procrastination. So, prioritize all the topics to complete your syllabus on time. For instance, study the toughest topics and then come to the easiest one.  Make weekly reviewing sessions on Saturday or Sunday. And pin down all your doubts before starting a new topic clear all your doubts with the help of school teachers or IB Chemistry Tuition. So, you can concentrate well on the other topics easily.

Learn All the Formulas, Reactions, & Equations

Make a booklet and write all the equations, formulas, and reactions. It will help you to remember equations/reactions easily. Also, you can revise them effortlessly before the examination whenever you needed.  Make notes and use mind-mapping techniques to remember concepts. It is a great strategy to structure information and easily understand complex topics. It will help you to retain or recall things quickly. 

Practice Past Year’s Papers

The more you practice past year’s papers, the more you feel confident to write answers effectively. It will help you to gain knowledge about the questions asked in the IB Chemistry examination. You can also understand the exam pattern or different question styles by solving previous year’s papers. 

Make sure you can review all the papers after solving them and track your progress promptly. Furthermore, pen down all the essential details you need to acquire full marks on the questions. And then, compare your answers by filling in all the missing details with the help of a marking scheme.

Don’t Forget to Recall Everything

Revisit each and everything before your IB Chemistry examination. This will help you easily remember concepts, formulas, equations, and reactions. And keep trying not to leave any topic if you don’t want to lose marks. Also, make your learning stress-free by doing revisions from time to time. 

Make a schedule after finishing the topic and test yourself to understand where you stand. It helps you to overcome your exam anxiety and learn complex concepts without any hurdles.

Take your Lab & IA Seriously!

Your major concern is to grasp full marks in your lab work and IB Chemistry IA. Please don’t take it lightly. All you need to do is choose the appropriate IA topic that connects with real-world phenomena. Apart from this, investigate and organize it properly to seek examiners’ attention. You can easily score 24/24 in the IA.  Be ready to become a top scorer in the IB Chemistry examination this year with the help of the following handy exam tips:

  • Firstly, solve the questions with high marks so you can answer them effectively. 
  • After that, approach those questions of which you have some knowledge about them.
  • Please only spend time on the questions so you can remember a single thing. After completing the whole paper, then come back to them.
  • If you don’t know the answer, write at least the formula, equation, or reaction you knew. But remember that it will be relevant to the question. So, you get some marks for writing them. 
  • Refrain from incorporating irrelevant information to acquire marks. It is a total waste of time, and you did not get any marks for it.
  • Write all the areas of application and the right methodology to ace the IB Chemistry examination.

Only marks are not your main concern. Your knowledge what matter most. So, learn what you are studying and why you are studying. And if you need help, our IB Chemistry tutors are available for you 24*7. They assist you at every phase of your learning before the last moment of the examination. And give their best. So, you can attain a perfect 7 score in the IB Chemistry examination.


Problem-solving is a crucial skill you need to get mastery the IB Chemistry curriculum. So, be a problem solver to become a top performer or want to attain the best score. It seems simple, but if you tackle the problem in a very organized manner, then you win. Hence, put the right methodology at the right time. And remind yourself what is essential or what is not. Remember, we are with you in every situation to fulfill all the IB needs. Also, get help for IB TOK, IB IA, IB EE, and other IB subjects from our highly qualified and trained faculty.  Pls visit IBO official website for any mismatch in the information.

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