IB Mock Exams: Don’t create havoc. Just strategize yourself!

IB Mock Exams are full of anxiety and stress. On the other hand, they are crucial in giving an idea about the final IB examination. So, organize yourself with our Online IB Tutors and follow the steps given in this article to ace the IB Mock Examinations. But before that, don’t forget to explore the IB Mock Exams!

What are IB Mock Exams?

IB Mock Exams are not graded but created for IB students. So they can comprehend the pattern of main IB examinations. In other words, they are designed in a very similar manner to the actual examination. So, our learner knows what is coming in the main examinations. All the guidelines are accurate and specific. And students must provide relevant and to-the-point answers. Additionally, Mock Exams are given in midwinter. So our learners can correct their mistakes and improve themselves. And get yourself prepared for the final examinations. 

Pat on Your Back & Breathe!

Firstly, take your mock tests seriously and start speeding up your preparation. Secondly, declutter your mind and:

  1. Organize yourself to boost productivity
  2. Make a study space
  3. Do constant revision/ make a revision timetable
  4. Work on weak areas and strengthen them
  5. Pay attention to important topics
  6. Watch videos to remove your doubts
  7. Make notes and enhance your writing skills
  8. Set your phones on “Do not disturb” mode
  9. Take part in quizzes and make flashcards
  10. Take frequent breaks or go for a long walk to refresh yourself.

How to Make a Revision Schedule for IB Mock Exams?

You don’t know how to eliminate distractions and concentrate on IB mock tests. Don’t worry; make a revision schedule and consistently follow it. It will boost your memory and help you in retaining concepts. 

  • Collect relevant & important material
  • Use Pomodoro Technique
  • Remove negative thoughts 
  • Review mistakes and correct them
  • Teach or discuss topics with your friends/peers
  • Make mind-maps to grasp complex topics of History, Geography, Psychology, etc.
  • Take part in healthy competition with your classmates
  • Make your revision engaging by playing games
  • Practice exam-style questions
  • Download relevant question banks and practice 8-10 questions every day.

How to Manage Time Wisely?

Understand the mark scheme and answer questions according to it. So, set a timer when you start writing your answer. As a reason for that, you have only 40 minutes to write answers. And you have to write them effectively. 

Just remember that:

  • Don’t spend too much time on any questions. You have a time limit, and every second is crucial.
  • Maintain speed and accuracy while writing an answer.
  • Practice chapter-wise questions from the hardest to the easiest.
  • Get a stronghold on your strengths.
  • After a week, keep an eye on your performance.
  • Understand the subject’s key concepts.
  • Pay attention to problem-solving methods.
  • Properly analyze or fabricate an argument.
  • Creatively or ingeniously solve problems.
  • Incorporate originality while presenting the information. 

Areas You Need to Work On

It would help if you grasped a syllabus after some time. So, focus on the areas that you need to improve. For instance, if you have a problem in essay writing, then select 2-3 topics and start writing. It enhances your writing skills and makes you aware of what is required to score in writing. On the other hand, if you face problems in calculating complex problems, start practicing problematic sums of Maths or Physics. 

So, you do it yourself and get aware of what skills you have to improve to ace Mock exams. And don’t forget that they are only practice papers for the final examinations. So, take it seriously and take advantage of this opportunity.

The more you work on your grey areas, the more you enhance yourself. And make yourself capable of IB examinations. So, don’t stress, eat healthily, rest, and drink plenty of water. 

Take Help for IB Mock Tests

Studying for hours makes you frustrated. And in the end, you are in a state where your mind gets tired & exhausted. So, it would be best if you had a fresh start. And our IB tutors are here for you to refresh and elevate your IB Mock Exams preparation. 

We set a stress-free environment that provides the following:

  • Tremendous and passionate learning 
  • Online and offline teaching support
  • Well-experienced faculty
  • Unique memorization techniques
  • Study notes and study material
  • 24*7 assistance
  • Easily manageable learning portal
  • Short and interactive sessions
  • Practice papers for IB Mock revisions
  • Revision bundle
  • Question banks
  • Test series 

Ideally, we encourage students and focus on their weak points. So they can spend their time productively. 

The busy schedule of the students is a hurdle to their success. So, we assist or guide them through our online training sessions. They can easily compete with their busy schedule. And fulfill the demands of each subject. Moreover, we advise students to participate in extra-curricular activities to refresh themselves. Don’t negotiate with your mental health; make a study schedule to improve yourself. There is no need to exhaust yourself. 

  • Firstly, our experts said teaching what you learn is the best way to remember something. And it helps you to retain concepts, and you never forget them. So, if you can teach, don’t lose it. Teach all the concepts to your classmates that you learned. And improve yourself.
  • Secondly, put creativity into your learning. Pour out your imagination in the form of pictures that represent names, reactions, dates, historical figures, etc. It will help you to engage with your curriculum, and you did not get bored with your studies.
  • Thirdly, find a space where you can study distraction-free. And surround yourself with the things that remind you of your IB Mock examinations. So, you remembered the subject/area you must focus on. For instance, paste your examination schedule, important topics, remaining topics, etc. 
  • Lastly, always energize yourself after an hour or two hours of study. Take a break or a nap and have a snack. And repeat it day by day. So, next time you can study with full concentration. And gradually, it increases your learning abilities. All the Best for your IB Mock Exams!
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