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IB Internal Assessment Help & Suggestions. IB Elite Tutor is the only academy that provides “Dedicated tutoring for IB students only”. We are offering Online IB tuition & IB Internal Assessment Help & Suggestions for the last 10 years. But it should not be mis-understood. We can only guide students by our IB IA  help. We are never going to write an IA or an Essay for any student in any case

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    IB Elite Tutor offers help to IB students so that they can write their IA/TOK themselves and get a perfect grade.

    IB Divides its assessments into two parts
    (i) External Assessment

    (ii) Internal Assessment

    Here we are mainly discussing the internal assessment part. Internal Assessment (IA) is used for almost all the subjects, like-:

    • Field tasks in Geography
    • Oral work in case of Languages
    • Artistic performances
    • Laboratory tasks in case of Science subjects
    • & investigations for Mathematics

    Internal assessment is a written piece of 2200 words  (for group four it must be a 6-12 pages long document with normal fonts and spacing). Students are supposed to write it themselves without any external help. IA is very important for a student’s overall diploma score. It consists of 25% of the final score for SL students and 20% for HL students.

    Why does a student need IB Internal Assessment Help & Suggestions

    Internal assessment is a task that IB examiners assign to the students and students have to complete the tasks without any external help. IB IA helps you a lot to handle real problems related to the subject of your choice. The more you involve yourselves in the internal assessment, the more understanding of the subject you get. But there can be many reasons that you may need help from IB Internal Assessment Help and suggestions 

    You may be stuck at the beginning. You may be uncertain whether you are on the right path or not. If you are going in the right direction or not. Sometimes you may be looking for someone who can give you detailed & unbiased feedback about your work. While some students may be looking for mock moderation, etc. For all these reasons, a student may seek help from IB Internal Assessment Help & Suggestions.

    How can IB IA  Services Help & Suggestions?

    IB Internal Assessment Help & Suggestions can help students in many ways. Before offering any help first of all our teachers do a detailed discussion with the students. In this discussion, they try to gauge students’ knowledge in their respective subjects, whether they have selected their topic or not. If they have stated their internal assessment then IB Internal Assessment Help & Suggestions checks if they are going in the right direction or not.

    Once our IB IA Tutors are equipped with all the information, then they offer help to the students with the best possible approach.

    IB Internal Assessment Help & Suggestions can help students-

    • To select a suitable topic and advise them to develop a research question
    • In understanding the exact framework of internal assessment
    • Can help in proper word count distribution
    • Give you unbiased, detailed & objective feedback to guide you on your work
    • can do the verbal mock moderation and provide you with an expected grade for your work after you do the final submission so that you can get an idea about your work.

    Why Choose IB Internal Assessment Help & Suggestions

    Education is one of the important tools through which you can make many positive changes in society. Each individual deserves a better and quality education. Unfortunately, when it comes to quality, many of us get disappointment. To attain Quality education many parents go after world schools, and yes to some extend world schools provide quality education than other boards. As time changes, the learning pattern of students is also changing day by day but many boards follow that old pattern of education. hence new generation students struggle to reach the expectations of the present competitive world.

    As a Glimmer of Hope International Baccalaureate was founded. IB is one of the leading educational organizations which is spread all over the world. There are many schools in India that follow the IB board, thus creating a comfortable learning environment for students. One of the key benefits of the International Baccalaureate is its unique methodology. They have Smart learning for Smart students. Apart from this International Baccalaureate comprises four programs that focus on developing critical analysis skills in students. All four programs have a unique approach to teaching students of different age groups. Most importantly all the curriculum is constructed based on psychologically proven methods.

    Procedures of IB Internal Assessment 

    Now, when it comes to evaluating students’ performance IB uses both external and internal assessments. External assessment consists of two written papers which include essays, short and data response questions, MCQs, and case study questions.

    Secondly, Internal Assessment ( IA), is one of the challenges and is important. It is basically a curriculum-embedded assessment that is completely based on classroom teaching. This helps the teachers to gauge students’ progress. As IA is conducted for every subject but one of the toughest IA subjects is physics. firstly, physics is all about the study of matter, energy, and their interactions. Thus it includes deep study and experiments, which proves or concludes the study.

    In IB IA involves papers, projects, oral exams, series of experiments confining on individual classes. Most of the time, students find it very difficult to work in all these fields. lack of guidance and low confidence paves the way to low grades and disappointments.

    IB IA Tuition provides ease for all those struggling students to achieve success in their careers. IB IA Tuition assists the students in various ways. They continue to guide the students on every baby step they make.  Considering the importance of the subject, IB IA questions bestow their best to each student.

    Tactics used by IB Internal Assessment Help & Suggestions

    As per the IB format, internal assessment counts 20% to 25 % marks of students’ final IB, and for this IB Elite Tutor carries out a distinctive approach. 

    • IB tuitions help the students to frame an eye-catching IA question. IA question is one of the key elements towards good grades, as the whole research will be dependent on that particular question.
    • Assists in practical, practicals always sound scary for most of the students, as a minuet mistake can ruin months of hard work. IB IA Tuition from the beginning of enrolment continues to abet the students on practicals. Experienced IB Tutors clear all the concepts and queries of students related to Practicals so that they themselves proceed on it.
    • Provides Demo manuals, the key feature of IB IA Tuition is its reference books. IB IA Tuition provides Demo manuals to students thus they get an idea about technical know-how.

    Assistance in Evaluation and Constructive arguments 

    Constructing arguments simply means critically analyzing the study. here IB provides all the assistance to examine each field of the project.  As IA is criterion-referenced, hence marked by the instructor, consequently, they notice everything in detail. Keeping this in mind, IB IA tuitions prepares the students to construct a meaningful Internal Assessment. IB tuitions help to develop the relationship between scientific discipline and its influence on other areas of knowledge.

    Moreover, IB IA Classes continue to encourage students to evaluate their own performance. Thus resulting in or building self-evaluating skills within students.

    Development of Presentation Skills

    Presentation skill is one of the important factors that determine to score.  International Baccalaureate has a strictly designed format. According to that format, students are supposed to frame the investigation. IB IA Tuition helps the students to construct the IA based on given guidance.  Guidance basically includes Aim, Intro, Background Info, and many more.

    IB Elite Tutor through its unique methodology makes the students contrive exemplary IA research.

    Help in creating case study questions

    This is one of the challenging tasks that every student face while preparing a case study. As half of the research or study is based on this component.  Certainly, there is no gain saying the fact that Constructing a case study is a daunting task but to create questions is much more challenging.  Constructing questions helps the students to elucidate their own research work with valid points and arguments.

    IB IA Tuition guides the students to construct case study questions based on the paper.  Apart from that  IB IA experts provide relevant valid points to explain the questions.

    Confidence Building

    Confidence is one of the important aspects of everyone’s success.  As someone said, “confidence is a key to success”. IB IA Tuition always tries to bestow quality training to each student. Their unique training methods create curiosity and interest in students to grab new learnings. Experienced IB tutors show the right path to students not just academically but also in personal life.

    We offer the following helps to IB students worldwide –

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