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Extended Essay is undoubtedly the most challenging component of the IB Diploma Program. A lot of students need help with their extended essays. You need a highly experienced & qualified IB Economics Tutors to handle it. We offer high-quality IB Economics EE Tutors to help & support our students.

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    Choosing suitable IB Economics EE tutors is crucial to acquiring the proper guidance at the right time. Our tutors guide you to craft a compelling IB Economics essay by choosing the perfect topic, developing a solid argument, and structuring your essay.

    IB EE Tutoring

    On the other hand, we are with you at every step in your EE journey. And ignite your passion for Economics.

    IB Economics Extended Essay – Let’s Delve into its Framework

    The IB Diploma program students must write an independent, self-directed, 4,000-word essay on a subject of their choice. Also, it allows students to:

    • Enhance their research skills.
    • Incorporate Economic theories into real-world issues or situations.
    • Evaluate and analyze the output of their research/investigation.
    • Study a recent Economic event.
    • Study an Economic policy or issue.
    • Incorporate Economic tools and models.

    How do you select the topic for your IB Economics EE?

    The most significant of the IB EE curriculum is selecting the topic. Topic selection in the essay is based on the research topic that interests you and depends upon the core principles of economics. Moreover, keep in mind that your topic should:

    • Be related to the economic information that is at most five years old.
    • It is answered in the way that it consists of economic theories and concepts.
    • Be critically analyzed with the knowledge and data that you collected.
    • Be adequately demonstrate all the Economic understanding that you know.

    How do you frame a research question for your IB Economics EE?

    When it comes to framing a research question, you have to keep in mind that your research question reflects a strong emphasis on economics rather than another academic subject. Also, it must reflect Economic theory and all the subject requirements of the IB Economics EE.

    Some examples:

    • What is the most critical component that affects the consumer demand for cabbage in Busan, South Korea?
    • How successful has the government’s enactment of excessive tobacco products been in lowering the consumption of cigarettes in New South Wales?
    • To what extent can the abolition of the sugar tax in Denmark be asserted on Economic grounds?

    How do you collect the data for your IB Economics EE?

    IB encouraged you to conduct original research on any topic from Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, or the Global Economy. Focus on all aspects of Microeconomics with the help of primary research like surveys, interviews, or questionnaires. The information must be from journalists, government officials, university lecturers, and relevant business people. 

    On the other hand, focus on all the aspects of Macroeconomics and The Global Economy with the help of secondary research gathered, data from government publications, published academic papers, online articles, statistical databases, and historical records. And properly develop reasoned arguments rather than present a general summary of the secondary sources. 

    How do you analyze and evaluate your IB Economics EE?

    You must engrave relative Economic theories, tools, and models with the supporting evidence from your research. And don’t forget to showcase the critical awareness of the validity of the information you collected or used in your essay.

    While writing IB Economics EE, you must remember all these points. It will pave the way for you to attain a perfect score in the IB Economics EE.

    How valuable are our IB Economics EE tutors?

    Our IB Economics EE tutors have subject expertise. They are familiar with the IB curriculum, so they can guide you on how to craft a great IB Economics EE. Our tutors can inspire and motivate you when you feel frustrated and stressed.

    Our IB Economics EE tutors are valuable to us because they aid you:

    • How do you structure your IB Economics extended essay?
    • How do you find the scope of the research?
    • How do you showcase well-reasoned arguments?
    • How do you use appropriate sub-headings?
    • How to conclude the essay?
    • How do you add citations by following the style of academic sources?
    • How to use RPPF for reflections?
    • How do you appropriately incorporate the three reflections in your essay?
    • How do we fulfill the assessment criteria?

    As you all know, a well-written research paper engages your readers and helps you attain a perfect score. Also, there are numerous benefits of a well-written research paper. Our tutors help you make your research paper well-written through the following:

    • Conducting innovative research. So it captures the reader’s attention.
    • Conveying arguments, methods, and findings in a very coherent and intuitive way.
    • Critically analyze the content of your essay.
    • Incorporating grammar and words that describe the idea correctly.
    • Identifying the intricacies of the English language.

    Our tutors ensure that your research covers your topic thoroughly. Also, proofread and edit every essay step so your examiner pays attention.

    What are your potential challenges, and how are our tutors resolving them?

    Our IB Economics EE tutors, through proactive communication and problem-solving techniques, help to solve the following challenges:

    • Differentiate the topic between Economics and Business & Management.
    • The topic needs more Economic theory, data, and sources. 
    • The context of the essay could be more business-focused.
    • The essay does not contain real-world settings like national, local market, industry, or economic situations or scenarios. 
    • Collect enough sources to conduct a thorough analysis to present the Economic model.
    • Give yourself enough time to evaluate, analyze, and link all your points.

    Apart from the above, we strengthen all your weaknesses and boost your confidence. So, you can quickly fabricate your EE in a well-defined manner. You will follow all the limitations and recommendations from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) for the IB Economics extended essay.  


    Our IB Economics EE tutors take the initiative to encourage you in your IB Economics EE journey. The support you need to excel in your IB Economics EE is here. We provide specific ways to succeed in the IB Economic EE process. 

    We determine that your essay won’t exceed the 4000-word limit. The sections, sub-sections, table of contents, methodology, etc., are up to the mark. And make it exciting and engaging as much as possible.