Common Mistakes in IB Physics Examination

Common Mistakes in IB Physics Exam. We at IB Elite Tutor regularly sit as a team and discuss how we can make the work of our students more refined and productive. Here are a few tips and tricks that our team of IB Physics Tutors has shared. These are the tips we used to discuss in our IB Physics Tuition Classes so that students can skip these mistakes and excel in their examinations.

Common Mistakes in IB Physics Exam that IB students do

Common Mistakes in IB Examination

We were hoping you could avoid these mistakes, so we give some solutions to be aware of and not repeat in your IB exams. Here are a few of them. 

1.Be aware of unfeasible numerical answers

Always be careful of the numerical value you are giving in the result. Make sure your answer is reasonable as well as obvious. If there is any, then check properly is a of calculator error or power of 10 error. For instance, you have to show all calculate refractive index between 1.00<n>2.50 and not beyond this. So, Our IB Physics Tutors ensure that each calculation must contain a proper value.

2.Don’t be careless with topic 1

You have to understand topic one perfectly. If you want to get mastery inmistakes in IB Physics exam every measurement and uncertainty in topic 1, then go through all the topics in detail since topic one comprises the section in paper 3, 8.9% in SL IB physics, 8% in HL IB physics, and one question in the paper I. So, you have to analyze all the points and get the best outcome.

3.In topic 2, keep your focus on the rules of vertical and horizontal motion in a gravitational field

Students do not understand projectile motion properly. So, they did not know how to learn or practice questions on projectile motion. Hence, students must make a different table to understand the vertical and horizontal motion in a gravitational field. In the vertical motion section, the student can write you v t equations, which contains accelerated motion equations. On the other hand, students can write speed, distance, and time in the horizontal motion section. So, they can easily remember and navigate questions.

4.Don’t jumble yourself with radians in degrees in topics

Every student’s most common mistake is getting confused between radians and degrees. So, students must understand that in topic 6, radians are only used for angular velocity and acceleration. Meanwhile, degrees are used in the whole course. So, students have to set their calculators appropriately between radians to degrees. Apart from this, they can also use the conversion factor.

5.Don’t get confused with the meaning of drawing a best-fit line

You have to balance the points to construct a straight line properly. Moreover, students didn’t want to draw a thick line and didn’t join the dots. Also, it would be best to use a transparent ruler to see through it and not make a mistake. Students must draw an obvious line and don’t shade it. So, take a very sharp pencil if you want a perfect score.

6.Don’t forget to learn definitions

It is essential to memorize definitions precisely. Also, students must realize that it does not take too much time to learn definitions. It is beneficial for them to grab 9 to 11% in the IB Physics exam.

7.Properly acknowledge the command words that come in the exam:

Students must understand the meaning of the command words. If the examiner asks to show calculation in the question paper, students must adequately show all the required steps. Moreover, the IB exam paper appropriately explains the command words like distinguish, deduce, and evaluate. Could you not take it all those terms lightly?

8.Don’t forget to show full working of your solution

It is really important to write all your answers in full detail. Sometime your answer is wrong but you can still get marks for the parts that are correct. Thus you can take benefit of step-marking.

9.Give right amount of time to each topic

When we study IB Physics, We find some topics more interested. So we give most of our study time to those topics, and eventually, they become problematic. Its one of the Common Mistakes in IB Physics Exam. In itself, it doesn’t sound that bad. But ultimately, this leads us to cut downtime on other topics. And it results in losing marks in the examination. We should give appropriate time to each topic like Electricity and Magnetism, Measurements and Uncertainties, Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves, Electricity and Magnetism, Circular Motion and Gravitation, etc.

10.Refer to a good text book & do note depends upon notes only

Hand-written short notes are essential for revision purposes. These types of notes can make your revision quick and efficient. But it would help if you did not forget your textbooks in this process. Textbooks give you a detailed overview and a further understanding of a particular topic.

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