Latest Changes in IB Maths Syllabus

Latest Changes in IB Maths Syllabus

IBO Has changed IB Maths Syllabus once again. Latest syllabus in IB Maths offers new options to study a unique curriculum of Maths to a more significant number of students.

IB schools can categorize the students according to their choice of the syllabus, organize lecture plan, and teach the skills and content. 

Our IB Maths Tutors say that the new IB syllabus is focused more on student requirements such as quickly understanding & solution of problems, later on, to achieve the desired goals quickly.

Changes in IB Maths Syllabus

Earlier, IB Maths syllabus contains two choices like

⇒ Maths at a higher level (HL)

⇒ Maths at a Standard level (SL).

 But now new IB Maths syllabus includes more choices for students. IB Maths syllabus designed in two different subjects/ course. And IB is offering two levels for each subject that are standard level (SL), and higher level (HL) become a total of four choices to the students.

Mathematics: Applications and interpretation course

 This course is outlined for the students who love to solve problems representing real-world. And cracking practical problems using mathematics, those who are interested in the couple the power of technology alongside searching mathematical models and like the new practical side of mathematics students who take Mathematics. Students who take applications and interpretation course will be those who are fascinated in applying their mathematics for describing our world, modelling and solving practical problems using the power of technology.

Mathematics: Analysis and approaches course: 

This course is outlined for those students who enjoy developing mathematical arguments, problem-solving and exploring real and abstract applications, with and without technology, progress strong skills in mathematical thinking. They will explore practical and theoretical applications, sometimes with technology. Students who take analysis and approaches course will be those who will like the adventure of mathematical problem-solving.

Changes in Assessments according to new IB Maths syllabus.

 We have two types of assessments: internal and external. There is no change in the external assessmentBut there are changes in internal assessments.

 External assessments, for both courses, SL or HL contains two final exam papers in written format. In which answers will be of two types of short solutions and long answers. An extra article will be conducted only for HL students for both courses, which will be the duration of the one-hour problem-solving exam paper.

 In Internal assessments, the student has to submit a project independently, which is internally assessed by the faculty and externally moderated by the IB and contributes to 20 per cent to the overall mark. The total duration of 30 hours spends by students for developing investigational, problem-solving, collaboration, and modelling skills.

 To clear the understanding of the related subject, the main aim of IB to remove the study tension from the mind of the student.

 Details of two courses for choices of students 

 The choice of applications and interpretation course emphasis on technology to solve practical problems. While the choice of analysis and approaches course emphasis on more traditional pure mathematics topics, broadly the subject of the application is said to be applied, and the question of interpretation is answered to be abstract.

 The course of Mathematics: applications and interpretation for SL are suited for weak students in mathematics, who will not opt mathematics in the future after their high school. The course of Mathematics: applications and interpretation for HL are suited for students who have strong skills for applying mathematics. Students who are interested in studying social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, statistics, business, engineering, psychology. When studying applications and interpretation course, students will explore mathematical models and will understand the practical components of the subject, and the student will solve a real problem using Maths.

The course of Mathematics: analysis and approaches for SL

It suits for those students who want to study mathematics subject at college or interested in going for engineering. The course of Mathematics: analysis and approaches for HL are suited for those students who will study physical science and economics at university. When studying analysis and strategies courses, students will focus on honing their math skills, problem-solving and exploring real and abstract applications.

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