IB Exam Revision Quick Tips

IB exam revision is a really serious and important task to do. Here are some really important IB Exam Revision tips by our Online IB Tutors. With these suggestions, you can quickly complete your revision in one day.

IB Exam Revision Quick Tips by IB Elite Tutor

Most students are stressed because they leave revisions for the last day before their examination. It is traumatic or frustrating when you don’t know where to start. And also how to get rid of extreme procrastination and laziness. We genuinely want that you don’t burn yourself out. And provide you with an ideal revision timetable that helps you prepare yourself for the upcoming examination.In this article, we bestow some useful tips that help you to make an effective revision schedule for a single day. So you can fully revise or recall concepts at the last minute. And get fruitful results.

Let’s switch on your IB Exam Revision Quick mode!

  • Early Rising, Easy Revising- Start as early as possible because you have only one day. So, you have to make it productive. Make sure you set your alarm for 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. and start revising from 8:00 a.m. onwards after breakfast. This will lead you to end up your day with full coverage of your syllabus and gives you tranquillity.
  • Search For a Peaceful Space- A calm and quiet place has fewer distractions and makes you more productive. So, find a place where you can study peacefully and comfortably. And if you can’t find that place, go to the library.
  • Don’t Dread- Panicking is normal at the time of the last minute-revision. But keep calm and have a positive mindset. The more you panic, the more you leg behind. So, don’t pressurize yourself and beat the exam stress through:
  1. Prioritize your revised schedule
  2. Be organized
  3. Eat healthily
  4. Pamper yourself
  5. Eliminate negative thoughts
  6. Avoid distractions
  7. Reward yourself

Collect Relevant Study Material & Make Use of technology for IB Exam Revision 

Gather all the study material for the subject that you want to revise. For instance, notes, past papers, PowerPoint presentations, flashcards, formula booklets, etc. Remember that you don’t have time to collect material while preparing or studying. So, collect it at once and freeze yourself at the study place!

  • Take advantage of the digital world. But only for the study, not for wasting time. Get help from the apps for:
    Setting the alarm after every 30-45 minutes of studying.
  • Understand concepts through YouTube.
  • Clearing doubts/concepts in which you are stuck.
  • Teachnology is really helpful tools to trigger lots of information in your brain.
  • But if you can’t control yourself to avoid social media, don’t use them.
  • Printed material and lecture notes are more favorable in that situation.

Prioritize Your Topics / Concepts 

It is essential to decide which topic you are confident about. And in which you are not? So, please make a list and jot down all the topics that you need more confidence or more knowledge about. And mark topics from the most important to the least important. While making your list, remember :

  • Marking scheme or weightage of each topic.
  • The complexity of the topics.
  • Topics that contain more calculations, complex problems, or equations.
  • Length of the topics.
  • Highlight tough topics.On the other hand, divide all the topics/areas for a specific time.
  • So, you are aware of all topics. And you can pay attention to each topic accordingly.

Breakdown in Small Chunks, Do Some Exercise & Take Frequent Breaks

  • Allocate time to study. Break down the topics you need to revise. For instance, 30 minutes or 45 minutes is enough to revise topics. And mark them after completing them one by one.
  • Make sure to leave all topics intact because you don’t have time to mug it up later. And also, at the end of the day, take time to analyze your progress or do some rapid revision.
  • Don’t go outside; you can walk in your room or do some stretching exercise that helps you to refresh your mind. And remove laziness.
  • It boosts the brain cells, and you feel fresh and energetic. So, exercise within your study room or study area to revitalize yourself. It is essential to take breaks from time to time.
  • So you can revise the next topic properly. Also, maintain discipline by pushing yourself when you feel lazy or lose momentum. You can make SMART goals; it makes your learning flexible. And you feel confident.
  • Testing helps you understand how much you know about your revised topic. So, after completing any topic, examine yourself. And note down your progress.
  • Evaluate your weak points and ask your peers/teachers.
  • And also, ask for help from tutors or your seniors when you get stuck between questions.
Incorporate Memorization Techniques
  • There are numerous ways to memorize formulas or equations. Take help from:
  • Mnemonics
  • Rhymes
  • Memory devices
  • Acronyms
  • Create stories
  • Mind-mapping
  • Visualization

On top of that, try different sources to memorize historical dates or authors’ names.

Eat Energy Boosting Snacks & take guidance from our expert tutors
  1. Recharge yourself by eating some healthy stuff. Avoid burning out and take a snack break to reenergize yourself through having nuts, bananas, juice, coffee, etc. Our tutor’s also help in your revision.
  2. They guide you on how to cover all the topics properly. Provide some effective memorization techniques. And guide you on how to improve your weak areas.
  3. Make sure not to worry about anything, and if you need any help, we are here for your assistance 24*7. So you can achieve what you deserve.
  4. We will help you maintain or balance your study schedule for a day, week, or month. And make plans/strategies so that you can accomplish your learning goals easily with the help of the best tutoring faculty. So, don’t hesitate to ask.
On a Final Note

We have come to an end and hope that this guide helps you to make a productive revision schedule for one day. We cover all the essential details that are necessary for an effective revision. What are you waiting for? Start your revision by focusing on the above points. And keep endeavoring to acquire the best grades in that subject. Remember to concentrate on the most important topics and create a timetable. Stay Calm! Stay Tuned! Best of Luck!

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