How to Score Well in IGCSE Maths Examination

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While tutoring IGCSE Maths students, our team encounters several questions from our students. Some of them are-

  • How do you get an A in maths IGCSE?
  • How do you get 9 in IGCSE?
  • Is IGCSE maths hard to add?
  • How many hours should I study for IGCSE?
  • What are the disadvantages of IGCSE?
  • How many papers do IGCSE maths have?
Score Well in IGCSE Maths

In this post our IGCSE Maths Team has tried to address to all these questions and many others.

How to score well in IGCSE Maths?

  1. Maths is a very important subject for all students. Students learn to use reasoning and calculations in mathematics.
  2. Being good at maths calculations and doing sums is not only enough to score high in IGCSE maths. There are some factors responsible for making you score high.
  3. If you are good at maths and do not practice mathematics regularly, you cannot get an in IGCSE maths.
  4. Here are a few tips and tricks which can be very helpful for you to Boost Your confidence and get in a grade.

Learn from your mistakes and get ready to Score Well in IGCSE Maths

  • If you are a mathematics student, mistakes are very common. It would help if you were not afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are the mathematical problems that help you to be a master of mathematics.
  • It would help if you learned how to tackle the problems. Sometimes we feel that problems are very easy to solve, ignoring such sums.
  • It would help if you did not ignore additional questions in its state. You should prepare them thoroughly so that you can be a perfectionist.
  • Professional mathematicians also face such problems in their day-to-day life. They solve them every day. There are so many mathematical problems that are still unsolved for decades.

Don’t search the shortcuts only hardwork can make you Score Well in IGCSE Maths

  1. There is no shortcut to learning mathematics. It’s not right to memorize the methods or sums of mathematics full stop.
  2. You can only clear the exam and get an A grade if you constantly prepare and practice. It would help if you always prepared mathematics topics from the base.
  3. Students can understand some topics easily if they start understanding them from the base because the next level of those equations is quite difficult to understand without understanding the basic concepts.

Develop your interest in Mathematics

Understanding mathematics without interest is very difficult. So, it would help if you made your subject interesting for yourself so that you can feel excited to study mathematics and complete your work. There are various ways to make it interesting. You can watch various animated videos on YouTube, which are very helpful to clear your concepts. Be an active student and ask questions in class.

Prepare Short notes for Quick & Effective Revision

Always prepare notes in neat and clean handwriting. Don’t feel overconfident that you have understood the confidence and will remember it. When you start to revise before an exam, you can forget a few points. Notes would be very helpful for you if you forgot something full stop you can take help of your notes. Always get your notes checked by your teacher or tutor to be 100% sure that there are no mistakes in your notes.

Planning according to the topics

We all know that practicing mathematics is very important to score well in the IGCSE exam. Planning is also as important as practicing. Many topics are very easy and can easily be revised at exam time. But some topics are quite difficult, and they need time. To divide the topic accordingly and start practicing them according to the time required.

Some topics are quite lengthy and require much time to practice. Give extra time to these topics like- menstruation and transformations.

Take help from the previous year’s question papers.

Previous year’s question papers are the biggest help for students. Students can download previous years’ question papers from the official website of IGCSE. If you are seeking help from our tutor, they can also easily provide you with the question papers. Why do our tutors always provide previous question papers and make them solved by the students? Students get an idea of where they are standing. They will be aware of their weaknesses and can work on them.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

  • Mathematics is a subject that requires Practice. It is the only Mantra to score high in mathematics. We suggest our students practice regularly and clear all their doubts as soon as possible.
  • Make a proper timetable for practicing maths. Students can need a tutor or a facilitator to guide them while preparing for IGCSE Mathematics. There are various tutors available online and offline.IB Elite Tutor also provides the best mathematics tutors for their students.
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