IB Tutor In Singapore To Get A Perfect 45

IB Elite Tutor offers IB Tuition with IB Tutor in Singapore from top IB world schools. All our IB Tutor in Singapore are highly qualified, experienced, skilled, and trained. Hire the top Online IB Tutor in Singapore and get a perfect 7 in your IB diploma. Get the best IB Tuition in Singapore for all groups and subjects. We also offer tutoring services for IB Internal Assessment, Theory of Knowledge, and IB extended essays.

    The majority of our students in Singapore are from the top IB Schools. A few of them are-

    • Dover Court International School
    • One World International School
    • Chatsworth International School
    • North London Collegiate School (Singapore)
    • St. Joseph’s Institution International
    • Canadian International School (CIS)
    • Brighton College (Singapore) 
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    IB Tutor in Singapore by IB Elite Tutor

    Competition in education is going to be tough day by day. That’s why students who couldn’t get good marks feel inferior. In such situations, you can trust oue IB tutor in Singapore. All our tutors are highly experienced and experts in their subjects of interest. They understand students’ basic needs in specific topics well and give their best to satisfy every student.

    Quick Completion of Syllabus and Rigorous revision

    IB Tutor in Singapore make a clear plan with the students and execute it properly at the beginning of the classes, so there is no last-minute hassle. They complete the syllabus long before the examination. It opens an entirely new window of opportunities. Now, students can write tests and mock exams as much as possible. Early syllabus completion will give them enough time to revise things and solve more IB Maths Questions. Also, you can utilize this time to solve past year’s papers.

    Personal attention by IB Tutor in Singapore

    Every student has a different attitude and interest in the same subject. We want to take care of every single student. So We offer a tiny group of students or one-to-one classes. Only 2-3 students are in the group. In small groups, students are more comfortable asking their doubts, and a tutor can help students increase their concentration and interest in specific subjects. If required, a 1-1 student-tutor ratio is also provided because our main aim is to make the teaching-learning process more effective.

    Experienced and Expert IB Tutor in Singapore

    IB tutors are highly experienced in their specific subjects. They know how to make the subject enjoyable for the students. We arrange training sessions for our tutors to enhance their subject knowledge from time to time. Our tutors always try their best to understand the particular student’s needs. Our tutors’ main target is to raise students’ confidence levels so they can ask about their problems without hesitation.

    Preparation for Entrance/ Competitive exams Like SAT, ACT

    • IB Elite Tutor also prepares the students for various entrance/ competitive exams. For example, if the student wants to change schools, our tutors help them prepare for the entrance exam as per the norms of that particular school.
    • In the same way, our tutors prepare students for various competitive exams, such as engineering, medical, and accounting.
    • Our IB Tutor in Singapore arrange the mock tests, quizzes, unit tests, etc., at a pre-decided time to evaluate their performance.
    • After completing every topic, an examination is organized for students. After completing a unit, a unit test is arranged.
    • Viva voce is also used by students in between courses to improve their communication skills.

    Behavior and Personality of Students

    1. Our tutors are experts in academics and also take care of the students’ expression, attitude, and nature. We frequently arrange personality development classes for some of our students.
    2. We also offer admission assistance on a payment basis. These classes are complimentary with the course, and students can benefit from them.
    3. It can improve the students’ academics and enhance their personalities. We have separate individual tutors for these personality development classes.
    4. The students need to request it. In these classes, our tutors also taught students how to handle the pressure during their exams, release that exam pressure, and study in a relaxed manner.
    5. During training, our tutors are trained not only for their academic subjects but also for inspiring students to concentrate on their studies. Our tutors help students set their educational goals independently and encourage them to achieve them.
    6. Our IB Tutor in Singapore are very energetic and consistently deliver their lectures with full enthusiasm so that students take an interest in addressing the issue with total energy.
    7. We never give stress to students for submitting their assignments and scoring the highest marks in the subject. They raise their confidence level and provide all possible help to achieve their target.

    Communication with parents and guardians

    We try our best to communicate all the information regarding student performance to their parents through e-mail, SMS, and phone calls. We also mention all the specific dates on the website and send them to parents via SMS or mail. In some cases, wherever required, we arrange a meeting through online tools. A very transparent system is in place between students, tutors, and parents.

    Tests, Mock Exams and Past Paper solving and Parent Engagement

    Our IB tutor in Singapore believe in the saying.

    “Revision is the key to excel in an examination”

    1. It is valid for IB and every examination, and the best way to revise is to write more tests and mock quizzes. Our IB Tutors take tests after each chapter to check whether the students have grasped the concept well.
    2. After two-thirds of the chapters or one unit end, we take tests for revision. Once the syllabus is finished, it is time for full-length Mock Exams. We also provide our students with Sample IB past-Year Papers along with their solutions. 
    3. Students can try these papers and discuss their doubts with our IB Tutor in Singapore. IB exam questions are way more complicated than routine textbook questions.
    4. These papers give you an exact idea about exam-styled queries and a natural exam-like feeling. We share the results of all these tests with our Customers (the parents of our students).
    5. Thus, we keep them in the loop to ensure they are always aware of their ward’s performance.
    Study Material & Feedback   

    Our tutors provide study material to students of every grade. Students and their parents fill out a feedback form. If students want to change their faculty, we get the exact reason according to the student’s need and provide an alternate tutor to the students. We amicably finish this. No tutors take it personally as they understand that every student’s requirements are different.