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Different tutors use different teaching styles to teach different subjects according to the demand of the topic. Our dynamic IGCSE Tutors in kolkata are well-engaged in their teaching, and they teach enthusiastically. Here we are mentioning a few features of our tutors teaching different subjects.

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IGCSE Math Tutors in Kolkata

  • Our IGCSE maths tutors use a strong teaching style to teach all the different topics of mathematics.
  • Recapture the previous knowledge of students to check their basic understanding.
  • Explanation of all the complex formulas and concepts of mathematics step by step using the methodology of teaching easy to difficult.
  • Continuous questions with students give a proper understanding of their learning, and it works as feedback to the teacher.
  • Making students do small calculations quickly to involve them in solving the sums.
  • Interactive classes with endless questions about their understanding.
  • Always ends the class with the solution to all the doubts.
  • Homework for students after completing each class and starting the class by checking the homework.
  • Worksheets and assignments after completing the chapters so that students can solve some additional questions which are not from the book.
  • Doubt classes before all the exams.
  • Solution of the question papers and making students solve a few question papers on their own
  • Parents and teachers meet every month.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology Tutors

  • Teaching science, relating it with real-life examples so students can observe the science in their surroundings.
  • Better clarify the concepts and explain every term used in the chapter.
  • Revision tests after completing every topic and re-explanation if the student’s performance is not up to the mark.
  • Clearing all the doubts.
  • Revision test and feedback on the test so they can also know about their child’s performance and improvement.
  • Guidance about exam and question paper patterns.
  • Result-oriented classes.
  • Different teachers for different subjects

IGCSE Business Studies Tutors

  •  Customised learning classes where the single student is the focus of the tutor
  • Explanation of the difficult terms to fulfil all the learning needs of students
  • IGCSE business studies tutors relate their topics with real-life incidents and explain the topics with the help of the real examples
  • IGCSE business studies tutors believe in taking the feedback of the students learning. They take various types of tests to check the learning of students
  • One on one classes for improving the confidence of students
  • Expert tutors who have years of experience in teaching
  • Supportive teachers take extra classes at the time of exams and clear all the doubts of their students
  • Easy access to join the class
  • Deeply cover all the topics without any hurry

Language (English, Spanish, Arabic, French) IGCSE Tutors

  • Separate tutors for all the languages
  • Separate attention to enhance all the skills like reading, listening, speaking, and writing
  • Special attention to the students who are learning the language as their second language
  • Enhance the vocabulary of the students with correct pronunciation
  • Doubt session of 10 minutes at the end of every class
  • Interest and confidence in learners about the subject
  • Motivate students to read more and more to become the expert in the language
  • Clear concepts about the grammatical concepts and providing deep knowledge about the parts of speech
  • Regular work for improving writing skills and teaching students how to pour their imaginations into writing.
  • Complete explanation about the literary devices and how to identify the rhyming scheme and how to identify literary devices used in the literature by the authors or poets.
  • Test after completing the topic.
  • Explanation of the past year’s question paper

A few more features of our services

  • PRE Exam Tips
  • Make notes for all the subjects regularly so that you can easily revise at the end of the year.
  • Clear your doubts with your tutors regularly and do not think that you will discuss them later
  • Learn from your mistakes and try to correct them when you get feedback from your tutor
  • Previous year’s question papers are very helpful in revising the whole syllabus and getting an idea about the question paper pattern
  • Keeping touch with your tutor, and you can clear your doubt through messages or call
  • Be constant in your efforts because this is very important to get the highest rank in the exam.
  • Take care of your health and always eat healthy food with plenty of water
  • Give your brain rest and go outside for healthy work for at least 30 minutes daily.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help from your tutor because they are there waiting for your response
  • You can also clear a few doubts with the help of YouTube because few YouTube channels provide good information but avoid using unnecessary social media apps.
  • Do not take extra stress before the exam and stop thinking about the result
  • Make frequent discussions about your study with your friends and classmates because the discussion is the best way to learn from each other.
  • Watch the interviews of your senior students who performed outstandingly in their previous classes.
  • Sleep for 8 hours every day and make a good timetable to study every day for all the subjects. Planning is very important in life. So do everything systematically and in a planned way.
  • Always give attention to the terms which are used in the chapters. Learn their definitions because few questions are based on these key terms.
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