IB Chemistry Tutor in Noida

IB Elite Tutors is a well-known name for IGCSE and IB tuitions. This organisation has been working tirelessly and providing the best of its services since 2010. We are a group of a few dedicated tutors teaching online throughout the world and giving home tuition to children based in Delhi and nearby areas. Book a free demo class with our IB Chemistry Tutor in Noida NOW.

    IB Chemistry Tutor in Noida

     IB Chemistry is a crucial subject for IB Diploma students. Students always seek good guidance and help to score well in exams. They want to study as per their specific requirement. Students search for a tutor who can guide them in the right way to achieve success. IB Chemistry Tutor in Noida considers each child to be unique. We use our teaching strategies as per the needs of our students. Our purpose is to create innovative skills in our students. Our IB tutors are well-qualified and have taught chemistry for many years. Most of our tutors are associated with famous IB schools. All our IB chemistry tutors are trained and have master’s degrees in chemistry. They have a strong command of their subject and know the IB curriculum well. 

    IB Chemistry Tutors in Noida

    How do our IB Chemistry Tutor in Noida Teaches Chemistry to Their Students 

    • Our chemistry tutors start their classes with general questions to check students learning. 
    • Our tutors customise their classes according to the needs of their students. 
    • They indulge themselves in fully interactive classes to create a learning environment. 
    • They encourage their students to participate actively in the learning process. 
    • Our tutors relate chemistry with real life and make the topics enjoyable for the students. 
    • They break down complicated topics to make them accessible.
    • We provide one-on-one classes through Zoom or Google Meet.
    • Our IB Chemistry tutor in Noida uses textbooks and other online resources to teach.
    • The use of technology in online classes makes the concepts easy to understand.
    • They ask questions after completing each topic. This gives them feedback about student’s understanding. 
    • Our tutors take continuous tests after each topic. 
    • Our tutors make students revise all the topics before the exam. 
    • They also share previous years’ question papers to make students practice.
    • Our tutors always inspire their students to do better. They motivate them before the exam.
    • They are the biggest cheerleaders and cheer their students on their little achievements.
    • Our IB Chemistry Tutor in Noida always gives feedback after checking each revision test and clear all the doubts. It helps students to perform better in the next revision test.

     IB Chemistry is divided into two levels. 

    1. IB Chemistry Higher Level (HL)
    2. IB Chemistry Standard Level (SL)

    IB DP Chemistry HL-SL Syllabus Overview 

    The IB Chemistry syllabus is divided based on HL and SL based on teaching hours. The level of HL is higher than the level of SL. Our tutors clear all the doubts of their students related to the syllabus and exam pattern. Here is an overview of the syllabus related to both levels.

    Structure A. Models of the particulate nature of matter: This unit is all about the nature of matter. It contains a complete explanation of matter and its nature. This unit is divided into five subunits. 

    Structure B. Models of bonding and structure: It contains four subunits. Our tutors gave multiple examples to explain bonding and molecular structure. 

    Structure C. Classification of matter: This is all about the Classification of matter. This unit is divided into two parts: Classification of elements and Classification of organic compounds. The first three units are about different concepts of Chemistry. After this, there are three units which are related to chemical reactions.

    Reactivity I. What drives chemical reactions? It deals with chemical reactions and the reason for them. It has four units.

    Reactivity II. How much, how fast, and how far? : It deals with the extent or limits of chemical reactions. It is divided into three parts. 

    Reactivity III. What are the mechanisms of chemical change?; It deals with the mechanisms that create chemical reactions. It is divided into four parts. 

    IB Chemistry Tutor in Noida teaches all these topics with multiple strategies. They nurture students’ potential and encourage them to achieve success. 

     The ultimate goal is to teach deeper understanding. We want that –

    • Our students Excel in their exams and get mastery over the subject.
    • They understand everything about the IB exam and perform wonderfully.
    • They must have all the relevant information about practical and theory exams.
    • They must know every topic in depth.
    • They must have all the information about the required mathematics.
    • They must have studied all the topics of IB chemistry thoroughly. 
    • They must have a strong base so that they can fulfil their future goals.
    • They must have their desired results.

    We offer the best learning environment in the following way-:

    • After registration, you can schedule your demo class.
    • We provide Personalised learning classes. There is no pressure to follow a structured lesson plan. Our tutor schedules classes after discussion.
    • We use the intelligent whiteboard and smart pen while teaching. 
    • Our tutors have unlimited network connections, and students attend hassle-free classes regularly. 
    • You can decide the time of your own choice. We have a very flexible schedule. 
    • We have taught thousands of students till now. All of them are doing good in their fields. 
    • All the topics are covered with the same dedication. We follow the pattern of explanation, asking questions, clearing doubts, taking tests and retesting if required. 

    Our tutors engage their students and impart knowledge that will be with them throughout their lives. We are doing our job honestly. Chemistry will be easy if good guidance and hard work join together. Make a wise decision on time. It is straightforward to contact us. You can call us at 9911262206 or send us a message through WhatsApp. 

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