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IB Elite Tutor is an online platform for IB and IGCSE students. We are a group of a experienced IB school  teachers. We stabilished this organization in May, 2010 to offer One-one-one online tutoring. Our mission is to empower our students. We offer online classes 24/7 throughout the world.

    IB Chemistry Tutor in Bangalore- Qualification and Experience 

    All the tutors at IB Elite Tutors are qualified and experts in their subjects. We all have master’s degrees in chemistry. We all are certified and trained teachers. IB Chemistry tutor has been teaching in reputed IB schools for many years, and we know how to prepare as students need.

     IB chemistry tutor in Bangalore adopt multiple strategies to make their classes effective and exciting for their students. 

    • Innovative Teaching:  IB Chemistry Tutor in Bangalore uses creative techniques to teach students. Every child is different, and so are their learning needs. So, we constantly search for the easiest way to explain the concepts.
    • Problem-solving approach of teaching: IB Chemistry tutors follow a pattern. At first, they teach and discuss all the complex concepts. Then, we ask students to study the topic again and bring doubts. We clear all the doubts of our students the next day. This builds a solid foundation. Students will carry that knowledge throughout their lives. 
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    • Passion for teaching: our IB Chemistry Tutors in Bangalore are very enthusiastic and passionate. We have a passion for Chemistry. We love to teach chemistry. 
    • Practical strategies for exam preparation: All our teaching strategies are very effective. Students perform outstandingly in their exams and give very positive feedback. We guide our students to provide answers according to the demands of the questions.
    • Personalized attention: We prepare a customized learning schedule for students. We check students’ progress levels and design our lesson plan as required. 
    • Flexible schedule: We do not stick to the same schedule. We offer flexible schedules, and students can change their schedules whenever they have a problem. 
    • Tracking the progress of students: We monitor the progress of students regularly. We take tests and check our students’ learning. We also provide past years’ question papers so that students can understand the pattern of question papers. 
    • Active Discussion of challenging topics: Some topics are very difficult for students. Our IB Chemistry Tutors in Bangalore gives special attention to such complex issues. They offer more time and energy to explain such topics. They only jump to the next if they ensure the student understands. 

    IBDP Chemistry HL & SL Syllabus

     IB Chemistry is divided into two levels.

    • IB Chemistry Standard Level (SL)
    • IB Chemistry Higher Level ( HL)

     Chemistry SL is opted for by students who do not want to make their future in Chemistry. IB Chemistry HL is opted for by students who wish to choose Chemistry as their future Career. Let us have a look at the syllabus.

    • Introduction to the Nature of Matter: This topic is divided into five sub-topics, such as Nuclear atoms, Ideal Gases, and Electron Configurations. Seventeen teaching hours are for the SL level, and 22 are for the HL level. Our tutors use multiple activities and examples to explain the nature of different kinds of matter. 
    • Model of Bonding and Structure: This section is divided into four sub-topics. Twenty hours are allotted to SL students, and 30 hours of teaching are assigned to HL students. Our IB Chemistry Tutors in Bangalore explains this section with real-world examples. 
    • Classification of matter: This is the third section of the IB Chemistry syllabus. It is divided into two sub-topics. Sixteen hours for teaching are allotted to SL students, and 31 hours are allocated to HL students. Our tutors give appropriate examples so students can classify the matter quickly and understand the depth of the topic.

     Reactivity Section

    All the below-mentioned topics are about the reason for the chemical reactions, the extent of chemical reactions, and the mechanisms behind these reactions. Our IB Chemistry Tutors in Bangalore teaches all these topics in their interactive sessions, where we give many examples to conclude. These interactive sessions are also very beneficial for student’s project work.

    • Reactivity 1: What drives Chemical Reactions? : This topic has four sub-topics. Ten hours are allotted to SL students, and 22 hours are allocated to HL students.
    • Reactivity 2: How Much, How Far, and How Far?: This section has three sub-sections. SL students get 21 learning hours, and HL students get 31.
    • Reactivity 3. What are the mechanisms of chemical change?

    This section is divided into four sub-topics. Students have 24 learning hours, and HL students have 45.

     Assessment for IBDP Chemistry HL & SL

    IB Chemistry has two types of evaluation. 

    1. Internal Assessment: It has a 20 percent weightage. Students of SL prepare 10 hours of project and investigation work, while students of HL prepare 20 hours of project work. We offer high quality help for IB Chemistry Internal Assessment.
    2. External Assessment: It has an 80 percent weightage. There are two papers. Paper I of SL has a time limit of 1.5 hours, and paper II also contains the same. 

    Paper I of HL has 2 hours to complete, while paper 2 has a time limit of 2.5 hours. Paper I of SL and HL is has two parts. Part IA has multiple-choice questions, and Part IB has data-based questions. Paper II has short answer and extended answer questions. IB Chemistry Tutors in Bangalore provides all the information about exams and the syllabus. 

     IB Elite Tutor always cares about the clients’ privacy. We never share your contact details with anyone or we never send to any promotional or sales offers. We have no mechanism to save students’ or parents’ contact information and re-use it.

     How to contact us: You can fill out the form linked here, and our representative will contact you. You can also reach us through WhatsApp @9911262206 or send us an email at ibelitetutor@gmail.com


    Our students are achieving academic excellence under the guidance of our experienced tutors. Now it’s your turn to take your decision. Take this wise decision now.

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