IGCSE German Tutors

IGCSE German Tutors. IB Elite Tutor has been helping international students since 2010 with it’s IGCSE Online Tuition. Avail the opportunity & join our IGCSE German Tuition classess and score perfect in your German language course. 

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    IGCSE German Tutors teaching students

    IGCSE German Tutors

    To ace the IGCSE German examination, you need proper mentoring and scheduling. And our IGCSE German tutors have the skills to proffer you through deep knowledge and understanding of the IGCSE German language. So, without delay, let’s explore how you get an A* in this subject with our expert tutors. Our IGCSE German tutors are mainly native speakers. So, they take care of each component of your syllabus. And also provide:

    • Personalized tutoring
    • IGCSE German lesson plans
    • Solved past years’ papers
    • 24*7 assistance
    • Live sessions
    • Online tutoring
    • Recorded sessions
    • Useful study material
    • Assignments
    • Notes
    • Whiteboard sessions
    • Doubts removal classes
    • Practice sessions

    And our IGCSE German Tuition Classes aid you to:

    • Enhance your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
    • Communicate effectively
    • Expand your knowledge 
    • Develop strategies to understand the German culture
    • Acquire linguistic skills 
    • Increase the language proficiency
    • Grow awareness of the nature of the German language
    • Stir up a positive attitude toward the speakers of other languages
    • Cover your syllabus on time
    • Avoid mistakes

    How our IGCSE German tutoring is idiosyncratic?

    First, we analyze our students. Second, understand their requirements. Third, schedule a demo class. And then, when you are delighted with our tutoring, pay the fees. IB Elite Tutor offers private online IGCSE German tutoring that has:

    1. Well-experienced and qualified IGCSE tutors
    2. Recorded sessions
    3. Friendly environment
    4. Wide range of tutors
    5. Discussion classes
    6. Preparatory classes
    7. Small groups
    8. Live interactive classes
    9. Customized lessons
    10. Virtual classes
    11. We ensure that our IGCSE German students understand text style, vocabulary, and everyday situations.
    12. And also effectively take part in conversations to improve pronunciation.
    13. In IGCSE German, if you effectively express your views, ideas, feelings, and experiences, you attain a good score.
    14. So, our IGCSE German tutors conduct classes that help you to improve your interaction ability. The more you express, the more you understand the IGCSE German key information. 

    What is th German course curriculum?

    First and foremost, you have to get knowledge about your curriculum and make a schedule to study accordingly. So, let’s check out the subject content:

    1. The world of work: In this section, you must pay attention to education, learning institutions, learning tools, workplace, jobs, careers, etc.
    2. Everyday activities: It contains the sub-topics like days of the week, time expressions, food, drink, the human body, transport, illness, utensils, health, travel, etc.
    3. Social and personal life: Family, friends, colors, accessories, clothes, leisure time, hobbies, etc.
    4. The world around us: In this topic, you have to study people, the natural world, the environment, places, the climate, measurements, communications, materials, etc.
    5. The international world: In this section, you must understand the faiths, celebrations, nationalities, languages, countries, cultures, customs, etc.
    6. So, above is the coursework that you have to tackle, and with our IGCSE German tutors, you can tackle it smoothly through:
    • Comprehend everyday needs with the help of short recordings.
    • Get aware of the factual information and ideas of the IGCSE German topics.
    • Describe events, emotions, hopes, opinions, and ambitions.
    • Identify the main points of different texts.
    • Read simple and short texts.
    • Discuss plans, reasons, purpose, and everyday life.
    • Use connectors with appropriate strategies.
    • Participate in conversations on different topics.
    • Pronounce sentences effectively.
    • Reading, writing, speaking, and listening sessions.
    • Learning simple phrases, advanced vocabulary, intonation, and tenses/time frames.

    How do we help you to fulfill assessment objectives?

    You have to take all four papers in the IGCSE German examination. And pay heed to:

    • Paper 1 is a listening paper that contains several numbers of recordings, MCQs, and matching questions. So, we will help you to acquire 40/40 marks in this paper. And provide recordings to understand each component of this paper.
    • Paper 2 is a reading paper that contains several numbers of texts, MCQs, matching questions, and short questions. So, our IGCSE German tutors engage you in different tasks to score 45/45 on this paper.
    • Paper 3 is a speaking paper that contains one role play and two conversation topics. So, we enhance your speaking skills so you can grab 40/40 marks in this paper.
    • Paper 4 is a writing paper that contains one directed writing task, one form-filling task, and one of an article/blog or email/letters. So, our IGCSE German tutors provide you with various writing tasks. So, you can practice well and grab 45/45 marks on this paper.

    Our IGCSE German tutors keep an eye on your language proficiency and guide you:

    • How to answer MCQs?
    • How to understand text types (announcements, phone messages, advertisements, postcards, notices, dialogues, etc.)?
    • How do informal conversations?
    • How to take part in interviews?
    • How to give a response in German?
    • How to avoid minor errors (adjectives, prepositions, etc.)?
    • How do you give proper justification?
    • How to use grammar and structure sentences?
    We help you to grasp grammatical knowledge.

    Our IGCSE German tutors help you with how and where you have to use grammar. For instance,

    • Definite articles
    • Indefinite articles
    • Singular and plural nouns
    • Weak nouns
    • Adjective endings
    • Comparative adjectives
    • Interrogative adjectives
    • Superlative adverbs
    • Common adverbial phrases
    • Quantifiers
    • Personal pronouns
    • Possessive pronouns
    • Emphatic pronouns
    • Reflexive verbs
    • Imperative forms of verbs
    • Impersonal verbs
    • Negative forms of verbs
    • Word order in the main clause
    • Prepositions
    • Quantities and distances
    • And many more…
    • We assure to give 100% result guaranteed. And get prepared for your IGCSE German examination at your time and place.
    • As much as you know about your curriculum, we are here to expand that knowledge. We approach tutors according to your needs and demands.
    • Also, try to address your weaknesses and strengthens them with the help of personalized online tutoring. So, take our free demo class and enroll after you are satisfied.
    • Be aware of your IGCSE German curriculum and take our IGCSE German tutor’s help to get an A*. We are available for you anywhere and anytime.
    • Just reach us and take our online lessons to shape your future. And if you have any queries then call us!