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IB Elite Tutor was established in 2010 by a small group of IB teachers. And We have grown consistently and significantly. We are working with a team of highly qualified and experienced IB Chemistry Tutors in Singapore online to deliver the best help for IB Chemistry HL and SL. Our knowledgeable IB Chemistry Tutors offer private One-on-one online classes worldwide. We provide tutors for IB & IGCSE students from grades 9 to 12.

    Why Choose our IB Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

    • One-on-one Online classes fully customisable as per your needs.
    • 24×7 assistance via email and WhatsApp.
    • Free demo session so that you can check the service before you join.
    • Deliver the classes with regularity and punctuality according to the appropriate IB content.
    • All our IB Chemistry Tutor in Singaporeare are well versed with the latest teaching tools and methodologies.
    • We constantly provide students with feedback on their work and on time parnts engagement.
    • Evaluation / tests after every chapter and unit
    • Our teachers have a minimum of five years’ experience as a Chemistry tutor at reputed IB schools.
    • We have successfully taught Chemistry at the IB level in the past.
    IB Tuition Singapore

    Highly Qualified IB Chemistry Online Tutors in Singapore

    • We hire our IB Chemistry Online Tutors from reputed IB schools like, NPS International Schools, Stamford American Schools, Global Indian International Schools, etc. 
    • We have a highly experienced IB-qualified chemistry teacher who has taught chemistry for IB (MYP, SL, HL) for a minimum of five years.
    • Our teachers have a Ph.D. in chemistry from a top school and has taught IB students online and in person for a long time.
    • Our teachers go deep into every subject, and prepare chapter- wise short notes. THese short notes helps you to revise topics effectivel. We also offer homework help, and chapter-wise test papers.

    How to book One-on-one IB Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

    1. You can fill the form given at the top and bottom of this and write your exact requirement. We are also reachable at ibelitetutor@gmail.com. Additionaly you can Whatsapp us @ +919911262206
    2. We shared the bio of the relevant chemistry teacher.
    3. If you are satisfied, we arrange the trial class.
    4. Our IB Chemistry Tutor in Singapore provides 30 min trial class. You may request any IB Chemistry topic from the teacher.
    5. Students give feedback after the trial class.
    6. If all are satisfied, make payment of a minimum 5 hours class to start classes.
    7. You get the teacher’s direct number and start your session.

    Assessment Pattern for IB Chemistry 

    There are two parts in IB Chemistry assessment-

    1. External Assessment- 80 % of total
    2. Internal Assessment- 20 % of total
    CoursePaper OnePaper Two
    IB Chemistry HLIB Chemistry HL Paper one has m.c.q and data based questions. It must be done in 120 minutes, and this paper has a total weight of 36 % of the final grades.IB Chemistry HL Paper two has short answer based questions, and extended response based questions. It has a total weight of 44 % of final grades and students must finish it in 150 minutes.
    IB Chemistry SLIB Chemistry SL Paper one has two sections 1A and IB. 1A has short answer based questions while 1B has data based questions. It must be done in 120 minutes, and this paper has a total weight of 36 % of the final grades.IB Chemistry SL Paper two has subjective questions. The lenght of answers of these questions may vary.  It has a total weight of 44 % of final grades and students must finish it in 90 minutes.
    IB Chemistry Assessment Pattern

    Chemistry is a subject that is typically required for many higher education programs. IB Chemistry is offered at Standard (SL) and Higher (HL) levels. There are many units in the IB Chemistry study, each with different chapters . Some of them are Periodicity, Energetics/Thermochemistry, Chemistry in Motion, Redox Processes, Relationships in Stoichiometry, and Chemistry in Motion. Two kinds of chemicals are acids and bases. Measurements and Data Processing, Organic Science, Structure and Chemical Bonds, Equilibrium, and Atomic Structure are other topics that we cover

    Student Resources

    • Our teachers utilized Pearson’s Chemistry for the IB Diploma Textbook and Cambridge’s Chemistry for the IB Diploma Exam Preparation Guide.
    • Our teachers also use Richard Thornley’s YouTube Channel.
    • Numerous online video platforms like YouTube and Khan Academy provide abundant chemistry tutorial videos. IB Chemistry Tutor in Singapore can curate pertinent video content or construct instructional videos to supplement instruction.

    Pricing and Packages

    We offer classes according to your needs—these range from one-time sessions to help with specific tasks to ongoing coaching throughout the school year. You can book classes as per your own needs like:-

    1. One-on-one online IB Chemistry Tutoring in Singapore for HL and SL for throughout the year. Once or twice every week
    2. five-six hours of classes with our IB Chemistry IA Tutors to complete your Chemistry HL-SL internal assessment.
    3. One-two hours doubt clearing classes or homework help.
    4. Mock-test series to revise effectively when exams are close.
    Reviews and Testimonials by our Students

    Very helpful people.Teachers are helpful and motivationg. They helped me a lot for my IB chemistry SL examination.Thank you. By Ayiz Ibrahim Singapore

    I took IB Chemistry IA Tuition classes for my DP2 hl chemistry. I took six hours of tutoring at IB Elite Tutor and got an excellent support for my Chemistry IA. Management is proactive and always available. By Hardik Mehta Singapore

    I took IB chemistry classes for two long years. My teacher, Mrs Prapulla was always punctual and helpful. There were no unplanned sudden cancellations. She helped me solving past papers and exam styled questiond.

    By Samiksha Singapore

    Online Learning Tools
    • Calculations in chemistry are difficult and take a lot of time. Online tools like Wolfram Alpha can quickly and correctly solve chemistry problems like stoichiometry issues and molar mass formulas.
    • Online molecular model makers like ChemTube3D and MolView let students and teachers build and change molecular models in a virtual space.
    • Periodic diagrams are essential for chemistry instruction. Online interactive periodic tables like Web Elements and Periodic Tables offer students an immersive experience.
    • Chem Collective and PhET simulations are two examples of virtual labs that offer live simulations that look and feel like real studies. These virtual labs can help students learn more about things like titrations, spectroscopy, and chemical processes with the help our IB Chemistry Tutor in Singapore.