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    IGCSE Spanish Tutors

    The whole IGCSE Spanish syllabus is prepared on these five broad topics. There are various sub-topics under these topics where literature and language are both included. IGCSE Spanish Tutors teach the Spanish language with full zeal for the overall development of their students.

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    • IGCSE Spanish tutors provide premium learning classes for their students.
    • IB Elite Tutor offers the best services in Spanish. It is our priority. There are two streams in IGCSE Spanish.
    • The first stream is for the students whose mother tongue is Spanish.
    • The students opt for Spanish as their first language. The second stream of Spanish is second language Spanish.
    • It is taught as a foreign language to students who are not natives of Spain.
    • IGCSE Spanish tutors provide their Quality Services to both streams of the Spanish language.

    Benefits of Joining our IGCSE Spanish Tuition Classes

    IB Elite Tutor is a premium tuition service. All our tutors are working very hard for the development of our students. IGCSE Spanish tutors aim to make students understand the Spanish language and enhance their reading and speaking skills so that they can write and communicate the Spanish language fluently. The main features of these Spanish language learning classes are to enable learners 

    • Two stands clear speech after listening is the Spanish language.
    • To understand the events and expression of Ideas, opinions, and attitudes.
    • To enhance students’ reading ability so they can understand the critical information in simple everyday language.
    • IGCSE Spanish tutors want to enable students to read so they can comprehend the given text in the exam because these given texts are essential to get good marks in the final exam.
    • Our IGCSE Spanish tutors provide various activities for learners to communicate clearly and effectively.
    • IGCSE Spanish tutors teach there are students to write using relevant Phrases and sentences in their writings.

    Let us first have a look at the Syllabus

    The syllabus is designed to create learners’ interest in the language and create awareness about the language. The learners’ communicative skills are enhanced with the help of various activities taught by the teachers effectively. Two courses are offered to students.
    1. Core
    2. Extended
    Content Overview
    There are five broad topics for the content of IGCSE Spanish.
    1. Personal and social life
    2. The world Around us
    3. Everyday Activities
    4. The world of work
    5. The International world

    IGCSE Spanish Assessment Overview

    • Listening -Paper 1. Paper one is based on listening activities to create an understanding of the simple everyday material in the clear Spanish language.
    • Students listen and Express their ideas and opinion about the text. It contains 25% weightage.
    • Students listen to several recordings and answer multiple choice questions.
    • IGCSE Spanish Tutors prepare their students with the help of audio clips and recordings for their exams. This assessment is external.
    • Reading -Paper 2 of IGCSE Spanish is based on comprehension passages to check the reading understanding of students.
    • There are two passages where students will answer 3 questions each. Passage one has 500 to 600 words while Passage two is 300 to 350 words.
    • 10 minutes are given for reading the passages then there are questions for students to answer. Dictionary is not allowed.
    • Students who choose extended have three questions on two passages that may be on a similar topic. Passage A will be 650 to 750 words long, while the passage will be 550 to 650 words long.
    • There are three questions from each passage: question one is an extended response, question 2 is a language question, and question three summarizes the story of the passage.
    • Speaking-paper 3 (core and extended both) is based on speaking skills. It is assessed internally. Students prepare acts or role plays on given topics.
    • Paper 4 Writing .(core and extended both)

    Directed writing and composition

    • Students are given writing tasks using simple Phrases and sentences on familiar topics. These writing tasks are to check writing skills with different activities like email or article writing and blog writing.
    • IGCSE Spanish tutors use effective methods to teach how to write good articles males and attractive blogs.
    • Students learn to write effective sentences to make their writings attractive to the examiner.
    • IGCSE Spanish tutors provide previous years’ question papers to prepare writing skills so students can have an idea about their exams.
    • Component 5 (Portfolio)-The portfolio contains assignments on informative descriptive and questions from the text.
    • Students prepare a Portfolio and keep a record of all the activities done throughout the year in that portfolio. This portfolio contains 50% weightage.
    • There are activities for discussion and conversation. The teacher or the examiner provides topics of their choice, and students participate in the activity with each other.
    Best Learn environment with adequate resources
    • IGCSE Spanish tutors provide short recordings and use various resources like interviews and dialogue phonic messages to enhance the listening activities of their students.
    • Students have various doubts about the language and feel shy to discuss them with their teacher in school. They can clear all their doubts with their tutor because these are entirely customized, face-to-face classes.
    • IGCSE Spanish tutors start with short, Simple sentences to create a learning environment about the Spanish language.
    • They start to Conversate with their students in Spanish because few students feel shy while speaking with other people in a foreign language.
    • Short, simple communication sentences are taught. Students learn how to greet people and communicate in general situations of daily life.
    • IGCSE Spanish tutors provide various situations like how to order food and purchase something in the shop using public transport. These topics are very helpful in learning how to speak the Spanish language.
      • To understand a language, it’s essential to understand the grammar of that language. IGCSE French tutors teach their students how to use simple Phrases and sentences.
    Test, retest & feedback

    IGCSE Spanish tutors take the test after completing every topic. They check their student’s performance and take retests if an improvement is needed. It makes it easy for students to give their best in the exam.

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