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IB Tutors Melbourne feel pride in helping their students. IB Elite Tutor is probably the only academy that offers “Dedicated Tutoring for IB Students“.

We offer IB Online Tutors for all IB groups and almost all IB subjects. Our tutors Develop a Passion for Learning in their students” through their teaching. We offer Online IB Maths Tutors, Online IB Biology Tutors, Online IB Chemistry Tutors, Online IB Economics Tutors, Online IB English Tutors, Online IB Physics Tutors, Online IB Geography Tutors, Online IB History Tutors, Online IB Hindi Tutors, Online IB Business Management Tutors, IB IA tutors, IB Extended Essay Tutors, IB TOK Tutors ,etc.

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    IB Tutors Melbourne by IB Elite Tutor

    IB tutors Melbourne are highly qualified and having teaching experience of more than 15 years. They provide in-depth knowledge of the subject to every student. Classes of IB are online so that students can avail services anytime from anywhere without having to go to our centres. Our IB tutors Melbourne make a healthy environment online just like offline classes. They make a small group of students online and give lectures. They always try to make students comfortable and clear their doubts by asking during online courses. Our IB tutors Melbourne give their best in to make students understand the basics of maths formulae so that they can solve secure as well as robust questions.

    Technology added teaching by IB Tutors Melbourne 

    Our IB Tutors Melbourne delivers their lectures through Powerpoint presentations in which they include pictures and graphs which make them interactive. All classes of IB are held LIVE; there are no recorded lectures. It is a real-time process between students and faculty. We use some software with the camera, and the inbuilt voice feature is used to facilitate teaching. Our IB Maths tutors solve all maths questions step by step.

    Which make their teaching process very much attractive and students can quickly grasp the concept of answering easy and tough questions. IB tutors give students shortcuts and tricks to solve severe and lengthy problems. Our classes are structured the same way as offline classes at centres, and we offer the same excellent quality with marks improvement.

    Notes, assignments, worksheets & Past year papers

    Our IB Tutors Melbourne is experts in making subject notes. These notes help students to score good marks in the exam. They provide tricky notes, shortcut strategies for solving maths questions in the exam. Shortcut strategies are very much useful for students. Our IB Tutors Melbourne makes students understand how to manage their time during the exam. The review is always a time-bound. Our IB tutors help students to use shortcuts.

    So that they can easily manage their time and students can give extra time to solve tougher questions.

    Our IB Tutors Melbourne makes a question bank for the whole syllabus. They also provide solved previous years question papers so that students will familiarize with the pattern of the exam paper.

    IB Tutors make short notes which help students to go through a constant revision on the day of the exam. They always give full support to students until they score good marks.

     Regular, rigorous testing by IB tutors Melbourne

    Our IB tutors judge students by taking a diagnostic exam. They divide students in two categories weak and strong. They concentrate more on vulnerable students and provide extra classes to them. IB tutors conduct numerical sessions of the same topics for weak students. Until the concept of that topic has been understood.

    Our tutors help students to set their academic goals by themselves and encourage them to achieve that. They conduct weekly exam to judge student’s performance and give detailed feedback to every student so that student will realize their mistakes and improve themselves. These weekly exams will help students to score good marks in the central review.

    After the completion of syllabus, our IB tutors conduct full paper exam, same as the main exam for practice. These exams will help students to familiarize with the central review, know how to manage their time during the exam. Our IB Maths tutors guide students from time to time. They also provide assignment and tutorial sheets to the students for every chapter.

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