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IB Tutors in India. IB Elite Tutor is a premium academy that provides “Dedicated tutoring for IB students only”. Our IB tutors “Develop a passion for learning” amongst their students. We offer IB home tutors in all big cities of India and Online IB tutors throughout the globe.

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    IB Tutors in India 

    Whenever we talk about any educational institute, the first thing that strikes our mind is gaining knowledge. Education is a tool that provides knowledge through different modes. knowledge or enhancing our knowledge is one of the important things in our lives. most importantly knowledge enables us to think in wider aspects, help us to understand society and our surroundings. It develops each individual to be creative and encourages them to explore more.

    Keeping all these aspects International Baccalaureate  (IB ) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland. The motive was simple and effective, which is to offer world-class knowledge to students all over the universe. International Baccalaureate is an educational organization, also known as the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

    IB Tutors in India for all four programs

    It offers four educational programs for different age group children. They propose students to think critically and independently. IB develops the students to achieve success in life, as well as encourages the students.ib tuition in india

    International Baccalaureate follows a different teaching methodology which makes them stand apart from other educational boards.  As mentioned above it comprises four programs firstly

    Primary Years Program (PYP)

    This is for students of 3 – 12 age groups and prepares the students to be active as well as focuses on the development of the student. We offer skilled IB PYP Tutors for all subjects and grades of primary level

    Middle Year Program (MYP)

    Secondly, Middle year program, for the students of the 11 -16 age group, the main focus is to develop critical analytical power in students through relating to surroundings. We offer a great team of IB MYP Tutors. We can assure you of great service and the best result

    IB Diploma Program

    Thirdly, the Diploma program which for students ranging from 16 – 19 age groups, helps the students to go deep into the subject, aims to provide deep knowledge. This the main domain where we can help or students worldwide. We provide IB Diploma Tutors for all IB groups and almost all IB subjects.

    Fourthly, Career-related Program focuses on the career aspects and bestows career-related education.  It offers a continuum of international education. This program encourages the students to develop from within in vivid ways. IB programs are offered in many schools all around the world, India is one of the countries where IB curriculum is mushrooming around India. There are many international schools that offer the IB curriculum in India. But in India, it’s a bit challenging for students to study an international board.

    Schools that are following the IB curriculum are bestowing there best.  No matter what, there is always another side of the coin that is schools may be well equipped and may have qualified teachers but for an Indian kid  IB curriculum is unfamiliar.  This may bring some uncertainties, students find it difficult to understand the concepts properly. sometimes teachers could not focus on each student thus leading to bad grades.

    IB Tutors in India by IB Elite Tutors

    Hence IB Tutors in India were formed, tutors play an important role in student’s academic performance. Tutors help and guide the students in a better way than in schools.  most importantly tutor is very important for every student especially students of IB curriculum needs a tutor. In India finding an IB tutor is a daunting task. whatsoever IB elite Tutor has made everything at ease. IB Elite Tutors is one of the highly certified, and highly competent as well as trained IB tutors in India.

    Why Choose our Tutors

    As a matter of fact, it is not an easy task to find an IB tutor in India. but the IB elite tutors fill all the gaps. There is no doubt that an experienced and skilled faculty is a far better option than inexperienced one and the IB elite is one of the experienced and well-equipped tutors for many years. IB Elite Tutor has a legacy that has been following for years.  IB elite provides tutors for all subjects, most specifically IB tutors are trained alumni who know all the ropes. Our Elite Tutors also uses a unique methodology and many more.

    Assistance in EE, TOK, IA 

    It is observed that many tutoring services always charge extra for providing assistance in an Extended essay, Internal assessments, and theory of knowledge.  keeping this in mind IB elite proffers their best to help the students in EE, TOK, IA.  As you know these three components are very important in the IB curriculum.  They also provide written notes to students in hard copy as well as soft copy according to students’ needs.

    Effective & detailed  revision 

    There is no doubt for completion of the syllabus on time, the IB elite always put forth this before the exams. But the main thing is the revision and the IB elite revises all the concepts on each stage. IB elite tutors in India help the students to revise all the concepts in capsules which makes it easy for students to grab the concepts quickly.

    Chapter End tests, Unit tests, and Full Syllabus Tests

    As we know tutors play an important role in student’s academic careers, and when it comes to IB TUTORS IN INDIA there is no other better option than IB Elite Tutors. They never forget to continue the pace of learning in students. They equally believe to assess the learning also, for these IB elite tutors in India conduct weekly and monthly tests. Thus it prepares the students to score well in Internal Assessments.

    Doubts sessions on demand

    This is something very important and attractive feature that IB TUTORS IN INDIA offers specifically IB elite tutors. We have seen, in schools teachers mostly don’t get enough time for revisions and if we talk about doubt sessions it is next to impossible. Here is where IB elite tutors in India plays a crucial role, they conduct weekly doubt sessions for both online/offline sessions. Through this session, students get a clearer view of a particular topic and feel comfortable with tutors to clear the queries. This also helps to build a healthy relationship between a student and a tutor.

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