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IGCSE French Tutors has proved their worth by generating great results. IB elite Tutor has the most effective team conducting IGCSE Online Tuition for all subjects. Get IGCSE French Tuition classes at the most affordable rates.

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    IGCSE French Tutors

    All the IGCSE French learners don’t be afraid on how to attain an A* in the IGCSE French examination? Our expert IGCSE French tutors make you a confident, innovative, responsible, reflective, and engaged learner. If you want to enhance your employment prospects, enroll in our IGCSE French tuition classes. In which you get:

    • Highly experienced bilingual tutors and native French speakers
    • Accelerated learning approach
    • Academic excellence
    • Question banks and solve past year’s papers.
    • Learning material, i.e., Pdfs, Ppts, recorded sessions, notes, e-books, etc.
    • Online classes via Skype or Zoom
    • 24*7 assistance
    • Live and personalized tutoring
    • Free demo session
    • Weekly homework and assignments
    • Email and WhatsApp support for any query
    • Examination style assessments
    • Group or individual classes
    • Friendly environment
    • Reasonable fee
    • No hidden charges
    • Guaranteed results

    Most of the time, students are stuck on where to start. So, our IGCSE French tutors comfort you, understand your need, and pay attention to enhancing your skills. Let’s get started!

    Let’s delve into the French curriculum.

    The curriculum is designed to give students an insight into a French-speaking culture. The curriculum consists of these five topics:

    1. Social and personal life
    2. Everyday activities
    3. In the world of work
    4. The world around us
    5. The international world

    Let’s take a look at the assessment with our IGCSE French Tuition Classes

    All the candidates have to give paper 1, paper 2, paper 3, and paper 4. In which:

    • Paper 1 is a listening paper of approximately 50 minutes and consists of 40 marks. In this paper, candidates must listen to recordings and answer MCQs and matching questions.
    • Paper 2 is a reading paper of 1 hour and consists of 45 marks. In this paper, candidates have to read various types of texts, do MCQs, match questions, and short answers.
    • Paper 3 is a speaking paper of approximately 10 minutes and 40 marks. In this paper, candidates have to give one role play and conversations on 2 topics.
    • Paper 4 is a writing paper of 1 hour and 45 marks. In this paper, candidates must do one form-filling task, one writing task, and one format task of an email/letter or blog/article.

    Benefits of IGCSE French Tutoring 

    Don’t worry about how to ace IGCSE French curriculum.IGCSE French tutors enhance your ability to speak, read, listen, and write French effectively. Moreover, they increase your potential and make you capable of getting a good score in your A-level examination. So, choose the suitable approaches to get an A* in the IGCSE French examination.

    How do our IGCSE French tutors accelerate your learning?

    Our IGCSE French tutors are highly experienced that help our IGCSE students to:

    • Comprehend all the essential elements and the central concepts of the IGCSE French curriculum.
    • Develop confidence so that they speak French fluently.
    • Get a stronghold on grammar and vocabulary.
    • Understand all the texts’ events, expressions, attitudes, opinions, and ideas.
    • Become an independent and confident linguist.
    • Communicate informally and formally with various kinds of texts.
    • Understand various kinds of styles and texts.
    • Deal with everyday situations effectively and clearly.
    • Engage in the conversations on different topics.
    • Put accuracy in all their work.
    • Interact with the people.
    • Pronounce words effectively.
    • Write phrases and sentences effectively.
    • Connect sentences, describe events, write experiences, explain opinions, etc.

    How did our IGCSE French tutors strengthen your skills?

    • Writing- With the help of short recordings, our IGCSE French tutors make you aware of how to deal with your everyday needs.
    • And also, different announcements, interviews, podcasts, phone messages, and news items help you familiarize yourself with the factual information.
    • On the other hand, our tutors conduct listening sessions in which you can identify the main points of everyday topics. For instance, shopping, school, leisure activities, family, and personal information.
    • After the sessions, they take a mock test or discuss your ideas, views, and opinions about different occasions or events. So, you can relate it to your day-to-day life in the French language.
    • Reading- Our IGCSE French tutors conduct reading sessions to comprehend public notices, magazines, articles, email messages, advertisements, brochures, newspapers, etc.
    • We ensure that you confidently read and understand the emotions, hopes, feelings, and ideas behind those things. And make yourself capable of learning new things daily.
    • And also, our tutors proffer techniques that you can easily acknowledge simple texts, authentic texts, themes, blogs, etc.
    • Speaking-Our IGCSE French tutors help you to speak French fluently without any hesitation. So, you can quickly greet people, respond to invitations, ask for directions, request information, etc. Apart from this, our tutors conduct speaking sessions according to your convenience.
    • In which you can take part in debates and interact with your peers to discuss your everyday life. For instance, education, work, family, etc.
    • And also seek knowledge about connectors, vocabulary, tenses, and the structure of proper sentences. Apart from this, we will help you how to convey messages in a meaningful way. With the help of appropriate strategies.
    IGCSE French Writing Services
    • Our IGCSE French tutors conduct writing classes in which you can practice how to write email messages, blogs, hobbies, experiences, different situations or occasions, etc.
    • In addition, these sessions are beneficial for you in writing simple phrases, sentences, past events, etc. And also, how to write effectively with the help of connectors?
    • At IGCSE French tuition, our main motive is that our students expand their knowledge and understand the French language’s broad ideas.
    • We designed our online lessons specifically to improve their learning. And also make a fruitful career in the field they want to be in. So, you are one step away from achieving an A* in the IGCSE French examination.
    • As we discussed above, the IGCSE French course curriculum and the advantages of the IGCSE French tutors.
    • So, you can enhance your skills and improve your grey areas with the help of expert tutors.
    • At IGCSE French tuition, you can schedule classes according to your convenience anywhere and anytime.
    • And take lessons throughout the day or night.
    • So, get the best tutoring facility and ace the IGCSE French examination with the help of well-trained IGCSE French tutors.

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